More AoA errata

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More AoA errata

Postby RichN » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:47 pm

Additional Errata and FAQ for the AoA lists. Check your army entry, multiple units have changes.

Please read - this errata changes previous rulings on Allies.

A number of discussions have arisen around the inclusion of Allies and Mercenaries. The following additional guidelines apply to their use:
1. The host list determines the number of points available for allies and mercenaries, and may specify which troop types can be used. Other than this, the composition rules of the host list do not apply to the allied or mercenary contingent-so, for example, allied cavalry might be used with a host list that does not have a cavalry percentage in its composition parameters.
2. Any compulsory units in the list used to provide the allied/mercenary contingent must be taken first, though if there are not enough points for all the compulsories (unlikely) the player may choose which to leave out.
3. Any restrictions in the allied/mercenary list construction, such as “upgrade every second unit” or “must be 2 of x to every 1 of y” apply to the allied/mercenary contingent.
4. The global restriction on the use of war machines means that players may not take any war machines as part of an allied/mercenary contingent.
5. Other than the above the allied/mercenary list composition percentages do not apply to the allied/mercenary contingent selected.

The Allies and Mercenaries (Unreliable) rule applies to all troops taken from another list and using points from an Allies or Allies and Mercenaries percentage in the list composition parameters. It also applies to any units in the main body of the list that are marked as being subject to the Allies and Mercenaries (Unreliable) rule. Being titled “Mercenary X” does not automatically make units subject to the rule.
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Re: More AoA errata

Postby socalwarhammer » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:23 am

Good, at least it limits cherry-picking. I feel it was a pretty good ruling by Martin and will help with game balance. See you all in 3 weeks.
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Re: More AoA errata

Postby mikebutcher » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:38 am

Well it is a bit less confusing...
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Re: More AoA errata

Postby Nostromo » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:14 pm

I don't think it changes much, as this was pretty much our interpretation anyway.
No war machines is limiting, but I never seem to fit them in 2000/2800 anyway.

I think the main clarification is 1) the compulsory choices must be taken- but it seems few lists have these, and 2) every other unit type limitations apply, which we always thought they did- so still no 1 unit of Andalusian Jinetes with bow.
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