Two more battles from the Eastern Kingdoms

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Two more battles from the Eastern Kingdoms

Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:58 pm

Hello All,

Got two games in Friday night. Brain was kind of fried from the week. Fridays are really my worst time for strategic thinking. Games should be on Monday mornings, when my mind is fresh and energetic. :lol:

My first battle was against Gary's Dwarfs in The High Ground. Gary had not played with the new ruleset yet, and he was displeased on how small it made his army, pun intended. He set up his Dwarfs on the high ground in the center, and more or less formed his troops into a wedge against the Easterlings, who vastly outnumbered him and, with cav on both of my wings, were set to envelop his army on the first turn. I claimed that "the game is already won," which might have been rude in any other venue, but trash-talk is the order of the day in our LOTR group.

The game developed exactly as I expected it too. The slow Dwarfs were unable to maneuever against the Easterlings and my cav swept up both flanks and encircled them. It was very frustrating, though, that my metal cav and troops kept falling off of the slope. I need to apply some no-slip matting to the bottom of my models! I had a few combat that didn't go my way, but overall, the presence of the Khandish warriors negated the biggest advantage of the Dwarfs, which was their F4, and they were squeezed from three directions and clobbered by my cavalry. Eventually, only the King's Champion was left and while he valiantly held off the Easterlings for a couple of turns on his own, the outcome was never really in doubt. Victory to the Easterlings!

My second game was against Tim's revamped Gondorian army, led by Denethor, Faramir, Beregond, and some other trivial captain, in Hold Ground. I had some very bad luck right off of the bat, as all four of Tim's warbands entered the board but only two of my three did. Looking back, I can see that I might have been able to use Captain Tai-Shan's Might to adjust the roll and allow his warband to enter, but I was already starting to make mistakes. In the second turn, I rolled a second "1" for his warband to enter, which was extremely painful. I had the priority that turn, so if I spent a Might point to adjust the roll to a "2," Tim could have had them enter the North edge of the board, where his two infantry warbands would have instantly mobbed them. Sadly, although Tai-Shan's cavalry carry a war drum, I can't use it if I am not on the table at the beginning of the turn! So, for a second turn, my elite cav sat out.

Finally, on the third turn, I rolled a "2" and my cav were able to enter the board. In subsequent turns, I was able to use my war drum to maneuver and try and make up for lost time, but Tim's Gondorians were already controlling the center by that point and his slower infantry were able to make the slower defensive maneuvers he needed to deflect my approach. My attempts to flank his army on the right were somewhat hampered by a large troop of archers he had which were shooting down my unarmored Khandish horses.

Whereas against Gary's Dwarfs I had held the advantage of numbers and could sustain a few losses, against Tim's Gondorians I could ill-afford the troops that I was losing and had lost due to my bad position and the Easterling army was ground down to defeat! :cry:

Well, there were certainly some things I would do differently if I had that game to play again, but bad luck definitely played a part as well. Such are the fortunes of war.

I am pleased with my army build, however. My three squads are accomplishing the goals that I set for them. My squad of Easterling Warriors is good at holding ground. My squad of Khandish axemen and horsemen led by a Chieftain is good on the attack. My squadron of Khandish horsemen and Kataphrakts can maneuver with amazing speed, due to their war drum, and can shoot or assault as is desirable. Now, it's just an issue of practice using the army.


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Re: Two more battles from the Eastern Kingdoms

Postby Smeagol » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:17 pm

I had the advantage of having my archers massed and in position to cover my force. I had originally thought that having them show up on the flank was a problem but their ability to reach out and touch opponents kept them relevant. Forcing you to spend your Might on you infantry captain to keep him alive meant I had the Heroic Move advantage in the center. Then when you outflanked my force and threaten to hit me from three sides they dismounted your Khandish hero and a couple of your horsemen.

I know the strengths and weaknesses of your force. I know how deadly Khandish horsemen can be. We really should just pick battles rather than randomly roll them. I have no problem playing the same scenario while we are learning to master our forces.
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