A no-show at the July AWC

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A no-show at the July AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:26 pm

I worked hard since the June AWC to get my Eldar up to 1750pts for the July event. I didn't just want to add on to my 1500pt list. I don't feel the Wraithguard can hold up in higher points levels and I have had a ton of Eldar models, unpainted, for a long time. For the July event I painted up from scratch a Falcon, a Nightspinner, another Wave Serpent, and 10 Rangers. I rebased 28 guardians, 4 weapon platforms, 3 War Walkers, 10 Dire Avengers, 10 Warp Spiders and 2 more warlocks. I'm no Florido so that is a ton of models to get done for me.

I'm all set to go when I realize the July AWC falls on my 6th wedding anniversary. So I ditch the tourney and make plans to spend time with "She who I love so much." Friday night I enlist my Mother to come over and baby sit the kids. I've got a 2 year old and an 11 month old and they are my Moms only Grandkids. Which means she will skip her own funeral to spend time with them.

The wife and I go to dinner at Texas De Brazil in Shaumberg. It's an all-you-can-eat steakhouse. We get seated and the wife heads to the salad bar. I immediately flip my card to green(which means feed me) and I am inundated with servers bearing skewers of cooked meat. I start with a grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. I then take a slice of pork tenderloin followed by a juicy cut of sirloin. I skip the lamb chops and go for the BBQ pork ribs and filet wrapped in bacon. I'm eating as fast as they can bring the meat and now the wife comes back to the table. She said she had trouble finding our table because of all the servers backed up to get to my plate. I think I ate a total of 3lbs of meat in 10 minutes and was having trouble breathing. I topped it all off with a slice of cheesecake with 5 sweet sauces spread around the plate.

After dinner we headed for Rosemont and the MB Financial Park. This is a square park located next to the highway in Rosemont. The park is made of artificial turf and surrounding the park are various bars and restaurants. We stop in Kings bowling ally for a look see. I can't talk her in to going inside Toby Keith's bar so we settle for the Zanies Comedy club. Craig Gass is headlining. He's an impressionists from the Howard Stern show who also works on all Seth McFarlanes cartoon shows on Fox. The show is awesome. If you ever get the chance you have to see his impression of Kasey Kasem doing Elvis.

Zanies has a 2 drink minimum and the wife wasn't drinking so I had 4 cocktails and couldn't drive home. I was awake at the end to say goodbye to Momma and slept like a baby all night. The next day we drop the kids off at my Mothers for an overnight stay and head home without the kids for the first time in over 2 years. We are so excited about our free time that we do some home remodeling in the upstairs bedrooms. It's not romantic, it's practical. You try wallpapering a room with 2 kids under 3 running around the house.

Later in the afternoon we head out to the movies and see Wolverine. I was excited to see it and was encouraged by the good reviews, but I found it average. After the movie we head to Pete Millers steakhouse in Wheeling. Pete Millers is one of the best restaurants around. It has a late 1930's fine dining decor and live Jazz most every night. We feel like we should be rubbing elbows with Hunphrey Bogart and Orsen Wells when we dine there. Pete Millers was also the site of our second date when after a 3 hour dinner we headed out to the Elgin casino on a whim. Now we live in Elgin and went to Pete Millers for our anniversary.

Sunday morning we got up and waited for the Sunday paper. We got the paper and went to eat breakfast. One of our favorite activities before kids was going out to eat Sunday morning with the giant Sunday paper. We would sit in a booth for 2 hours reading all the sections and having a nice long breakfast. With the kids at my Mothers we got one more chance to do that. It was wonderful.

Now with the Eldar done I have turned to my Necrons. I spent this week finishing a Ghost Ark which I have had forever. It's an impossible model to paint if you want it to look nice and I just finished it, mostly. Now I've got 3 Tomb Spyders and about 80 individual scarabs to finish up and my Necrons will be updated for all the new xenos power that is out there. Once the Necrons are finished I want to turn to my Marines. This should be just about when the new Marine codex hits the shelves this fall. I'm expecting a ridiculously sized dreadnought to fight the Wraithknight and a new flyer for the marines.
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Re: A no-show at the July AWC

Postby Redbeard » Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:52 pm

Those Brazilian steakhouses are amazing, but I generally don't eat for a day or two before going. Good "battle" report, congrats on 6 years :)
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Re: A no-show at the July AWC

Postby GregSwanson » Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:02 am

Congrats Fred. And by the way it is "she who must be obeyed"
That crazy fireman!
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