Two 1K games

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Two 1K games

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:53 am



FRIENDLY (relatively) FORCES: Warband of Black Numenorians led by the Shadow Lord on his Fell Beast, Warband of Orc spearmen led by an Orc Captain, Warband of Orcs led by Khardush the Firecaller, Warband of Black Guard led by Black Guard Captain, Warband of Goblins led by the Goblin King, and Warband of Goblins led by Grinnah the Goblin.

OPPOSING FORCES: Four warbands of Watchers of Karna led by assorted jackal-chieftains, a demented taskmaster, and a desert-dust king, and two units of Specters led by Wights.

SET UP: Black Numenorians and Orc spearmen deployed on the high ground in the center of the battlefield. Goblins deployed on the right and Orcs and Black Guard on the left.

Turn One: The Khandish king called a pointless heroic move to launch a half-warband of specters forward, where they accomplished little. The Shadowlord seized upon this golden opportunity, launching his Fell Beast into the flank of the perfect line of Specters. There, he seized the closest one in the claws of his beast and hurled it through the others, destroying several of them. Continuing his heroic combat, he flew into the flank of a perfect row of Watchers and did the same thing, causing even more casualties. On the right, the Goblin King led his troops in a heroic march forward, while the Uruks and Orcs advanced on the left.

I was criticized for my aggressive stance, given that I already occupied the high ground, but given that my opponent's army had bows and mine had none, I was not going to be able to win the game by holding back.

Turn Two: The Watchers and Specters attacked fiercely on my left flank, causing much disruption of my fighting line. On the right, Watchers attempt to swarm the charging Shadowlord, only to be flung down and wounded. The Goblin King smashes all opposition, but his followers are easily cut down. In the center, the Black Numenorians advance to put pressure on the enemy's center. The enemy Wights begin their serial failure to paralyze any of my heroes.

Turn 3: My left flank pulls back into a defensive line, but it is torn open and enemy heroes kill Khardush. Orcs simply cannot stand up to the Watchers of Karna and my Black Guard are letting me down. In the center, the Black Numenorians and Orcs are making some progress. On the right, my monsters continue to inflict terrible casualties.

Turn 4: Foes encircle Grinnah the Goblin, but he uses his special ability to slip away.

Turn 5 and Beyond: My left flank is destroyed, but I have destroyed the enemy on the right flank in return. My army breaks a turn before my opponent's, but good leadership keeps everyone in line. The Shadow Lord compels the Khandish King to move onto the high ground alone, where the fell beast pounces and tears him apart. The enemy force is broken, but the game ends immediately. Tim's forces win by a few points, as he has more troops touching the high ground.

The Black Guard let me down, again. I'm thinking that Morannon Orcs would be a better buy, as then a standard Orc Shaman on that flank could use Fury to inspire everyone. The Shadow Lord was a killing machine, but had he been paralyzed by the wights, it would have ruined me.

The second game saw the Easterlings facing off against Tim's Fiefdom's list. He had two units of Clansmen on the left flank, led by Angbor and Forlong. Dismounted Knights of Dol Amroth backed up by Army of the Dead spearmen were in the center. Army of the Dead troops led by the King of the Dead were on the right. Blackroot Vale archers stood on a hill behind the main lines.

Facing them were four Easterling infantry warbands, backed up by Tai-Shan's cavalry warband. I forgot to bring two Kataphrakt models, so I played with a 28 point handicap. Two Castellans of Dol Guldur joined the infantry units on the flank. Amdur, Master of Blades led one of the infantry warbands.

The game opened with the Easterling archers devastating the lightly-armored Blackroot Vale archers. Tim's army moved forward, but as the field was relatively open, it was immediately clear that his forces were going to be wrapped on both flanks. His troops attacked, and the Army of the Dead proved themselves to be quite adept at piercing Easterling armor.

On the left flank, though, the Clansmen were outmatched by the Easterlings, and the kilted fools were cut down in droves. On the right, the Black Dragon Kataphrakts wrapped around the enemy's flank and charged into the Army of the Dead from the rear, trampling the ghostly spearmen. Fiefdom heroes attacked the Castellans, only to be driven back by the implacable constructs, and the King of the Dead found himself banished with a Morgul Blade in his chest.

At that point, resistance collapsed and the Fiefdoms army knelt before the superior tactical acumen of Captain Tai-Shan ;-).

Although the Fiefdom's army was about the same size as the Easterling's, the Blackroot Vale archers did not participate much in the battle, whereas the Easterling archers were fighting on the front line (and against the Dead, their lack of a shield didn't matter.) Of the Fiefdom's troops in the battle-line, a large number, almost half, were spearmen, while only 1/3 of the Easterling troops were pikemen. The Easterling cavalry was able to quickly exploit the open flank on the right. These elements meant that the Fiefdom's army was going to be in a very bad position from the beginning of the battle.

The Clansmen would be, I think, effective skirmishers, but their lack of armor and penalty to attack with their two-handed swords makes them ineffective against a shield-wall, which is why I never use Khandish axemen in that way.

Two fun battles, one in which my opponent won despite the brutal mauling delivered by my monsters, and another in which Tai-Shan added another battle-honor to his standard. I expect to see severe realignment of the Fiefdom's in the future.


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Re: Two 1K games

Postby Smeagol » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:36 pm

Kushir is a Haradrim King not a Khandish King.

That first battle was brutal and challenging. Great fun all round. Fury would have made life easier for your side.

I still have to do some rethinking on the Fiefdom force.
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