A Wraithknight gains a friend

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A Wraithknight gains a friend

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:49 pm

I read up on Nick Roses Eldar army at Feast of Blades and it intrigued me so I copied it with what I had.

HQ's - Farseer
HQ's - Farseer
Tr - 20 Guardians, 2 Brightlances
Tr - 20 Guardians, 2 Starcannons, Wave Serpent, scatter lasers, holofield, cannon
Tr - 10 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent, scatter lasers, holofield, cannon
Tr - 6 Rangers
Tr - 3 Jetbikes, cannon
Tr - 3 Jetbikes
FA - 5 Warp Spiders
FA - 5 Warp Spiders
Hv -Wraithknight
Hv - Wraithknight

A sick amount of shots and I figure I can bully half the board with the 2 Knights. Greg Swanson has other ideas and brings out Daemons of Chaos to ruin my fun.

HQ's - Lord of Change with stuff
HQ's - Keeper of Secrets with stuff
Tr - 15 Daemonettes
Tr - 16 Daemonettes
Tr - 15 Horrors
Hv - Soul Grinder
Hv - Soul Grinder
HQ's - Chaos Sorcerer on bike
Tr - 10 Cultists
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
Hv - Maulerfiend

The game is Emperors Will and it's hammer and Anvil deployment. I put an objective deep I my deployment zone in the center and Swanson puts his up as far as possible in the middle. I go second.

Turn 1

Sorcerer joins spawn and rush the center. They are joined by the Mauler. The Keeper is behind them giving out invisibility to the Mauler and the LOC flys up behind a building to snipe some Guardians. One Grinder drops a battle cannon shot on the same guardians and I lose about 7 in total.

I cast a slew of psychic powers and shuffle about. The a Spawn and Mauler are on me fast. I can't reach them to assault so I jump one Knight up to meet them and move the other back a little. Both shoot at the Mauler and fail to even scratch it through invisibility. I take a number of shots at the 16 man Daemonette squad and wipe gem out for first blood.

Turn 2

The invisible Mauler runs up and blows up a Serpent in Assault. He really had no fear of the Knight right next to the Serpent because the Keeper used Puppet master on the other Knight to shoot it and instant kill one of my Knights. (Greg had done this same tactic to my knights in an earlier game we played. Using Puppet Master to have one instant kill another). The Spawn and Sorcerer bypass the puppet Knight and hit my full Guardian squad in assault. I lose a Farseer and a few guys. I run away but don't get caught. 15 Horrors come down on my board edge and shoot up the wounded guardians.

I use both Spider squads and a Serpent to kill The Lord of Change. The lone Knight attacks the Maulerfiend. I need 5's to hit it because it is invisible and manage to take a single hull point off. The fleeing guardians regroup but can only snapfire at the Spawn who have endurance on them from the sorcerer. I use both Jetbike squads, rangers and disembarked Dire Avengers to kill the horrors.

Turn 3

The Spawn assault the Guardians and wipe them out. The second Daemonette squad jumps the Knight fighting the Mauler and kill it. Another Grinder deep strikes in my backfield and causes more havoc.

I don't have any real way to take out the armored Grinders and just keep shooting a zillion rending shots into anything with a toughness. I hit a lot, but don't rend much. The Spawn unit is soaking up a ton of fire and not dieing fast enough. I switch tactics and use my fast movers ( Jetbikes and Spiders) to head for Swansons backfield.

Turn 4

The Spawn continue to mop up my slow movers who couldn't get out of my deployment zone, but they run into trouble with the Dire Avengers who make insane courage to stick around in combat. The grinders head back to the center of the board to protect the last Daemonette squad who is claiming the objective. The Keeper uses Psychic Shriek to wipe out one unit of Spiders

The Jetbikes finish off the Cultists who had been hanging out in the backfield. The Serpent and last unit of spiders shoot the Daemonettes on the objective and get them down to 4. Dire Avengers lose assault assault again, but roll really low to stick around one more turn.

Turn 5

Spawn and Sorcerer finish off the Dire Avengers, but roll low in consolidation and can't reach the rangers who had been hiding all along in my backfield on my objective. A grinder catches 3 poorly placed Jetbikes and kills them. The Keeper shrieks at the other bikes and kills 2. Another grinder shoots up the Spider unit and gets it down to 1. The Mauler kills my last Serpent.

I warp jump my last Spider onto the enemy objective to contest it and pray the game ends. It does.

I have 5 rangers on my objective staring at 2 Spawn and a level 3 Chaos Sorcerer on bike tricked out on Biomancy powers who are just short of contesting. I have one Warp Spider contesting the enemy objective sitting within 12" of two Soul Grinders and a Keeper of Secrets. The only other model I have on the table is a lone Jetbike who got lost in the enemy deployment zone for Linebreaker. Just the way I drew it up.

There is no way I should have won this game. Going second and random game length were the only things that saved me. I like the Giant Guardian squads, in theory, but despite having two weapon platforms their short range guns are tough to use. I suppose they have value in dieing to enemy shooting. It takes a while to get through all those Guardians, especially with a Forewarning up and a 4++ save. The time it took to drag them down, gave some of my other units the time they needed to cripple the enemy objective holders and give me a chance to win the game.
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Re: A Wraithknight gains a friend

Postby GregSwanson » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:42 pm

I tell you what really makes those guardian squads nasty is the foreboding power with either guide or prescience. All those twin linked shots are tough to eat on the way in...... The first game you probably won because I could never charge that one unit.
That crazy fireman!
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Re: A Wraithknight gains a friend

Postby tulkasulmar » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:24 pm

Great Report. Thanks for posting.
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Re: A Wraithknight gains a friend

Postby Depayen » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:47 pm

Great job with the report.
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