Orc Horde 600 pts

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Orc Horde 600 pts

Postby Sajii » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:41 pm

Captain w/ Shield
6 Orcs w/ Shield
6 Orcs w/ Spear

6 Orcs w/ Shield
6 Orcs w/ Spear

12 Orcs w/ bow and spear

6 Orcs w/ Shield
6 Orcs w/ Spear

Captain w/ Shield
5 Orcs w/ Shield
5 Orcs w/ Spear

Points: 600
Models: 63
Bows: 12
Might: 7+

Pretty basic horde, haven't played one in a loooong time. LOTR has started to surface again in my neck of the woods (specifically those weedy elves!). I'm not sure if I even need a drummer anymore due to the proximity of deployment and Heroic Marches. I'll keep the models however they are modelled. While this is a pretty basic format I feel it could be made stronger by some changes, potentially:

- Change a captain to a second shaman, allowing more Fury coverage
- Dropping some orcs/captain and changing out to a stronger hero/Ringwraith(60 pt Shagrat possibly?)
- While I'm thinking about using some Wargs for the speed/cavalry bonuses, I'm not sure they're worth the points unless Orc Tracker wargs.
-Maybe use some named heroes instead for extra might?

Any thoughts?
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Re: Orc Horde 600 pts

Postby BrentS » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:58 pm

Sajii wrote:
Any thoughts?

Less hordes? :D

Obviously, you are relying on numbers to out-weigh the poor fighting potential.

Personally, under the new rules, I'd rather have smaller armies with bigger heroes and monsters. Having extra might is also very useful, especially when facing other heroes and monsters (heroic strike is the bomb).
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Re: Orc Horde 600 pts

Postby BostonNazgul » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:05 am

pretty boring, mordor has tons of fun options to spice things up, even just some named captains.
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