The fall of Rohan!

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The fall of Rohan!

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:22 am

Tim had defeated my Rohan army last week, and brought his own Rohan army to the table this week. His army was much less hero-centered than mine, and consisted of four units of Helmingas infantry (three with throwing spears and one without) and two units of Outriders on horses. His heroes were Erkenbrand, Eowyn, Grimbold and three generic captains of Rohan.

Facing them were my tried and true Easterlings, who had four units of infantry, one unit of cavalry, and two Castellans of Dol Guldur. Amdur was present on the battlefield as an infantry commander.

The mission was High Ground and points were 1,000. Good slightly outnumbered the Evil forces.

The mission began with the Easterlings holding the high ground with their infantry, while their cavalry waited in reserve on the right flank. The Rohirrim battle line had all of their infantry in the center and their cavalry on both flanks.

The Rohirrim advanced into throwing-spear range and sent a huge volley of missiles at the Easterlings, which caused one casualty. The Easterlings shot back with bows, but did no damage. Clearly, missile fire was not going to decide this battle!

And so, the two Castellans lurched forward in the center, knowing that they were basically invulnerable to missile fire. On the right flank, Captain Tai-Shan's drummer sounded the advance and the Easterlings swept around the right flank and prepared to attack Erkenbrand's Outriders.

Both Outrider groups responded by charging into combat. In the center, the Rohirrim pressed forward, but my infantry there gave ground for a turn, given that there were two warbands approaching my one.

Out on the flanks, combat became a disaster for Rohan. Although the Outriders are cavalry, they have little armor and no particular fighting skills, so they were at a disadvantage against the heavily armored Easterlings. On the left flank, Amdur and an Easterling Captain utilized heroic combats to rip through the Outriders. On the right flank, the Outriders ran into the heavy armor of the Kataphrakts and were beaten down by the skills of the Black Dragon Kataphrakts.

Grim as the situation might look for Rohan, it was still salvageable, as the goal was to hold the High Ground, and currently, the Easterlings were outnumbered in the center. The tough Easterlings in the center held their ground, though, and as the flanks collapsed, more Easterlings came to reinforce them.

Grimbold and Eowyn got caught up in trying to destroy the Castellans, and although they had a good plan, luck was not with them and Grimbold was eventually slain by the blades of the undead constructs. Out on the right flank, Erkenbrand single-handedly held off Captain Tai-Shan and several Kataphrakts, but was unable to inflict any casualties. The army of Rohan broke, and while Erkenbrand's horn kept them all in line, the game ended with the Easterlings firmly in control of the high ground!

In my own humble tactical opinion, I don't think that Tim is benefitting himself by spending so many points on upgrades for his Warriors of Rohan. Helmingas are good troops, but they die just as easily as normal Warriors, and it seems like 90% of the throwing-spear shots are wasted. So, I wouldn't take so many of them with throwing-spears. My own Helmingas warband has a banner, because I want these elite troops to have the best chance of winning combats and getting the benefit of their high strength, and is backed up by a warband of Woses with spears to increase their chances of winning even more. I have four throwing-spears in the warband, but that's for tactical movement around the board. I think, though, that the ax and sword are better tools for the Helmingas because they get to Feint or Piercing Strike in melee, which is where their S4 can be used.

Outriders are good bowmen, but they are not very good in melee. They hit as hard as my Kataphrakts, which is to say, not very, but they don't carry the armor that the Kataphrakts do. I would keep them out of combat until my infantry had engaged.

To me, the ideal Rohan combination is a Red-Shield cavalryman charging in for knock-down and fighting skill with a Helmingas with an ax doing a piercing strike. This combo is cheap-ish but can cut down just about any foe that can be knocked down.

Until next time, then!

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