40k Team Tournament

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40k Team Tournament

Postby YeezyMozart » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:00 pm

Nobody did this thing this year and I felt like a sad panda, so I took a stab. I would love to read some others.

I am not very good nor do I have the time to do this seriously so I will just type the first thing that comes to mind. :roll:

1. Foreign Legion: I wonder where these guys are from. France?
2. Anonymous Esophagus: Great Satin's favourite fan Zimmer's Hole in the House at Adepticon.
3. Team Battle Pouch: I am excited to see these guys play from within Kangaroos.
4. Late Bloomers: Better then Early Withers
5. Imperial Fisting: Watch out sisters of battle players.
6. Sons of Scotty: Should have went with Spok. Scotty's a virgin.
7. Dakka Detachment One: The Detachment Professionals
8. Team Misfit: Warhammer 40k Tournament: Team Misfits (seems redundent)
9. Captain Failure and the Submersible of the Future: I hope Captain Jack is at A-con.
10. Heavy Flamers: I have such a good one for this but not appropriate…. :D
11. Alien Combat Crew: The extras that always die….why not Ripley and The Alein Combat Crew?
12. Critical Strike: Oh that’s intimidating.
13. Team Babyduck: Your objective markers better be rubber duckies.
14. Murphy's Lawmen: Don't worry nothing can go wrong at Adepticon.
15. Sons of Shatner: Oh great have to play these guys round three again?!
16. Axis of Ignorance: Hey look FOX made it to Acon!
17. Team Hellfire: Reminds me of Diablo….
18. Richard Butts: 15 year Sales Professional with consistent sales / sales management
19. Forge World: Kebek II : Genghis Khan was the true Khan.
20. The Rusty Scabbard: Alright boys lets go to KFC!
21. Dorks w/ Orks: Mean an' Green We couldn't decide on a name so we choose both!
22. Sad Pandas: I like Sexual Harassment Panda!
23. The Undying: Bunch of feel no pain armies?
24. Attack on Meridian: Firefighters?
25. Team Snake Eyes: That’s perils Sir...
26. Twilight: Dawn of War: Is this gonna be a Team Edward/ Team Jacob thing?
27. You Mad Bro?: No, I tabled you?
28. Swedish Invasion: Wave One Multiple waves oh no !!!
29. New Nids On The Block: {Blank} a lot of {Blank}, boy and girl groups make me sick……...
30. Sons of Khan'archy: No one likes your father…. Shatner Rules!
31. Arrogant Bastards: Me a Grippando are not on a team this year…
32. Vegas 4: You guys beter have a baby with you!
33. Sidebotham on a Milk Carton: ????
34. Team Zero Comp: Small But Fierce!: That’s what she said!
35. The Final Order: Don't worry I have a VOX!
36. Capital Imperialis: Rules Lawyers! Scary dudes.
37. Spearhead: Deadlands: Pick a name that makes sence!
38. Team HeroQuest: This is a Warhammer 40k event. Hero Quest is in 4G….
39. The Greg Sparks Five: Has Greg finally cloned himself?
40. Justice League from Unknown: I like Batman!
41. Unknown (Captain K. Oman): Where's Capt. Jack?
42. Wardens of the Maelstrom: That’s the lamest power: Wardens of the Black Hole nice!
43. Da Real Orks of Black Reach: Are their fake ones?
44. They Shall Know Fear: Wait till they see my rolling…..
45. Team Jacob: No, Team Edward!
46. Team Zero Comp Stern But Fair: Lame!
47. Traumatic Experience: That’s going to be on 01/21/2012 for you.
48. Dakka Detachment 3: You would think these guys would sign up at the same time…..
49. NOVA Superstars: Oh no Tony K. Bringing the Gray Knights. He's gonna codex up....
50. Team Orkron: You guys better be Ork transformers.
51. Dakka Detachment Two: How many of you are their?
52. BNB the ReMix: Bed and Breakfast remix! Yes!
53. The Inquisition: Another Gray Knights team.
54. Team Deathstar : Play off of Star Wars?
55. Three Bones and a Box: Are the bones in the box?
56. True Hero's: Mr. Rodgers is the only true hero.
57. Diamond Geezers: Diamonds? Bunch of 40k jewelers.
58. Flashgits: Worst units in the game!
59. The Fire Brigade: Firefighters?
60. Baal to the Bone : Baal's Deep is the only way to go!
61. Riders on the Storm: Storm Riders: Discovery Channel Tuesdays @ 5:30
62. Church of Kelly: Who's Kelly?
63. Just Deal With It: I don't want to!
64. Bad Company: I think bad company is exactly what I need.
65. Buktauke: English is a second language?
66. Team Handsome: Can I get a picture with you guys?
67. The Mockery: Playing with Tau takes balls!
68. Big Damn Heroes: I like little heros better like Mighty Mouse….
69. DaBoyz: Love these guys!
70. The Mat Ward Horde: I hate Gray Knights!
71. Aquila: Nice, Marine Eagle symbol, eagle constellations….I get it..
72. Da Boyz Wolfpack: Aw the tag along guys…..
73. Unknown (Captain T. Grippando): Team Awesome…. Done!
74. Wiscronsin: Wisconsin Necrons get back up on 2+ if cheese is on the table.
75. Snake's: on a plane?
76. Bandha Brothers : Guard army.
77. House of Cards: Dark Eldar Yea!
78. Charlie Don't Surf: Charlie is WINNING!!!
79. Team Banzai: Headbands are a must..
80. 4 Men and a Goat: I think 4 goats and a man would have been more interesting to play against.
81. Hot Wings : Sharing is Caring….
82. Cold Steel Mercenaries: Who likes cold steel? No one….
83. Team Voltron: Don't you guys need to be defending the universe!
84. The Rusty Scabbard II: More guys from Kentukey.
85. Brothers Squared: Oh are you guys 2 pairs of brothers that’s niffty…..
86. Team 40K Fight Club: First rule about Team 40K Fight Club is we handle our models with care!
87. Arctic Warlords: Sweden did it best with Arctic Thunda!
88. Warmongers: Lame!
89. 40kFC Green Meanies: Orks again have your guys read the Gray Knights book?
90. Cold Steel Mercenaries: Crusaders: Cold Steal Door Knobs suck!
91. Summa Legis: It's a jackel! A Jackel ! A Jackel!
92. Have Keg, Will Travel : Binny's doesn't have a Keg for sale cause they are sold out!
93. The Midwest Fringe: Lets go Skinny dipping!
94. Bad Donkey Gaming: Bad Donkeys put on good shows!
95. Fuster Cluck: Office appropriate?
96. Cult of Charlie Sheen: Winning! You guys know your gonna loose ever game, Sheen is a curse.
97. Shadows of the Inquisition: Peter Pan has a cool shadow.
98. Waaaughington Greenskins: Again the Gray Knights codex has you loosing this one!
99. Toledo High Rollers: Make a leadership!
100. The Pink Shirts: I think it is time to switch colors.
101. Alien Menace: Alien's are hardly a menace in 5th edition.
102. Ying & Yang: Cool symbol lame team name
103. Flying Hellfish: Hellfish down't fly.
104. Checkmate Hobbies: I bet Jordan Nach can Checkmate all four of you.
105. Papa D's Nemesis: Sounds like a rough time.
106. The Nameless: Real creative.
107. Delusions of Grandeur: Grandeur is not a delusion, trust me.....
108. Sweeping Advance: Never heard that one before.
109. Team Podcast: I love podcasts
110. Battle Ready: For dice rolling?
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Re: 40k Team Tournament

Postby appleton_cop » Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:37 pm

76. Bandha Brothers : Guard army.

It was a nice effort and I chuckled twice.... you need a little more 40k background knowledge to compete however,,, hehee
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Re: 40k Team Tournament

Postby tg787 » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:19 pm

oooh I feel a bro down comming....
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