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Bizarre Bazaar

Postby Frankthetank » Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:49 pm

Hello AWC community!

Bizarre Bazaar
Saturday, December 13th
12pm – 8pm

Draxtar Games is excited to announce that it will be bringing the amazing event called Bizarre Bazaar back to the Chicago area on Saturday, December 13th. Come set up a shop at Draxtar and sell your items and put some extra cash in your pockets.

How do I sell items at Draxtar Games?
Price your items. Rent a table. Set up shop. And sell. It’s that easy! What’s awesome about Bizarre Bazaar is you get to decide how much you want to sell your items for. Want to give deals to your best buyers? Your friends? Want to overcharge for the first miniature you ever painted? It’s all up to you.

How do I rent a table at Draxtar Games?
Head into the store and rent a table area from the shop for $5. It's that simple!

The area you will be assigned will be a 23” x 29”. Need bigger area to sell your stuff? No worries. Sellers can buy additional selling space. 21 Vendor spots are available. Space is limited so act fast.

What can I sell at your Bizarre Bazaar?
Just like our Live Auction event, any games, products and accessories in this industry. Simply put any product line we carry, as well as items or games from companies we do not sell in the store. Items we will not be accepting are video games and consoles, non-game related trading cards, VHS and DvDs not relevant to gaming interest, non-game Adventure Gaming related books, action figures, photocopies of game items or books, printed pdfs, as well as recast items.

How does money exchange hands?
Buyers will buy Draxtar Bucks from our register. Buyers will pay you in Draxtar Bucks. When you decide to close shop for the day, we will exchange your Draxtar Bucks for store credit or cash. Just like our Live Auction event, we will give you 100% of what you sell it for in store credit or 50% in cash.
DRAXTAR GAMES: 1375 Wind Energy Pass, Batavia, Illinois 60510.

P: (630)454-4585.

Sun: 1:00pm - 10:00pm
Mon - Thu: 4:00 pm - 10:00pm
Fri/Sat: 12:00pm - 12:00am
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