Adepticon 2014 Recap

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Adepticon 2014 Recap

Postby DaGrippster » Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:28 pm

So I decided to write a quick report on adepticon this year. I hadn't played a game of 40k in a couple months, so I was a little bit shaky going in. At 11:30 the night before I decided to play beast star and went about painting everything that wasn't done. Nothing like a deadline to motivate :D

The list was:
Farseer, bike
Farseer, bike, shard
5 avengers, serpent
5 avengers, serpent
3 jetbikes
3 jetbikes
3 war walkers w/ bright lances

Dark eldar-
5 warriors
5 beastmasters, 25 khymerae

Ordo xenos inquisitor, level 1, 3 servo skulls
3 plasma cannon servitors, 1 acolyte

Not much to say about the first day, but I qualified for finals. I got fortune in only 2 out of 4 games the first day, but to much hilarity failed it the first three turns in one of my games. I played against Goatboy's flying demons, and got lucky and denied some powers he cast on my beaststar to make it a near tabling. Since I was unable to win kill points however, it was a minor win.

So I won all of my games on Thursday, and started feeling more comfortable with the list after a few games under my belt. Obviously there are no easy matchups in the top 16. Me and Tim Gorham were both in the top 16, and we were both hoping we would play in the finals to take it home for Chicago.

My first round opponent was Clark Welch, a very good player who I have played a couple times before. He ran a very weird list; I'll post up the report soon.
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Re: Adepticon 2014 Recap

Postby DaGrippster » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:47 am

Finals Round One

Clark's List-
Legion of the Damned Primary-
3x 5 guys, 1 melta, 1 multi melta, 1 combi grav
Eldar Allies-
autarch w/ some stuff (banshee mask? it didn't come up)
5 avengers, serpent
10 avengers, serpent
3 dark reapers, exarch w/ fastshot, waveserpent
An inquisitor w/ 3 servo skulls
Fortress of Redemption

Looking this list over had me scratching my head. I've never seen the Fortress of redemption in the flesh, so I asked about a million questions. The list is actually sneakily good; he puts the dark reapers in the main tower of the fort, where they can control the two gun emplacements. One is a twin linked icarus lascannon, the other a large blast strength 8 ap 3. With the dark reaper exarch, he can get a bonus shot with fast shot.

The mission is dawn of war deployment, 5 objectives, and kill points. Clark puts his fortress in his back left corner, cordoning off two objectives. During pre game rolls, I get fortune. Clark goes first and puts his three serpents behind the wall. Dark reapers are in the building, and the legion are deepstriking. I deploy the beast star across the front, avoiding being shot too much by serpents.

Not much happens on turn one. Clark takes some shots, I fortune up and move the beast star out towards his base. On his turn two, he drops down two squads of legion and shoots nearly everything at the wraithknight, killing it with the last attacks from his warpspiders. However, my beasts are now in charge range of some stuff.

On my turn two, my war walkers come in behind his fortress and fire at the main tower hiding the dark reapers. I get 3 pens and... don't wreck it. I set up a multi charge on his warp spiders and a waveserpent, wiping out the spiders and leaving the serpent with one hull point left.

Clark moves back, and kills the war walkers. His dire avengers get inside the fortress. There is a firefight going on in my backfield between the legion and my troop units that were in reserve that lasts for the rest of the game. On my turn, the beasts run up to charge more units. I engage a waveserpent on my side of the fortress that has one hull point left, and snake the unit around to engage one behind it as well. I manage to wreck both of them. I'm starting to feel better now that he only has one left, but that fast shotting exarch is still a pain in my ass.

All of my troops are bunched up in the back behind one wall, and clark kills a good number of them with his double barrage. Luckily, none of the squads run away. Since this is turn four, I make sure I block off his door on the fortress so none of his scoring units can get out. While doing this, I charge the inquisitor that has gotten out and the last waveserpent. I challenge his inquisitor with a beast master so that the beasts cannot be shot. Also on this turn I kill two of his squads of legion, there is only one left near the middle of the table in my deployment zone.

On turn five, there is not much left for either of us to do. I try a heroic intervention with my farseer to end the combat, and pass my initiative test, do two wounds, and he fails both. I think that was the first time ever that I've used the heroic intervention rule. Clark shoots some more troops but fails to do what he needs to.

The game ends with my winning by a couple kill points and holding one objective; On to the quarter finals!
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Re: Adepticon 2014 Recap

Postby DaGrippster » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:28 pm

Finals Round Two

After some discussion about the bracket, I am yet again facing off against our very own Tim Gorham. Me and Tim seem to play at every AWC we are both at, and our games typically devolve into debating the finer points of RAW vs. RAI and whether we actually have line of sight or not; we rarely make it past turn 3. We decided that we need to have a jury to present our cases to and have them vote on the winner based on our arguments.

All jokes aside, Tim is a very good player and I was looking forward to the game, I had just hoped it would be in the finals.

Tims List-
Chapter master, bike
chapter master, jumppack
4 centurions
10 scouts
5 marines, missile launcher
legion of the damned squad

another inquisitor
some henchmen in a psyback.
some more henchmen in a psyback

The mission is the relic and control terrain pieces. I'm pretty sure I have a decent advantage in this game if I can grab that relic early and back it away, while engaging his centurion hopefully forever with my beast star. I get fortune and win the roll for first turn, which I take so my jetbikes can grab the relic. I deploy my beasts across the front, with my support units behind. Tim deploys his centurion star somewhat in the middle, with his other units scattered around. An important note here is that I placed a huge LOS blocking ruin right in front of the relic, so I have somewhere to hide.

Turn one, I move the beasts up and fortune them. The jetbikes grab the relic and start sneaking away. I blow up a stalker with my serpent shields for first blood. On his turn, tim shoots at some stuff with his centurions, and my jetbikes drop the relic but I have one left in the squad that was hidden. I made a mistake, and should have placed the relic guy out of LOS instead.

Top of two, I decide to charge my beasts into his centurions and engage them for as long as possible. This combat goes on for a long time as I cannot kill much and he is whittling me away. Our support units fight and I get the relic safely to my backfield. Tim deepstrikes his legion of the damned to make a play to kill my relic holder, but he scatters twice and they mishap and die! Big relief for me.

At one point in the game, I take a save on my fortune farseer in the big combat thinking it was from the normal inquisitor. However, it was from coteaz and he got instant killed. Oops. The next turn, Tim hits a precision strike on my fearless farseer and the unit runs away!

On turn 5 I turbo boost my jetbikes to contest one of Tim's terrain pieces, and it takes most of Tim's army to kill them. At this point, Tim thought he won the game until I reminded him that I had my dark eldar warriors scoring a terrain piece he had forgotten about. This gave me the tie on terrain pieces and a win on the relic. Go dark eldar warriors!

This was a really tight game at the end, and a tough game against Tim as always. I feel bad winning because he forgot about a unit, but not that bad :lol: This is why you always ask about objectives and who has what before your last turn!

Next game I finally get to play against Nick Nanavati in the semi finals.
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Re: Adepticon 2014 Recap

Postby DaGrippster » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:32 pm

Finals Round Three

For this game, I finally got to play against Nick Nanavati. I was excited until I saw the mission, which was kill points and big guns never tire with five objectives. Nick was playing Demon flying monstrous creatures, so his heavy support guys would be scoring and it would be very hard to beat him on kill points. I think both of us knew going in it would be very hard for me to win this game.

Nick's list-
Lord of Change
plague bearers
Tzeentch demon prince
Tzeentch demon prince

Luckily, I got fortune on my last roll for powers. Without it this game would have been pretty bad, because he had flicker fire on all of his flying demons. 4 d6 strength 5 shots against the beasts is not good for me. I also won the roll for first turn, which I took because I didn't want to get alpha struck by all four demons shooting the beasts before they were fortuned. I deployed my beasts across the entire front, with my wraithknight and waveserpents on the right side. Nick put his bastion in his back left corner, with the cultists inside and a demon prince and lord of change behind it. I left my war walkers in reserves, to hopefully keep them alive for longer because they are worth two kill points in big guns never tire.

First turn, I move the beasts up. My wraithknight shoots his lord of change and rolls a six to wound, potentially instant killing him! He then passes his save- what a game changer that would have been. On his turn, he flies up to shoot some stuff but doesn't really do much.

On my turn two, the war walkers come in and blow up the bastion. Most of the cultists are killed, and the beaststar charges them to get first blood, which I knew would be critical if I was going to have a chance. Nick flies his stuff around and starts picking off my support units .

The rest of the game was not too interesting, as Nick knew all that he had to do was fly around and avoid me and he would win. He spent his turns picking off my support units, and he never failed a grounding check so I was never able to make anything happen. The end of the game was kind of silly, because I had to spread my beaststar into a giant X to try and contest all of the objectives, while trying to score one of them so we would tie on primarys. Unfortunately, the game went to turn seven and it just didn't quite work.

Well played by Nick, who is a very solid player and deserving of his second win in a row. I look forward to getting my revenge :twisted:

Thanks again to all of the staff and volunteers who help run it, I had a blast as always. Also I want to give a shoutout to the Chicago Kamikazes, who ended up in 2nd place in the team tourney. If you didn't see their display board, it was awesome.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Adepticon 2014 Recap

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:06 pm

Ah ha! Now I see what the Beast-star is, and does. Very much like a Grimoired JuggerHerald/Flesh Hound unit, though arguably more durable? Not sure about that at the moment.

Cool that you got to play vs the Tzeentchy Daemon winner list! I have tried a similar thing and had good success, though tactically I'm not as astute and would probably pick the wrong powers and fudge it somehow. But they are always pretty on the table :)

Thanks for the reports, if I can make it up next year, I might try the Championships, as I don't think I'll have time or will to make another superheavy for that realm of tournament.
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