A Wraithknight at the August AWC

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A Wraithknight at the August AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:47 am

HQ - Farseer, special spirit stones
HQ - Spiritseer
TR - 5 Wraithguard, Wave Serpent, brightlance
TR - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, Scatter lasers
TR - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, Scatter lasers
TR - 10 Rangers
FA - 10 Warp Spiders
HV - Nightspinner
HV - 3 War Walkers with Scatter lasers
HV - Wraithknight

There was a nice turnout for this 1850pt tourney. Necrons and Tau/Eldar were the most common armies there. Not as much diversity as the June tourney. Necrons were the most common army type. Tau/Eldar lists were still being painted up

Game 1 vs Grey Knights

I played Cisco in a rematch of my 3rd game in the June event though both of our armies were the same, the lists had changed a little. This was a Hammer and Anvil deployment. Grey Knights started with 2 Lascannon razorbacks on the table with a psyrifleman dread behind each transport. 5 strikes were in each razorback. It was nightfight and I let the Gk shooting bounce off the Wraithknight turn one. The big fella jumped up and blew up a Lazerback for First Blood. Combined serpent fire popped the other razorback.

On turn 2 the GK reserves failed to come in. Two Terminator squads, both HQ's and a Stormraven stayed in reserve. I took advantage of those bad reserve rolls to wipe out both dreads and kill 7 of the 10 strikes. Turn 3 the GK reserves came in and shot up the ranger squad with the Farseer. I lost 9 Rangers and 2 wounds from the Farseer. I hid the Farseer and pummeled the Terminators with shots to drag them down. The Wraithknight popped the Stormraven and the game was over. 20-0

Those turn 2 reserve rolls were awful for Cisco. It allowed my to fight half his army for two turns and then the other half for two turns. The Wraithknight accounted for a Razorback, a dreadnought, a Stormraven and 2 Strikes in combat.

Game 2 vs. Necrons

This was my first game against Sam. I had borrowed his glue before the tourney started for repairs. This game was Vanguard deployment. Night fight again and I let Sam go first. He moved up two Annihilation Barges and shot the Wraithknight to no avail. The big fella jumped up and destroyed a Ghost Ark in assault. My other shooting did nothing.

Turn 2 one Nightscythe with 5 Immortals and the overlord come in from reserve. They target a Serpent and I downgrade the pens to two glances with the serpent shield. 5 Deathmarks come in and target the Wraithknight. They put two wounds on him and make him angry. A Monolith deep strikes next to the rangers and Farseer. The Warriors from the destroyed Ghost Ark move through the Monolith portal and escape the wrath of the Wraithknight. They rapid fire into the Rangers, but I have Invisibility up and only lose one guy.

The Necrons have done a ton of maneuvers this turn and have quickly changed the dynamic of the game. I was impressed. But the power of the Wraithknight can not be undone. He charges an Annihiliation Barge and blows it up. 10 Warp Spiders deep strike behind another barge and blow that up to. The Wraithguard disembark and blow 3 hull points off a 2nd Ghost Ark, but don't kill it. The Nightspinner flames the Warriors near the rangers and kills 4. The tide has turned once again.

On turn 3 the last Nightscythe fails to show up from reserve. It is holding the Destroyer Lord and 5 Lychguard. They are sorely needed by the Necron army at this point, but AWOL from the battle. This is the second game in a row where poor reserve rolls by my opponent have helped my out. The 5 reminding warriors charge the invisible Rangers. They would be tied up in combat from turn 3-6. The remaining Necron units strip hull points from serpents but no one dies.

3 War Walkers come in and blow the last Ghost Ark away. The warriors disembark 4" from the Wraithknight, but I fail my charge through he wreckage. The last Nightscythe finally comes in from reserve and both Nightscythes manage to kill the Wraithknight. My Wraithguard blow up the Monolith, Serpents finish off the Deathmarks, War Walkers finish off the last warriors. The Necrons are losing units left and right.

The Destroyer Lord and Lychguard manage to get into combat with the Wraithguard and kill them over two turns. The Overlord and Immortals make a dash for an objective, but they have to run through no mans land and the 3 Serpents mow them down. The game ends with the Eldar in control if the field 20-0. The Wraithknight accounted for a Ghost Ark, and an Annihilation Barge.

Game 3 vs. Tau/Eldar

I'm up against Alan in another Vanguard deployment. It is nightfight for the third time and for the third time I give away first turn. I deploy far back from all the Tau shooting, but not far enough. The Wraithknight is hit with 7 marker lights and 6 of those activate the Skyrays 6 seeker missiles. I take one wound. Infiltrating Kroot make it to the relic in the middle of the board and take it.

I shuffle around a bit and send a barrage blast on the head of the Ethereal. It scatters and kills a couple Kroot. The Wraithknights jumps up and assaults the Kroot holding the relic. I win, but can't chase them down and they escape. Next turn outflanking Kroot show up behind the Nightspinner and glance it to death with the help of a Wave Serpent. The Broadsides put 8 wounds on the Wraithknight and I fail 5 saves. It dies.

My Warp Spiders come in and shoot up the Kroot in my backfield. The Wraithguard disembark and blow up the Wave Serpent who helped kill the Nightspinner. War Walkers come on and put 11 wounds on the Broadsides, but the Tau commander soaks up 10 wounds and takes only one himself. It is at this point that I decide to take all the Scatter Lasers off the War Walkers and give them dual Star Cannons from now on.

The Tau return fire is frustrating. The Riptide shoots 3 shots at a Wave Serpent and blows it up. The Broadsides kill one War Walker because the other two are out of range. Warp Spiders strip 2 hull points off a Serpent. At this point I have 4 intact scoring units and the Tau only have 3. I can threaten two of them easily. I decide to ignore the Broadside and Riptide and focus on the remaining troops and the Ethereal. I wish I had come up with this plan a turn earlier before I have committed my Warp Spiders to backfield control.

I concentrate fire on the Kroot holding the Ethereal. Serpent Shields are dropping Kroot left and right and the Ethereal has run out of Look Out Sir candidates. However my cover ignoring saves have been used up. He goes to ground to make the last saves and is successful. The last Kroot make it back to the Relic, but my Warp Spiders make it up there to kill them all in shooting. The game ends with me holding the Objectives, but no one has the Relic. 17-3.

The Wraithknight accounted for 3 Kroot.

Hans Krueger wins the tourney with 60 points. I blame Florido for this one. :wink: He knows why. No need to bring it up to the masses. I liked this format a lot. It gave everyone a chance to win at each round and with every conceivable record. The 3-0 players had a winner, the 2-1 players had a winner and the 1-2 players had a winner. I liked this. I wouldn't mind it becoming the tourney format from now on.

After the game I thought about the list. The Farseer is to ineffective right now and the rangers can't protect him like I wanted. There is to much cover ignoring weapons out there. When he Farseer is in a serpent, most of his powers won't work. He needs to be on the table or not in the list. I think I have plenty of Volume of fire shots already and don't need the war walkers to give me more. The list has always lacked high strength low ap weapons. This is one reason I took to the Wraithknight right away. He helped solve a problem the Eldar have had for a while. I recently changed 10 Dire Avengers into 5 Wraithguard for more anti-tank busting power and I think that has paid off.

I now need to bust more 2+ save enemy models. It wasn't just the Broadsides game 3, but in game 2 the Destroyer Lord tanked a lot of shots for the Lychguard. I can go one of two ways. I can exchange the War Walkers for a 2nd Wraithknight or give the War Walkers Star Cannons. I really like the 2nd Wraithknight idea. In the first two games he busted open the enemy fire base with assaults. I feel confident he was about to do the same thing in game 3 before he went down. A second Wraithknight would have ensured one got into he Tau Lines to wreck havoc. The points would come from War Walkers who were not on the table anyway. I almost always start them in reserve each game so they get the alpha strike in.

Star Cannon War Walkers is another option. This would give me 12 str 6 ap 2 shots. More then enough to get through Broadside armor or or Riptides or Destroyer Lord armor. I would still have some volume of fire shots to take down armor in the rear and the ap 2 means I add one to the damage table. However War Walkers are not as resilient as a Wraithknight. Their biggest advantage is the ability to outflank and get rear shots.

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Re: A Wraithknight at the August AWC

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:24 pm

Enjoyed the reports, as always.

As to the list. Have you tried the ffarseer on a bike with a bike detachment. They still have the "6's kill everything" rules of the Eldar, and 3+ armour so the ignores cover isn't as bad. They also are extremely fast (36" turboboost move).

With 2 wraithknights against the Tau armies you could Deepstrike them fairly close to the Tau, and if your lucky they get their big foot in terrain. If the Tau choose to intercept, they wont get the benefit of all the pesky marker lights. I don't know if the skyray missile vehicles have interceptor, but then you could try and take them out without getting pegged first when you drop in.
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Re: A Wraithknight at the August AWC

Postby YeezyMozart » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:58 am

Skyrays don't have intercept but I don't really like the Knights I was scared really bad with Freds but then started thinking about it some more after the game. A commander and a unit of Broadsides shoots 12 St 7 and 12 ST 5 with Twin Linked and Monster Hunter. Statistically 18 wounds kills a Wraith Knight right? 6 Woulds 3+ save... 18 wounds does 6.

Screening my Army With stubborn Kroot and then shooting the piss out of that guy is going to really suck for him. So I marker light him twice and hit on 2+ rerollable. Then wound on 5+ rerollable and 6+ rerollable. I am going to get 10- 12 wounds with just the broad sides and I have so much more. I am not sold on 2 Wraith Knights I think one is strategic and keeps people honest but 2 is a point sink.
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Re: A Wraithknight at the August AWC

Postby tulkasulmar » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:49 pm

Sorry Fred. :oops:

I've stopped playing on the Craps table at the Casinos. Every time I step up to a Crap table and ready to play, a 7 is rolled. :lol:
I've relegated myself to just play one of the table card games.
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Re: A Wraithknight at the August AWC

Postby Lord Krungharr » Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:32 pm

Very informative for we non-Tau non-Eldar players.

What's the range on the Star Cannons for the War Walkers? Outflanking them is a little risky, as you gotta not roll crappy reserves (and we know that can happen!) and you gotta roll the proper side of the table (I'm guessing War Walkers don't have Acute Senses either), though if they're like 36" to 48" that helps make up for any bad side of the table.

Probably just my Daemon-self talking but I'd go 2nd Wraithknight. Monster mash the crap out everyone! That is, the WK may be more versatile. Just use Fateweaver to reroll the wounds on the big lasers to get 6s for Instant Death....oh wait, nevermind, Daemon-self again.

Though maybe once Tyranids come out all those Outflanking War Walker Star Cannons might come in handy? Gotta get behind the gaunts to hit nail the Tervigons and Hive Guard, though Warp Spiders are great for that too.
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