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Postby JonnyP » Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:06 pm

The wait is over, the new venue for CHAOS CUP is now confirmed!

Sept 15-16, 2012 at


The Ballroom is HUGE! If you remember the space in the bunker last year, this is even bigger than that!

We'll get a bunch of 3x6 and 3x8 tables to use... and yes, regular size tables so you can sit comfortablely for all 6 games. Toss in

a big screen/projector, mic and PA system and we are all set to run a kick ass Chaos Cup there!



Here is the hotel address info:
1550 East Dundee Road
Palatine, IL 60074
(847) 934-4900

You can book via phone or online here: ... oteldetail

By phone just let them know this is for Chaos Cup, or Group Code: CCC

By internet just use Group Code: CCC

The special rate we are getting is $79 per night. Normally it's $89. If there are ANY conflicts with this price from the hotel,

please let me know directly and if you find it cheaper online as well, let me know and I will try to get them to match it.

You have the choice of getting a room with 1 King Bed (and pull out couch if requested) or 2 Double Beds



You get access to this nice lounge area which is open 24/7, which I can only imagine will consist of lots of nighttime gaming. With

that said, I don't think they will want alcohol in that area, but you could always go up to your rooms for that.

You get free hot breakfast. Not just a continental roll at other places... eggs and other good selections each morning for breakfast

is included

For $28, up to 4 people together can get a ride to O'Hare airport thru their partnered taxi service.... or you can get picked up from

the airport and brought back to the hotel. It's a one way charge, but split that amongst 4 people and it's pretty cheap. want O'Hare Airport. NOT Midway Airport.

The hotel gives guests complimentary shuttle to and from about 40 different restaurants and local attractions. I'll list all the

places on soon, but really you've got a good 5 mile radius to and from anywhere you want totally free.

If you did drive, the parking is free. So no worries there.

The hotel is actually connected to a World Gym to those guests who want to work off all the sitting around while they are there.

Also there is a huge pool you can use. Basketball and Volleyball too. All included, just use your room key to get in.

Free wired internet inside all rooms. Free Wi-Fi in lounge, lobby, and our ballroom.

It's located right off of 53/290 and Dundee Rd. People do can 290 East(South) and connect to 90 East into city.

Hotel is a few miles from Palatine Metra, Arlington Park Metra, and Wheeling Metra. Just contact the hotel for a shuttle to and from

the train station.

Durty Nellies (bands play there), Arlington Racetrack, Medieval Times, Woodfield, Allstate Arena... and the new Rivers Casino is not

too far away. I'll post full list on the Chaos Cup website.

If you are trying to be on an extra tight budget, there is a Motel Six right across the street. I do not know the rate, but if it's

not too much less than the $79 at Holiday Inn Express, then I'd consider just staying at our Chaos Cup hotel and enjoying the company

of some fellow out of towners!

Last year, some of us went to Wrigley Field the Friday before Chaos Cup. ... t-wrigley/

It was a blast and we plan on doing it again this year. I'll put information for that together in a separate post. It's fun to all

sit near each other and drink some shitty beer together!

If you are having ANY concerns about coming or not, just have a look at the 2011 Photo's section of the website.

Last year was the largest Chaos Cup ever and this year will be even bigger! With side games like Skaven-Ger Hunt, Triple Skulls,

Guess the Dice, and Blood Bowl Poker, there will always be something going on that weekend.

If you are reading this on a forum, make sure to also subscribe to our Chaos Cup Newsletter at and Follow us

on and Like us at


Lastly, coming soon we'll have pre-registration info up.... tons of awesome schwag (different color dice, coin, patch, dugout),

custom pitches, Limited Edition Chaos All-Star model Prince Dorian from going to everyone, and lots more.

Brought to you by Nurgle King... your decay, right away at Nurgle King now!

Any questions in the meantime can come to me directly:

Stay tuned Blood Bowl fans....whutupshun indeed!

Jonny P
Chaos Cup Committee Director
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Re: CHAOS CUP 2012

Postby JonnyP » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:28 am

Hey guys.... Main Guy Jonny P here, organizer of the US Major, the Chaos Cup.

This year WILL be the biggest and baddest of them all!

Nurgle King has graciously sponsored all mutations this year.... plus you can get custom dice, coins, patches, counters, t-shirts, and pitches all celebrating Chaos Cup 2012.

Don't forget about our side games: Skaven-Ger Hunt, Triple Skulls, Guess the Dice, and a surprise game so secret even the guy doing it doesn't know what it is!

Last year saw coaches from several states and also Canada and the Netherlands.... this year I already know of some UK guys who have booked!

Book hotel and flights now and save some dough... lots to see in Chicago....and awesome food! :mrgreen:

Check out the vast Chaos Cup history and tons of pics at CHAOSCUP.COM
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Re: CHAOS CUP 2012

Postby griffen127 » Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:53 pm

wow cool i was wondeirng if I couldfind people to play this game with anymore
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Re: CHAOS CUP 2012

Postby JonnyP » Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:26 pm

We just had a successful Headbangers Ball event yesterday at the bunker with 24 coaches.

The NAF hosts monthly tournaments in the midwest.

Check out for more details.

Don't worry, Blood Bowl is alive and kicking....with or without GW game support!
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