A Wraithknight at June AWC

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A Wraithknight at June AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:40 am

The June AWC was a 1500pt Theme event. I understood theme to mean a Comp event and I think most everyone followed suit. There was a huge turnout for the event. Gift cards of $70, $50, $50, $50, $10, $10 were handed out. There seemed to be only one spam army at the whole thing and the diversity of armies was tremendous. There was a Space Wolf army!!! Quite possibly vanilla marines was the most represented army out there.

I brought my Iyanden army. Newly re-based and with three new models.

HQ - Farseer, super stone
HQ - Spiritseer
TR - 10 Wraithguard
TR - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, Holo-field, shuriken cannon
TR - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, Scatter laser, Holo-field, shuriken cannon
HV - Wraithlord, star cannon, ghostglaive
HV - Wraithlord, brightlance, ghostglaive
HV - Wraithknight

A small elite army, but incredibly resilient.

Game 1 vs. Grey Knights

In this game one army was an artifact holder and the other army was the artifact taker. One unit would hold the artifact. If you killed that unit the taker would win. If the unit lived the holder would win. I lost the die roll, but my opponent gave me the artifact to hold. I shrugged and gave it to the wraithguard. My Farseer rolled up Invisibility and Fortune and the Spiritseer rolled up Protect. The Wraithguard had a 2+ armor and 2+ cover save, rerollable. So I won the game, but we played anyway.

It was supposed to be a Dawn of War deployment, but I read the sheet wrong and we played Hammer and Anvil. The Grey Knights hid behind a huge fortification complex in the center of thier lines and put a 5-man squad in a ruin off to the side. My Wraithguard held the artifact in a ruin at the 2' line and hunkered down. The 2 Serpents and 3 MC's deployed up front. It was nightfight and I went first.

The Serpents and MC's surged forward. I took some pot shots at the 5-man unit in ruin and killed a few. The hiding GK's started to come around the LOS blocking terrain, but didn't shoot to good. I jumped up with the Knight and surrounded a 5-man strike squad with the Librarian. I shot up the unit a little and failed an 8" charge with a Lord and a 4" charge with the Knight. A Serpent did finish off the 5-man unit in ruins.

The Librarian attached to a fresh strike unit and assaulted the Knight. A Daemonhammer to the face killed him on turn 2. I responded by sending in a Wraithlord to assault. This was better because the Lord is a character now and I challenged out the hammer from the fight and pounded the unit. 10 Purifiers in a Stormraven, who were supposed to make a play on the Artifact unbit, got side tracked and disembarked to attack the Wraithlord in combat. The Purifiers hammer was not on a character and it managed to force weapon me away.

10 Deep Striking strikes made a play on the artifact, but without the purifiers to back them up, they were gunned down to a man by Serpents and Wraithguard. The Purifiers came in a couple of turns later on board their Stormraven, but the Wraithguard shot down the big bird before they could disembark and all the Purifiers dies in the explosion. Big win for Iyanden.

Game 2 vs. Dark Angels

This game was Hammer and Anvil deployment with the relic in the middle on a hill. EWveryone had a hill in the center and units within 12" of the center of the hill got +1 BS. Relic holders got the +1 BS and Preferred Enemy. I set up the Wraithguard up front and dead center to grab the relic and placed Serpents and Lords on the flanks. My opponent placed 40 tactical marines + 1 Librarian up front along the deployment line. He had two 5-man Devastator squads in back with 2 Hyperios Launchers (twin-linked missiles). 20 assault marines and a commander would be drop podding in later. That's 72 Marines vs. my 35 Eldar.

I went first and moved forward. The Guard went straight for the relic and everyone else played cautious. His Libby had rolled misfortune and I tried to stay out of range of him. I focused at a 5-man Dev squad on a hill and killed 3 in the dark. I also whittled 4 away from a tactical squad up front. The marines moved up aggresively and podded in 10 assault marines and the commander behind my lines. Shooting killed a Guard, but otherwise was stopped by nightfight.

I moved the Guard on top of the hill and took the relic. They also gunned down the last 6 in a tactical squad. A Lord turned around and charged into the podded marines. He challenged the commander out of the fight and whittled away at marines. The Wraithknight jumped in front of the hill and assaulted a 10-man tactical squad. The Libby had attached to this squad amd made them fearless and I was going to kill them all with the Knight. Until the 65pt Librarian stepped forward and rolled a 6 with his force axe, then a 10 to instant kill me. WTF!

The Libby's squad moved up the hill and assaulted the Guard. The Libby challenged and the Spritiseer accepted. I wounded him and he didn't would me. This caused the Libby to catch fire (soul blaze) and burn for a few turns. Eventually the Spiritseer would kill the Libby, but the Guard were having trouble with the tactical squad. 4's to hit and 3's to wound was harder than 4's to hit and 6's to wound. This combat stayed all game long and eventually the tacticals would kill 5 Guard and lose 4 marines in return, but I never let go of the Relic.

On the outside of the relic fight both wraithlords were conducting mop up duty on marines. The accounted for 30 marines and the commander all in assaults. Both serpents had dropped to krak grenade assaults, but the Farseer and his Guardians had made it to the hill and lived all game. Since most things were in assault all game, the Dark Angel heavy weapons never had very good targets to shoot at. They did manage to down on Wraithlord near the end.

Game 3 vs. Grey Knights

On table 1 I'm playing against Draigo Paladins in a vanguard deployment. The primary is escalating kill points where the later the game goes the more kill points each unit is worth. The GK deploy Paladins, Draigo and a Libby in a central ruin with a teleporting Dreadknight behind and two 5-man strikes out of LOS on the flanks. A stromraven is in reserve.

I put the Guard front and center with the Knight and Lords behind cover and both serpents on the flanks. I go first (went first all three games and all 3 games were nightfight) and move a serpent flat out into the corner to get enfilading fire on a 5-man strike squad. The rest of the army moves cautiously and takes pot shots at the Dreadknight. I get 2 wounds through despite 2+ cover.

The Dreadknight jumps up and burns the Wraithguard for no damage. Paladin fire takes one down. I respond by moving the Guard into trees and gunning down the Dreadknight. I also start to whittle down both 5-man strike squads and cast Hallucination on the paladins. They attack each other!! I activate force weapons and pound away, but they have a 4+ invulnerable thanks to Divination and I only kill one paladin. The Raven comes in and fails to damage a serpent, but down cause a perils on the Farseer. Paladin shooting takes down 5 Wraithguard in one volley and I'm scared of losing them.

I hallucinate the paladins again and this time they can't do anything except move. I jump the Wraithknight up to them and move units into the open for better shots since I don't fear the Paladins right now. I take down both Strike Squads and get an immobilised result on the Raven.

It's like a game of Uno at this point as the GK 'skip a turn' because of Hallucination and I go again. I try to hide the Farseer from the raven who flew off the table last turn because he has two more missiles left. I fail a Hullucination roll on box cars, but use a warp charge point to deny the perils. I them roll snkae eyes on a Guide and take my second wound. The Spiritseer renews the farseer back up to 2 wounds and we go and hide for good. Shooting is slowly whittling away the paladins as I slowly encircle them.

Turn 5 and I'm up 9 KP, but each kill this turn is worth 5KP so two kills and I lose the game. The Raven comes back in and missles away the Farseer who didn't hide well enough. The paladins unload into a Wraithlord with one wound left and with 2 fully functional psycannons they get two rends through. I make both cover saves and survive the turn. The game continues.

I put more fire into the paladins and kill off the Libby and the Paladins. I fail my charge on a 1-wound Draigo and on the bottom of the turn he charges the Wraithknight. I overwatch with the Wraithcannons and wound him!! Yet his strom shield saves the day. Draigo would whiff on his attacks and the Knight would punch him 3 times. One failed save kills off Draigo and the game ends.


This was very much a throwback tourney to the early days of the AWC 10 years ago. I was the only one to go 3-0 and I didn't win anything becasue I didn't have a paragraph about my army. That's how it was for so long back in those days. I think the old Fred would have been mad, but actually I was ok with it this time. My games were fun. The missions were interesting, different and challenging. The non-spam armies made every game I played close and both players were in it until the end. So many of these armies were well painted and didn't have missing parts on vehicles. The newer incarnation of the AWC tourney has stressed best general and that has warped the armies into curb stompers. Games can be over with at deployment and that's not to much fun. I hope the powers that be take note of the large turn out for this event. We do not always need a best general award and battle points do not have to be the determining factor in the overall champion.

I would like to see this format continue. My only worry is if theme is just the background of your army, then I would hope there would be no acceptable theme for Necrons + Chaos or Necrons + GK. You know what I mean. If that means theme changes to comp, then so be it. I remember the head judge sending someone out to look at army lists and find an army with no duplicates and 40% troops. It was for some award or tie-breaker I think. That's the kind of stuff the tourneys are missing. Promote army diversity and de-emphasis winning at all costs.

Somewhere Locus Como is having a heart attack right now and Chris Hill just drove into a ditch.
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Re: A Wraithknight at June AWC

Postby Redbeard » Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:41 am

I agree with your assessment of the tournament. It was great to see such variety. I think I saw at least 13, maybe 14 codexes representing, including sisters.
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Re: A Wraithknight at June AWC

Postby muwhe » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:26 pm

The things we learn over ten years of gaming! : )
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Re: A Wraithknight at June AWC

Postby Lord Baerion » Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:15 am

Great evaluation and recap of the event. I'm curious though:

1. What was your MVP unit/model
2. What unit performed the least admirally/didn't roll well/didn't show up, etc. - you get my drift
3. How did the wraithknight perform?
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Re: A Wraithknight at June AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:32 am

Lord Baerion wrote:Great evaluation and recap of the event. I'm curious though:

1. What was your MVP unit/model
2. What unit performed the least admirally/didn't roll well/didn't show up, etc. - you get my drift
3. How did the wraithknight perform?

1. The Wraithguard won me two games. Them combined with the psychic powers from the Farseer and Spiritseer. Of course they would have been able to win those games without the disruption to the enemy caused by the 2 Wraithlords. I think both Lords were my MVP and their actions allowed he Guard to win both games.

2-3 The Wraithknight died early in the first two games. He had the potential to do so much more in both games. The Wraithlords bailed me out in both those games the Knight died early in. Of course I can't say the Lords would have had the opportunity without the Knight drawing so much fire and attention.
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