Adepticon Team Battle reports

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Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:48 am

Team Tourney Battle Reports – Nidnite at the Oasis.

This weekend was the Adepticon Team Tournament, and we wanted to bring 4 Tyranid lists. Thats ultimately the bottom line isn’t it.

Our lists

2 Guard (whips)
11 Gaunts
Tervigon (upgrades, 3 psychic, CC)
Doom in Pod

Kurt K. (My brother)
Tervigon(upgrades, 3 psychic, CC)
12 Gaunts
Tervigon (upgrades, 3 powers, CC)
3 x Hive Guard
3 x Hive guard

Flyrant w/ devourers (Old Adversary)
10 Devourer gaunts in pod
Tervigon (upgrades and 3 powers)
8 Ymgarl

John P.
Flyrant w/ devourers (Hive Cmder)
10 Devourer gaunts in pod
Tervigon (upgrades and 3 powers)
8 Ymgarl

That’s it.

Game 1. Mission – Primary Kill Points
2ndry- Objectives
Opponents – Perverted Assembly (68th overall)

Kurt and I are together. Our opponents have lots of fliers and warriors on foot. The confess they have played 1 practice game. The game boils down to them running toward us and then getting eaten by an army of Monstrous creatures that all happened to roll Iron Arm. Their army had no real answer for this and it was over quickly. The guys were a blast to play against and both sides had a lot of laughs watching gauss weapons and Tesla shots richochet off of Toughness 8 or 9 monsters. Max score 25/25. Our other team mates have a similar game for a 25/25.

Ok, we have the inexperienced team under our belt. We are all guessing we will have nothing but tough games from here forward.

Rnd 2 Missions- Primary Have a scoring unit from each faction to score a table quarter. Score more table quarters.
2ndary- Kill Points
Deployment- vanguard strike
Opponents- Sons of Scotty (28th place overall)
They seem to have a very Nurgly list.

I am paired with the Hive Commander flyrant list (John’s). We draw Ricky Johnson (captain) and I forget the other gentlemens name. Ricky knocked me out of the Championships two years ago and I was looking forward to getting to face him again.

Their list
GUO (Takes insta death weapon, and gains Fleshbane) Psy powers- Endurance, hem.
Chaos Lord w/ fist on Planaquin. Gains insta death via boon.
10 Plague marines w/ 2 melta- Sarge gains shrouding via Boon.
10 plaguebearers
15 plague bearers
20 plaguebearers
5 Nurgle Spawn
5 Beasts of Nurgle
10 Havocs w/ 4 Missiles (flakk)

Well two HQ’s who wound on 2’s and cause insta death. Not ideal. Its going to be hard to bully this army around with all the T5 and shrouding. We get Endurance more than anything on all the big bugs, and a couple have enfeeble. Doom takes shriek.

They deploy first and put large plague unit under the Havocs. GUO and plaguemarine blob hang fornt and center. Lord is with the marines. Beasts on one flank, Spawn on the other. 20 plagues near the spawn, 10 more by the havocs.

We put Swarmy front and center with Tervigons for back up. Mawlocs lurke towards rear. Doom, Ymgarl are in reserve with Dev. Pod.

The first two turns are our armies posturing. They creep forward, we creep forward. No one wants to stick their neck out and risk being charged and insta-deathed. Flyrant flies around shooting the spawn whittling them down and taking some of their speed away. John and I discuss sacrificing 2ndry to win primary. Not ideal, but you cant make an omlette without breaking some mycetic spores. Bottom of 2 -Ymgarl pounce the 20 man plague squad, and go toughness to negate some of the poison effects. Swarmy gives the unit some perks. We get tangled up but lose 4 stealers, and kill 7 plagues. The Doom drops on the other flank near the beasts of Nurgle and causes 4 wounds.

Turn 3, our opponents make their big move to break out of our constricting army. Beasts take some more lumps from the doom. They also attempt a charge into a gaunt unit protecting a Tervigon, but fail the 8” charge. GUO charges into the Doom, but takes 4 wounds in th shooting phase. He then closes in but the Doom is S10, and wounds him again. The GUO forces 3 invul saves, and I fail one killing the Doom but almost taking the GUO down with me. Spawn charge the Flyrant who was knocked from the sky.

Now the Swarmlord starts pressing forward as fast as possible to catch the lord on Planaquin, but fails the charge. Mawlocs are still hanging back and now burrow. We shoot all we can at the GUO to get the last wound, but he makes his 2+ shrouded in terrain rolls. Their army is starting to melt against the poison gaunts, the Flyrant is killing the Spawn very quickly with Iron Arm up, and the Swarmlord is boxing them in.

The Beasts of Nurgle charge some gaunts, but are then counter charged by the Tervigon and more gaunts wiping them out. The Ymgarl are eventually killed, but with the help of a unit of gaunts, the 20 plaguebearers are also erased.

Late game the Mawlocs burst into the back field under the havocs. The plaguebearers charge, do a wound….lose a couple, and the Mawloc hits and runs to a spot where he can contest his table quarter.

The game ends on 6 and we win quarters 2-0 and they win Kill Points 12-8.

All in all the game was really fun and tense as neither team wanted to make the first aggressive move, but the swarmlord spooked the enemy army into the corner, and that nearly sealed primary once the 2 beast units were eliminated. It was great to get to play Ricky again, and this time to come up just a hair ahead instead of behind. Score 15-10
Our teammates manage a 25-0 game against 3 winged chaos monsters.
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Re: Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:16 pm

Game 3 and we were about to face off against the Cold Steel Mercs. (10th Overall).
I was fortunate enough to be paired against Keith and Ragnar (Mannahnin on Dakka Dakka). Ragnar is a bit of a legend in the 40k community and I was happy to get to square off against him.

Oliver (Flyrant w/ Old Adversary) was my partner this round.

Opponents lists (from memory so approx.)
Nurgle lord on bike w/ Black Mace (two of these identical characters)
5 Nurgle Spawn
5 Nurgle Spawn
10 Plague marines w/ 2 x Melta
8 Plaguemarines in rhino w/ 2 x melta
10 x cultists
10 x cultists
10 x zombies
10 x zombies
2 x Nurgle Oblits
2 x Nurgle Oblits
3 x Nurgle Oblits.

Mission – Primary The Relic
2ndry- Kill Points
Deployment- Dawn of War.

We deploy 2 Tervigons in front of the Relic and the Swarmlord behind. Mawlocs and Flyrant sit on the sides. Ymgarl and Doom wait in reserves.

Opponents Put all Oblits across from 1 flank along with the Plagues on foot. Bike Lords go with Spawn. All the cultists and zombies are spread out behind their front lines.

Seems simple enough, run up and grab relic.

We go first and spawn gaunts, grabbing the relic. We try to run another unit of freshly spawned gaunts in front of the squad holding the relic, but don’t run far enough. Flyrant jumps out and blows up a rhino for first blood.

Bottom of 1. Cultists and rhino squad fire enough at the Flyrant to down him, and charge him with the Spawn/Biker Lord. Flyrant gets beaten up, but lives. Spawn in middle have Biker lord detach, and multi charge our 2 gaunt units near the relic.

Top 2. Doom arrives but we miss getting the Ymgarl. Doom lands near the Oblits all sitting near each other. We want to bring out Swarmy into the open to charge the Spawn near the Relic, but his endurance roll fails. He is a little susceptible to multiple plasma shots, so we keep him back. The Mawlocs burst through near the plague marines and cultists near the flyrant. Dooms power leeches about 5 wounds total from all Oblit squads. Gaunts are spawned in the middle and my Tervigon goes barren. We assault the Spawn, but only manage to kill a couple. We try to enfeeble the Biker lord in melee, but they make 2 straight deny the wich rolls.

Btm 2. All the Oblits fire on the Doom, but he manages to survive due to 4 straight to wound rolls failing from the melta guns. The plague marines near the oblits charge a gaunt squad and begin grinding them down. Flyrant is killed. Biker lord that is attached to cultists snags the relic.

Top 3. Swarmy charges the spawn this turn and wipes them out. One of the two Mawlocs is severly wounded from shooting (5 wounds) so he re-burrows. Ymgarl arrive and charge the plague marines. We kill a few but lose a few Stealers. We manage to Enfeeble the Biker lord (Yay!) but then fail to get the 6” charge off with the Tervigon (Boo!). We send in a unit of 14 gaunts just to tie them up. A few manage to survive to lock the unit up. Doom causes 2 wounds or so to Oblits. Mawloc charges some zombies and stays locked up.

Btm 3. The Relic is passed backwards to Zombies and cultists make a wall protecting the zombies from getting charged. The Doom goes down to Lascannon shots. Their spawn-biker lord unit finishes off some gaunts.

Top 4. Time is starting to run short, and we need to kill a lot of stuff to get the relic. Mawloc under ground bursts up from beneath the cultists making a human chain. This breaks the squad leaving the door open for Swarmy. He has a chance to make the charge…but fails. Mawloc hit and runs from the Zombie fight he was in and sets up to charge the relic from another angle. Mawloc has to go through terrain but its only a 2.5” charge. I roll……6……1…….1….Failed charge. We manage to enfeeble the Biker lord again and this time our Tervigon makes the charge. The Black mace does 2 wounds in melee so it forces 2 toughness tests on the Tervigon. Oliver rolls a 1 and a …..6. Tervigon dies. (Ouch!) Well that turn was horrible…for us.

Btm 4. Both Biker lords now charge the Mawloc that failed to get in and put 5 wounds on him. He manages to survive. The falliung back cultists rally and continue operation layered defense. Swarmy and a Fresh Tervigon are just a few inches away. One of our Mawlocs is killed by fire.

Top 5. Swarmy attemps a 7” charge to get to the relic unit, but fails. Ymgarl assault a biker lord to try to put the last wound on him, but they are all killed. The Mawloc is near by and forced to take a Toughness test. He fails with a “6” and is killed as its his last wound.

Time is almost out and they still have the relic, and Kill Points.

We lose 0-25. Our teammates manage a win 15-10 on the table next to us. Ragnar and Keith played great and managed to keep our monsters away from the Relic just long enough. The game ran out of time as both teams needed time to discuss strategy as it was very tense tactically. My heart was racing the last 2 turns as we tried everything we could to get to that relic unit, but came up short. It was a fun game despite the horrible score for our team.

Oliver and I discussed what we did wrong that game and we both decided we should have pushed the Swarmlord forward more, despite him not having endurance, or Iron Arm. As it turns out, the Doom took all the fire the turn the Swarmy sat back and survived. Had the Swarmlord pressed forward, he would have been 6-8” closer, thus probably wouldn’t have been trying to make 6-8” charges late in the game. I was to cautious with him, and it cost us this game.

We figured our scores were high enough to be in the running….especially with 2 full games left.

I would have to try and not be so cautious with the Swarmy if we were going to do well day 2.
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Re: Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:21 pm

Good job Hans. Keep them coming!
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Re: Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:54 pm

Game 4 was against Beer for the Beer Gods (22nd place overall). Eric Hoerger (who won the overall title during the Championships) is on the team and we hadn’t gotten a chance to play yet, so we decided to have our pairings play each other.

Mission is marked for Death. 2ndary- Objectives. Deployment, vanguard strike.

We mark Eric’s units , so Ill mark those when giving opponents lists with #.

Lord on Bike w/ Black mace #
Lord w/ jump pack w/ axe of fury.
5 Nurgle Spawn #
5 Nurgle Spawn
5 Plague marines w/ 2 plasma in rhino#
5 Plague Marines w/ 2 Plasma in rhino
15 marines w/ 2 melta guns
10 Cultists #
10 Cultists
Hellbrute w/ MM #
Hellbrute w/ MM
Mauler Fiend#

They in turn mark Kurt’s list (the multi-tervigon list.)

They don’t have a crazy amount of shooting, and I think this is a horrible match up for them. I remember back to the movie Last of the Mohicans as the Brittish fort is fine until the French Artillery get into range, then the battle is over for the Brittish. We were going to try a similar strategy against the Chaos lists. We deploy the Swarmlord front and center with Hive Guard behind. A MAwloc and Tervigon on each flank, with one behind our lines. We plan on keeping our Mawlocs above ground for a while, as they will help against the Machines.

Our opponents measure 30” back from the Hive guard and deploy all Maulerfiends and Hellbrutes to the center. A spawn unit sits on each flank. The biker Lord goes with a Spawn unit, and the cultists and marine blob go in reserve. 2 Rhinos of Plagues sit on opposite flank of the Biker lord.

Top 1. We rush forward, but the Hive guard move a total of 3” including their run. Not much pressure.

Btm 1. Our opponents back away from the hive guard but manage a few shots on the swarmlord, doing no damage thanks to my cover saves.

Top 2. Hive guard advance again, but are still out of range, although, next turn he will be in range. Doom arrives but lands near our army as first blood is still up in the air, and he does not like fast walkers.

Btm 2. Our opponents know they will be shot next turn, but don’t have much they can do about it but press forward to charge the following turn. Shooting puts 3 wounds on a tervigon.

Top 3. Hive Guard get in range and melt a Maulerfiend. Monsters press forward, and the chaos army is really boxed in.

Btm 3. The Chaos team is in a tough spot. They don’t want to fight our monsters in close combat, but if they sit tight, the Hive guard will melt the army from 24” giving us the win. The hatch a plan and assault as much as they can. Spawn + Bike lord charge the Swarmy, along with a Maulerfiend. Swarmy kills 3 Spawn, but cant challenge the Black Mace. Lord moves in at initiative step and rolls ……1. He wounds himself. Tyrant guard break an arm off the Maulerfiend, but take a wound for their troubles. A tervigon of ours is charged by Spawn + another Maulerfiend. Mauler fiend does a wound and is then destroyed. The spawn do no wounds.

Top 4. Swarmy challenges the biker lord, killing him. Maulerfiend does kill the Tyrnat guard. We enfeeble the spawn, and pile some gaunts in, killing all but 2 against the Tervigon. He regains a wound (tervigon.) Mawlocs burrow. Hive guard blow one Hellbrute away.

Btm 4. Tervigon smashes the last 2 spawn, and Swarmy dispatches of his 2 spawn. Hellbrute charges the wounded Tervigon, and is also destroyed. Things are looking bad for chaos on the primary.

Top 5. Mawlocs burst through near the Plague marine rhinos. Hive guard wreck one rhino. Mawlocs run to contest an objective. Gaunts move into place to grab 2 objectives, tying 2ndry.

Btm 5. Our opponents play for a the game to end 5 as its their only hope to snag 2ndry. They kill a Mawloc with shooting, and have a unit of Plague marines run to contest one of our objectives next to the Swarmlord. If the game ends now they will have 2ndry.

Our opponents dice have been dreadful so far so we figure if they roll for the game to end, they are due for something to be above a “2” on the dice. They roll and …..1… ends. Well I guess they hadn’t broken their horrible roll theme afterall.

We pull out a 15-10 win, but Kudos to our opponents for making the right call to get as many points as possible. As bad as that game was going for them, to walk away with any points was really a win for them. Kurt and I discuss wether going a little more aggressive on one flank would have been better to get a higher score, but don’t really feel it was the right move. It was great getting a chance to play Eric, but next time hopefully the dice will let him make a game of it instead of him just pulling minis off that the Swarmlord rips through.

Our teammates win 20-5 on their table and its off to game 5 for our final round.
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Re: Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby DaGrippster » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:20 pm

I'm sensing a theme here... how many chaos spawn and plague marine/bearers can there be in the world? :roll:
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Re: Adepticon Team Battle reports

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:42 pm

Game 5 – Chester 4:16 (27th overall)
Mission- 5 objectives, each one you capture is worth 5 pts.
Deployment, Dawn of War.

Tyler, Marcus, Kareem, and some guy come strolling up across from us. Tyler had beaten my poor blue-collar Necrons the last time we fought at a tournament, so I was hoping to get some revenge here in the team tourney. He and Marcus lined up against my brother (2 Tervigon list) and I.

Their list

10 Zombies
20 Cultists
8 Plagues in rhino (melta)
2 Blight Drones
2 Oblits of Nurgle

Chimera w/ lascannon and 2 melta guns
Chimera w/ lascannon and commander
Blob of guys (40 strong axes and M. Bombs)
Squad of 9 on foot w/ auto cannon
3 Thud Guns as a battery (This unit does something like 113 S5 small blasts a turn)
3 Earthshaker cannons as battery (These do S9AP3 Large Blast….3 of them)

We deploy 2 objectives in our deployment zone, our opponents place all 3 in theirs. We choose to deploy first. We set up Swarmy and 2 Terv’s near the center with Mawloc Flanks. Hive guard are in the center as well to get to cover. All gaunts are staying in reserve. We are a little bunched up, but with top of turn it shouldn’t be a problem.

They deploy an artillery park in each corner of the board. In between is a blob of cultists and guardsmen with Heavy weapons scattered throughout…….oh yeah and Typhus is around in there somewhere. 2 Oblitz guard the Earth shakers.

Our plan… forward. We shake hands, say good luck……..and Marcus seizes on us!!

Top 1. Searhlight shenanigans allow an artillery bombardment to go off on a tervigon, putting 3 wounds on it. Also, a hive guard is wounded. The hive uard are also cursed form Typhus, so they cant run. Not to bad considering they seized.

Btm 1. Mawlocs burrow. Swarmy and the big bugs press forward. They all run and put their big toes in cover. Hive that cant run blow up a chimera. The other Hive guard squad runs to get behind a building.

Top 2. Tyler rolls about 10/12 Hits on the artillery dice while pummeling the Hive guard. Luckily Marcus cast a malediction on the unit giving them Shrouding. With shrouding up, it essentially negates Tyler’s insane arty. Strike, causing 3 wounds. Some of the larger monsters, are getting nicked up, but nothing rough so far.

Btm 2 Kurt and I debate going strong on one flank to shut down 1 set of guns, or go for both. We settle on both. Doom is going after the Thud guns. Between the psychic Schreik and his natural 6” aura power, he melts a gun, and 6 crewmen. They make morale. Both Mawlocs hit near the Earthshakers. We just need one to survive and charge those guns next turn to quiet them. Our gaunts come on so we string them 2” apart, just on the board edge.

Top 3. Our opponents put almost all of their shooting to wound a Mawloc 4 times. They then fail the 4” charge through terrain with Typhus’ unit. The 2 Oblits also playing guard dog, put 3 wounds on another Mawloc and charge in. Kurt calmly rolls his smash attacks, hitting twice, wounding twice. Marcus fails both invuls, and the Oblits are squished. With all that firing at the mawlocs, nothing has a shot on the doom, but a lone Plague drone. Marcus fires, hits, wounds………and “2”. Doom is insta killed. That sucks, we probably wont have anything to fight that battery with now.

Btm 3. Mawloc charges the Earthshakers, and does no wounds, takes one in return. Tervigon start spawning as we are closing in on charge range of the guard units. Hive uard continue to miss the plague drones. Our other Mawloc fails a charge through terrain.

Top 4 Mawloc artillery duel continues. Guard blob and artillery kill a hive guard unit, and a 12 man gaunt unit. The other Mawloc left out in the cold is shot dead as well.

Bottom 4. Swarmy charges Typhus’ unit, as well as 12 new guants or so. Swarmy kills the cultist seargent. HQ Tervigon and Gaunts hit the blob squad and kill 10 guardsmen or so. Now do we have time to clear these objectives and hold them with troops.

Top 5. Typhus must accept his fate and the Swarmlord beheads him. The cultists attached break and are run down. Artillery crew vs Mawloc continues and the Mawloc is wounded agaon. He has killed 5 or so guardsmen at this point. Artillery pummels the other Hive guard unit to death, and wounds a Tervigon.

Btm 5. Swarmy charges the plague marines, and kills the sarge. Gaunts are starting to eat little pockets of guardsmen and zombies while the HQ Tervigon holds up the blob.

We roll to see if the game ends, and it does not.

Top 6. Artillery blows about 15 gaunts from various squads away from an objective. In melee, the Mawloc finally breaks the Earthshaker crew. Swarmy eats the rest of the plaguemarines with Warp Speed giving him 3 extra attacks.

Btm 6. We try to get another Tervigon onto an objective held by Zombies, but he fails. Swarmy charges the unit, but cant get enough attacks (failed warp speed) to kill the rest of them.

There are 2 minutes left in the round so we call the game. We are holding 3 objectives to their 0. A 15-0 win.

That game was a lot of fun. Tyler and Marcus were great to fight against.

Our teammates manage a 15-0 win as well despite also being seized on.

When all the points were tabulated we came in 6th place overall!. We were really happy about how well we did. I have to say, Adepticon did a great thing making that team tourney a 2 day event. It ran smooth, and gave folks plenty of time to socialize. Thanks again to the staff and to all of my opponents.
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