Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

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Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby Zero_Cool » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:15 am

As they say down here in the South - Hey y'all.

We had a small local tournament yesterday and since I can't sleep I thought I would post up a small batrep for my part of the event.

1750 points. No special or named characters. 3 games. No painting requirement. Victory points only. Each mission would have some sort of unique special rule.

My list for the day: Necrons

Destroyer Lord - MSS, weave
Overlord - MSS, weave, orb
Royal Court - 1 Despairtek w/veil, 4 Destructeks, 2 lords w/weave and warscythe
10 Immortals - gauss
5 immortals - tesla in a Night Scythe
5 immortals - tesla in a Night Scythe
5 immortals - tesla in a Night Scythe
5 Wraiths - 3 whip coils
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

Truly the list is better played at 1500 points and the additional royal court was thrown in to cover points and possible add some str 8 ap 2 shooting to the list. More on that later.

Tournament Special Rule: Make an example of them!
At the start of the game, after deployment, choose an enemy troop choice to make an example of. If you destroy this unit by the end of turn 2 you gain +4 victory points. If you destroy this unit after turn 2 but before the game ends you gain +2 victory points. If the target unit has a dedicated transport you gain +1 victory point for its destruction (regardless of turn it is destroyed) as long as the target unit is also destroyed.

I think this is a really cool special rule and it makes for some interesting first few turns.

Game 1: Hammer and Anvil deployment, 1 objective in center of board (control is gained by a scoring unit and can move it once controlled), Elites count as scoring units. Victory points: control of objective is worth 5 points, Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Linebreaker are worth 1 point. Make and example rule in effect.

My opponent is playing Black Templar from the new SM book. His list (as best I can remember):

Captain (Marshal) - term armor, TH/SS
5 Terminators - Cyclone ML
5 Sterngaurd - 5 combiplasma in a Drop Pod
10 Tactical - (with some gear) in a Rhino
10 Tactical - 1 plasma, 1 ML, combiplasma
10 Tactical - 1 plasma, 1 plasmacannon, combiplasma
5 Bikes - 2 gravguns, combigrav
3 Centurions - 3 gravcannon, 3 ML, grav amp

I win the roll to go first and set up with the wraiths and dlord on the front line, 10 immortals w/overlord and vailtek behind them, Royal court just to their left and the barges on both flanks. He sets out 10 tacs on left flank backed by vindi, 10 tacs in center flanked by centurions, 5 bikes to their left on the deployment line and the last 10 tacs in a rhino on the far right side (Sternguard in DP and terms w/capt in reserve). He does not steal the initiative. I mark his rhino squad to make an example of and he chooses the 10 immortals w/overlord and veiltek (my only troop on the board to start the game).

I decide to get aggressive (let's face it, I really don't know any other way) and think "I'll just teleport my immortals up to the objective, pick it up and on turn 2 teleport back with it". I scatter off the objective but not far enough that I couldn't run to get to it. Wraiths and Dlord move up and run to cover their right side and set up a turn 2 charge on the (hopefully) rhino-less tactical squad. Annihilation barges move up and the royal court shuffles forward into a bit of area terrain as I was worried about the drop podding plasma killing them all on the drop.

Annihilation barge blows up the rhino (first blood) killing 3 marines in the explosion. The rest of my shooting is uneventful. I have the objective - all is going to plan. Then my opponent gets a turn and everything changes.

He drops in the pod behind the immortals carrying the objective. Moves the canturions up the middle, the vindi up the right side, al 3 tacticals move forward (except the heavy weapons) and the bikes move up to shoot at the wraiths. He unleashes plasma from the Stearnguard, the deathwind from the pod, the leftside tactical squad and finally the centurions onto the immortal squad. Ok, this is my first experience with the centurions and while it was over quickly, I did not enjoy it. 15 grav shots wounding on 3s with a re-roll all at ap2 followed up by 3 krak missiles - ouch! This resulted in my opponent wiping out the entire unit (gaining +4 victory points) and I fail the everliving rolls for both the overlord and cryptek. The rest of his shooting yielded one wound on the wraiths. He assaults the wraiths with the bikes hoping to hold them up from assaulting the example unit and they kill one wraith and are them selves wiped out.

My turn 2 sees me shooting and assaulting the example tactical unit alot and killing off the Stearnguard unit in my deployment zone with the combined shooting of the royal court, barge and newly arriving Night Scythe. I get my "make and example" +4 victory points (+1 for the rhino) and my turn ends.

His 2 he drops the Captain and terms in my deployment zone and focuses on the wraiths. At the start of the tur I had the Dlord with 2 wounds left and 3 wraiths with 1 of them wounded. Fast forward to the end of his shooting and I have none of this standing (yes, I failed a lot of 3++ saves). The Dlord makes his everliving roll and gets up with 1 wound. He destroys the left side barge in a hail of vidicator cannon and plasma shots (I had forgotten to move it so no jink saves for me - oops).

Turn 3 sees a lot of moving for position from both sides. Some shooting - I take down 1 centurion, he takes out 2 crypteks from the royal court. Not much else of note.

Turn 4 I again decide that based on my board position that I could disembark an immortal unit, grab the objective and start running away with it. That sounded so good in my head and I decided to listen to that voice. I move the Dlord into a position to charge the middle tactical squad figuring that the safest place for a t6 2+ save warlord to be is in HTH against str4 no powerfist guys and I could atleast tie up a troop unit for a turn or 2 so he couldn't come for the objective. Shooting kills 1 Centurion and then I make yet another mistake and don't shoot the newly arrived terminator squad. Now remember, I added this unit specifically for the str8 ap2 shooting to combat 2+ armor saves - a smart player would have shot the terms with them and I will pay for this mistake heavily in the end. I charge the Dlord in and he gets snap fired on by the combiplas which ofcourse hits and wounds - no assaulting for you. A quick fail of the everliving roll and my opponent now has the victory point for Slay the Warlord. end of my turn I have the objective and have begun my running away with it towards my deployment.

His turn 4 he targets the unit carrying the objective with enough shooting to wipe out 4 of the 5 immortals and 3 of them get back up (I am still in business). His terms shoot at the Royal court (I immediately fail the 2+ saves on the lords that are positioned as closest) and he wipes out the entire unit (again I fail to get any of them back up).

Turns are going faster now as I don't have much left which is good because time is running out. I had flown 2 Night Scythes off the table last turn so I returned them in this turn and fly the 3rd one over to his deployment zone and disembark the unit to get linebreaker. I also deploy my last 5 man unit in a defensive formation in front of his terms who if left alone would be able to charge my objective carrying unit. The plan still seems like a good one as I run the objective unit away from my opponent as best I can and target everything I have at the terms. Here's the last mistake I make - I fail to run my blocking unit (I shot with them instead) so instead of me standing infront of the objective-holding unit.

Time is about to be up and we try to squeeze in his turn 5 - he walks his term unit around my blocking immortals and shoots the objective holding unit with everything that could reach. 1 of them lives and 1 other makes his get up roll so I still have the objective. Remember the term unit - you know the one I didn't shoot with ap2 weapons and allowed to side step my blockers? They get the assault off on the objective holding unit wipe it out and take the objective from me.

Game ends at that point. His terms are a scoring unit for this game (elites) so he scores: Slay the Warlord (1), Linebreaker (1), Make and Example (4) and the objective (5) for a total of 11 victory points (out of a maximum 13 for the round). I have First Blood (1), Linebreaker (1), Make an Example (4) and MaE transport (1) for a total of 7 victory points.

I made a ton of mistakes in this game and it cost me in the end. The Centurions were a huge surprise. With 5 shots each that were rerolling to wound (mostly on 3s) at ap2 they were a wrecking crew. I didn't use the 260 point Royal Court very well and infact missed the prime opportunity to get their use out of them. My opponent was a really nice guy and I think he had fun (often difficult to do against 3 flyers).

Thanks for reading so far. Look for game 2 shortly.

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Re: Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby Zero_Cool » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:16 am

Game 2

Wow that was a wall of text! I'll try to be less wordy with this one

Game 2 mission: Vanguard Strike deployment, 1 objective in the center (5 points), Slay, LB and FB (1 point each), Make an Example of them (up to 5 points).

Special rule: Null but not void.
Place large blast template in center of table. This creates a cylinder infinitely tall that blocks line of sight. At the start of the turn move the cylinder 2d6" in a random direction. Any unit touched by the cylinder is considered to be "in stasis" and cannot move, shoot, assault, be shot at or assaulted while in stasis. Flyers touched by the cylinder crash (I know - his ruling).

My opponent is playing Space Wolves:

Runelord: Living Lightning and Jaws
Runesmith: Gets Prescience
10 Wolfguard - 10 combimelta, powerfist in drop pod
10 Grey Hunters - 2 melta
10 Grey hunters - 2 melta, powerfist in Rhino
9 Grey Hunters - 1 melta, powerfist in Rino
5 Thunderwolves - stormshields and a powerfist
6 Longfangs - 5 ML
6 Longfangs - 5 ML

I lose roll to go first and he takes it. Set up is similar to game 1 except the Royal Court is in front of the Immortals unit this time. He sets up the Longfangs in cover, both Rhinos on the deployment line, Twolves on his right. I pick the 9 Grey Hunters in the Rhino to make an example of he picks the Immortals. Cylinder moves toward me and we get started.

Game starts and he drops the 10 combimelta WG in my backfield, moves a Rhino toward the objective, the Twolves run forward and the LF wait to shoot me. The WG unload on the immortals killing 6 (4 get back up). The LF shoot at the Dlord/wraiths for minimal damage.

My turn 1 I choose not to teleport away from the WG thinking that I will just shoot them instead. Dlord and Wraiths move up to work a charge in on the GH when the rhino blows up. Shooting sees me kill 2 WG and TAKE 2 HULL POINTS off the example unit rhino. Uh, oh this could go badly.

Turn 2 he shoots and assaults the Immortals. Shoots a lot at the wraiths (killing 3 and dropping 2 wounds off the Dlord). He drives the other rhino at the objective, gets immobilized and gets the GH out to hold the objective and shoot at the wraiths. In the assaults the Mind Shackle Swarms get 1 would on the WG, he causes 4 wounds and I get 1 back. I hold my break test to stay in combat (and in the game).

On my turn 2 I get all 3 flyers. I turn the Royal Court around and jump in to the combat with the WG. The example unit rhino gets destroyed (first blood) and through the additional shooting is knocked down to 4 GH plus the Runepriest. I assault the example unit trying to wipe it out before the end of turn 2 - he deftly challenges the Dlord to try and save a few GHs and at the end of combat he has 1 GH left - he fails his morale test but I cannot catch him. Now my Dlord and the 2 remaining wraiths are hung out to dry in the open facing 10 MLs and 10 bolters. The combat with the WGs does not go well as I whiff with most of my Warscythe attacks. I end up winning by 1 and he passes his morale test to keep me in combat.

Turn 3 is a lot of shooting at wraiths and Dlord - who all are killed. The Dlord passess his everliving roll (the first of many in this game). My opponent brings his Twolves into the combat with the immortals and royal court and all the Necrons are killed in the ensuing combat. The Overlord and veiltek get up as do the 2 lords and a cryptek from the royal court. The Overlord unit fails morale and falls back out of combat while the royal court heroically passess theirs to hold the Twolves and WG in combat for another turn.

On my turn 3 I rally the Overlord and teleport away (thinking about it now I am not sure I could have done this, but they had no further effect on the game). I shoot the last GH from the example squad. The Dlord jumps over to assault the LF with the Runelord in it and I start shooting everything I can at the GH on the objective. I have a lone flyer to shoot at the LF with Runelord and the perfect storm of tesla bonus hits and poor armor saves happens leaving only 1 LF left (Runelord died to a prior perils of the warp and 2 failed armor saves this round). The Dlord charges the other LF and gets snapfired to death - he then makes another everliving test and survives for another round (that's 2). The combat with the Twolves sees them kill all three Necrons but the Lords pass there everliving rolls (that's a total of 8 passed everliving rolls so far).

Over the next 2 turns the Dlord and the lords pass another 6 everliving rolls total (finally dying on turn 5). I have the objective when the game ends on turn 6.

Final scores: my opponent - Slay, Linebreaker for a total of 2 points. I have Slay, Linebreaker, FB, objective, late example and example transport for 11 points.

Again, a fun game with a nice opponent. Greg has been coming around to the events in the area for a long time and while his models have never changed (they are actually CSM models with Juggernaughts as Twolves) and have represented numerous codexes over the years and I do enjoy our games. The royal court in this game came in aheld up a few units for a couple of turns so again I did not take advantage of the shoooting potential. They did allow me to make an ungodly amount of everliving saves though which most other units would not have had access to. The wraiths were not all that impressive but again the tesla shooting in the end is what won the day.

Total victory points through game 2: 18 out of a max of 26.

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Re: Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby Zero_Cool » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:16 am

Game 3

Still a wall of text - I guess I am just wordy. On to game 3.

Deployment is Dawn of War. 3 objectives (worth 5 points each) placed 1 in center and the other 2 6" on each side of the center one. StW, LB and FB (1 point each) plus Make an Example of them (up to 5 points)

Special rule: If I can't have them neither can you!
Any player can choose to destroy an objective. Each objective is AV12 with 2 hull points. If you destroy an objective you lose 2 victory points but you deny your opponent (and yourself) the chance to get 5 for controlling it.

This is a neat mission that I have played once before. I was playing Orks at that time and listened to my inner Ork that said just smash the objectives with the Deffrolla cause that would make a huge explosion! So I did that and only realized my error after I had destroyed most of my opponents army and only held the 1 remaining objective for 5 points (costing me a few places in the tournament standings).

My opponents army: Chaos Space Marines

Lord - MoN, Sigil, combat familiar, Black Mace
5 Plaguemarines - 2 melta, powerfist in a rhino w/blades
10 Plaguemarines - 2 melta, powerfist in a rhino w/blades
10 Plaguemarines - 2 melta, powerfist in a rhino w/blades
2 Obliterator - MoN
Maulerfiend - mawcannon, 2 Hades autocannon
Aegis Defense Line - quadgun

The long and short of it. I lost the roll to go first and tried to hide the barges as best I could. I deployed the royal court behind some line of sight blocking terrain, hid the Immortals and deployed the Dlord/wraiths on the deployment line. He manned the ADL quadgun with his lord for 2+ rerollable intercepting, 5 PM behind the ADL, a PM in Rhino on either side with the Defiler and Fiend holding his right flank. I marked a PM unit in Rhino and off we went.

Turn 1 saw him obliterate a barge with the defiler with his first shot (failed a 3+ cover save) and a dead wraith. On my turn I jumped up to set up a charge on the would-be rhinoless example unit and teleported behind it with the immortals "just in case". The Royal court stepped up and promptly caused 2 penetrating and 1 glancing hits on the defiler which my opponent saved all but the glance with the demonic save). It took the remaining barge plus the immortals to destroy the PM example unit rhino - not to worry the Dlord/Wraiths will get there in assault. They rolled a 3 for assault and failed (losing a wraith to a snap fired meltagun in the process). Oh well, sometimes you eat the bear and all.

Over the next few turns we exchanged some shooting (the Lords in the Royal court saving all the wounds from the defiler battle cannon). His lord shooting down the first Night Scythe that come on, the Dlord and wraiths and Immortals finally taking down the example squad at the middle of turn 4, the Dlord and Chaoslord in a short 2 turn combat in which the Chaos lord could not get past the t6 2+sv of the Dlord (Black mace is only ap4?), the royal court did kill the Defiler on turn 2 and the Immortal unit suffered a deepstrike mishap trying to get in position to take the 3rd objective from a PM unit.

We played through 5 turns and called it due to time. End result my opponent had 1 objective and FB for 6 points. I hade StW, LB, 2 objectives, late example and example transport for 15.

Things I learned - Plaguemarines are tough to kill and even more difficult to shift off an objective. The Destructeks do an ok job of shooting - probably not woth the 35 points each but may warrant more playtesting. Necrons feel a bit one-dimensional to me and the addition of the wraiths was a fair distraction from all the shooting. Overall it was nice to play an army that had less maintenance (the last few games I have been using a psychic power heavy Tyranid list that took a lot of pre-game and pre-turn time generating and casting psychic powers). Lastly, I am not as good as I may have once been with tactics and game mechanics and definitely need more table time to learn what I can and should be doing in various game situations. The army lists played down here are not nearly to the power level that I saw up in Chicago when I last visited (only 1 Tau/Eldar player in the field) so that learning curve may take longer.

At the end of the day I had a great time. 3 fun opponents and any rules questions were resolved without issue. I finished up with 33 points (max was 49) and due to some oddly low scoring in the final round I finished 2nd for the day.

If you have made it this far thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the report.
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Re: Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:40 am

Good job. Very interesting to see an intact royal court on the tabletop.
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Re: Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby Zero_Cool » Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:35 am

The royal court is odd. On one hand it has the potential to add the low AP shooting that is missing from the list and the 2+ saves on the lords are great against thing like battlecannon, baleflamers, bolterfire (for the most part), regular wounds in HTH, but the points are up there. Seeing the high number of saves they made in the second game combined with the ability to get back up provided a sort of tar pit for the Wolf Guard and Twolves - holding them there for 4 turns effectively.

The points are up there though (260 for the 6 models in the unit) so they will need more playtime.
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Re: Walking in Memphis - 1750 tourny batreps

Postby YeezyMozart » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:05 pm

Good read Chris!
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