Iron Warriors vs. daemons 1850pts

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Iron Warriors vs. daemons 1850pts

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:08 pm

I spent the last 2 weeks either with relatives for the holidays, at home sick or at Greg Swansons house playing 40k. Seriously that's all I did for he last two weeks. Now that winter break is almost over (I got one more day tomorrow because school is cancelled already) I'm going to recap one of our games.

I've been working on two new lists. One is an Iron Hands list for space marines. It seems quite powerful right now, but I'm still testing. The other list is an Iron Warrior list for Chaos Space Marines. I started playing 40k right after 3rd edition game out. Tyranids were my first army and Iron Warriors were the second. I sold that army in 4th edition and went to a Nightlords list. Back then each chaos legion had their own specific rules to play by. In 5th edition I sold the Nightlords and bought a new Iron Warrior army, but never got around to painting it. Now I am. I had a goal to finish painting the 1850pt list over break. I did well the first week, but I sputtered out I. The second. I picked it back up again this weekend and I'm still working. Here it is.

HQ - Sorcerer, level 3, bike, familiar - painted
El- Helbrute, multimelta - painted
Tr - 10 CSM, Lascannon
Tr - 10 CSM, 2 flamers, rhino, havoc - painted
Tr - 10 cultists, 9 auto guns, shotgun
Tr - 5 CSM - painted
Tr - 5 CSM, meltagun, combimelta, rhino, havoc - rhino painted
FA - Heldrake - painted
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
Hv - Maulerfiend - painted
Hv - 3 Nurgle Obliterators - painted
Hv - 5 Havocs, 4 lascannons - painted
Bastion with Icarus Lascannon

I call this the Millenium Falcon of 40k lists. It doesn't look like much, but it's got it where it counts. I really wish I could fit a pair of Dirge Casters in the rhinos. That would be so tech.

Swansons Daemons

HQ - Lord of Change, level 3, gifts up the ass
Hq - Herald of Nurgle, Grimoire, locus of FnP
HQ - Herald of Tzeentch, level 3, locus of str 6 shooting
Tr - 18ish Daemonettes, character upgrade
Tr - 10 Horrors
Tr - 10 plaguebearers
Tr - -0 plaguebearers
FA - 9 Sceamers
Hv - Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, level 3, armor, more gifts out the ass
Hv - Soul Grinder, Slaanesh, flamer
Hv - Soul Grinder, Slaanesh, battlecannon shot

Everything in Greg's list is fully painted except the Sceamers and one unit of plaguebearers. Interestingly enough this would cause him to forget to move those models twice because he didn't think they were his since they weren't painted. Both times he went back and moved them.

The game had 5 objectives in dawn if war deployment. 4 of the objectives are clustered on the right side of the board among pieces of area terrain. None of the objectives are in area terrain though. A 5th objective is on the left side hidden in a ruined building (city fight terrain). There were 2 more pieces of ruined building over there. Separating the building from the area terrain was a large tower that blocked LOS and was impassible. It was in the center of the table.

I deployed first putting the bastion on the far right with a commanding view of 4 of the objectives. 5 man troop squad manned the Icarus and the Havocs were inside. Next to the bastion was the flamer rhino squad in rhino. The 10 man squad with Lascannon went on the far left among the buildings. In the middle of the table I put everything else. Cultists and Heldrake are in reserve.

Daemons deployed plaguebearers and Nurgle herald in a building. Screamers next to the building and both monsters behind the building. Everything else was deep striking in. No nightfight and I went first.

Turn 1

The Havocs in the bastion had no shots. Everything was hidden or out of range. The Icarus took a potshot at the screamers and vaporized one. Otherwise I moved both rhinos up and moved flat out. They were among the 4 clustered objectives and about 44" from any Daemon who were all clustered on the far left. Helbrute, CSM on foot and the Oblits opened up on the Screamers. I killed 3 in total. Spawn, sorcerer and Maulerfiend moved up midfield behind the tower.

Screamers moved flat out behind a building on the left board edge and then moved flat out over my CSM on foot to slash attack them. I lost 3 guys and failed my morale check, but didn't run off the board. The LOC and DP flew forward and shielded themselves from the Bastion with the Tower. They shot at the Obliterators and killed one. The Nurgle Herald ran from his troop unit. The screamers got the Grimoire this turn for a 3 ++ save.

Turn 2

Heldrake came in and hit the Screamers killing one. The sorcerer cast Mental Fortitude on the CSM squad falling back and they regrouped.he also cast Dominate on The Lord of Change. The Maulerfiend ran up and assaulted the plaguebearers. He killed 5 with instability checks. Everything else tuned around and shot the screamers to pieces. The spawn then assaulted the unit and wiped them out. Oh and cultist came on and tried to ground the DP, but failed. The 2 Oblits and Helbrute tried to gun down the lone Nurgle Herald, but couldn't do it.

This turn everything comes on. The LOC has an ability where anybody deep striking with 6" does not scatter. Greg used this to the max. Both grinders came down near the LoC along with the Daemonettes, plaguebearers and horrors. The game swings on this next event. The LOC fails his leadership check to move and Dominate shuts him down for the turn. This was major because the LOC was going to murder something in combat, but now can't. Shooting kills 3 spawn, but the DP doesn't want to come down by himself and stays flying, but still manages to kill another Obliterator with vector strike.

Turn 3

On this turn my 5-man unit in rhino blows up a grinder. The sorcerer and two spawn kill all the horrors in combat. The Maulerfiend finishes off the plaguebearers. The Heldrake roasts 7 Daemonettes and the other rhino plus bastion kill another 5. Everything goes downhill at this point for the Daemons. The last grinder takes a couple meltas to the face, but only loses a couple hull points. The DP gets dominated this time.

The DP fails his first leadership check and is dominated this turn. Greg throws up his hands and concedes. He has no way to stop me from taking out his last troops unit and I have 3 of them on objectives about 44" from the main fight. We reset the game with all the same rolls, but he changes up his deployment. He sets up across from my bastion with all his troops. Hides the two monsters and reserves the grinders. The fight will take place among the cluster of objectives. I leave my deployment the exact same as game one.

Turn 1

I open up on the horrors and take down 7. The Maukerfiend and Spawn unit move up midboard.

Both monsters fly up. The DP gets the Grimoire but it fails and his save is reduced to a 6+. Daemonettes shuffle up and the remaining horrors bounce their shots off the spawn.

Turn 2

No reserves come in. I open up on the DP. I ground him with a combi Bolter shot from a rhino and hit him with 8 lascannons. He vaporizes. I assault the Daemonettes with the sorcerer and spawn and wipe out all of them after instability checks. The Maulerfiend assaults into the Herald of Nurgle and his plaguebearers squad. I kill only 2. Btw I dominated the Screamers

One Grinder comes in and drops near the spawn. The second unit of plaguebearers get the Grimoire, but it fails again and they have a 6+ save. Screamers fail their leadership and are dominated this turn. The LOC throws a fit and moves right into the center of my army. In combat the Maulerfiend kills 1 and then gets glanced to death by the rusting blades of the plaguebearers.

Turn 3

Heldrake comes in a roasts plaguebearers. More shots into them kill them all. The spawn unit assaults the Herald of Nurgle and his league bearers and wipe them out. The screamers are dominated again. All sorts of shots go into the grinder, but I can't kill it. I then assault it with my Helbrute and only manage a crew stunned which it shrugs off. It then proceeds to blow the Helbrute to pieces.

The last grinder comes in and goes after my 10 man CSM squad which had been hiding in a ruined building away from the fight on an objective. The battle cannon kills 5 and I stay. The Screamers are able to move, but when they try to assault they fail their leadership and are dominated. The LOC flies over and blows up the rhino of the flamer squad. The grinder who killed my Helbrute charges my other rhino. I snapfire my meltagun and blow it up. Unbelievable.

We call the game there. Daemons have no troops and I'm spread to far around for the LOC to stop everyone. We agree that in both games Greg was to afraid of the Bastion and it's shooting. That led to poor deployment in relation to the objectives. He also struggled with an answer to the spawn assaults. His monsters and grinders were the best counter to them, but the bastion made him hide those units early on and the speed of the spawn would get them into combat on turn 2.

I've played enough Eldar for now. I have always liked these toolbox armies. Armies that seem like a bunch of junk thrown together, but each unit has a role to play. It's more fun for me to try and solve the puzzle with these units then beat my opponent over the head with point and click lists. The Iron Hands list I've got works in a similar fashion. If anyone remembers my old 4th edition White Counsels list which won me a lot of big tourneys all over the place, you have an idea of the new list and just how strong these toolbox armies can be. And they are so much fun to play also.
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Re: Iron Warriors vs. daemons 1850pts

Postby Lord Krungharr » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:36 pm

Damn, a worthy use of Chaos Space Marines! And an excellent demonstration of what Telepathy can do. I will be taking a crap ton of Telepathic dudes this weekend for a game in the campaign down here. And now that I've realized Puppet Master is a Witchfire, I'll be in much better shape to deepstrike my winged Sorcerers and make the enemy's Titans erase everything else they have. At least that's the plan.
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