New Cron Codex

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New Cron Codex

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:22 pm

I am really curious to see what GW does with the new codex to see what it does to the overall style of armies being built in the 40k universe. Now, I know there is nothing that can be done at this point (since the codex is written), and GW doesnt really care what the current "meta" game is, or tournament play in general, for that matter.

Kurt (my elusive brother) and I were chatting today about what we hoped to see, and we were discussing the rumor that Crons will be the rootiest, shootiest, blastiest, high folutin' army ever. I am not going to pass real judgement until I see the codex myself, but I hope this isnt entirley true. Dont get me wrong, I want the Crons to be able to shoot and deal damage, but I dont think that is what the game needs right now. I think a tweek on what the crons were is what the game needs right now. Let me explain.

Right now, MOST players are playing shooting efficient armies. Minimal points spent, to get mid/high strength shooting. You have your venom spam, razor spam, long fangs, mechanized guard, and pyrovore spam (seeing if your paying attention). These armies generally roll off to see who goes first, then the winner deploys to deal maximum firing damage, while the other player castles/goes all reserves. Now this is a way to play 40k, but it largely ignores movement, and assault phases. The game usually comes down to who rolls better on the pen. table. How do you break this up?? Its a question folks have been asking for most of the time I have been playing (about 3 years.) Now part of this is OUR fault as players. Its like a nuclear arms race. "He has 24 vehicles so I HAVE to take 24 vehicles to counter." If everyone played "fun" lists; footdar, flash gitz spam, tyranids we wouldnt have this problem, but lots of folks enjoy tournaments, and those point efficient vehicle lists have an inherant mathmatical advantage (what with all those charts and what not.)

What if the Crons (or any other army for that matter) came out and were dominate, because they couldnt be shot off the table? The only way to get rid of the units was to roll up your sleeves and kill them in melee. This seems to be what the Crons WERE. Living metal, WBB, res. orbs, were all ways to keep taking punishment, but very difficult to do real damage. The problem was the codex was old and most of the units were too many points for what you got in a 5th edition environment. If the Crons were fairly anti-mech, there would be a real problem running 5 man DE warrior units just to take the venoms, or 5 man blood angel units just to get a Las/Plas razorback. I think it might force guard to take Ogryns, stracken, or rough riders. DE may be forced to invest in more melee based units besides the token 5 man incubi or lone Raider full of wyches. The marine builds would easily adapt, they're marines for gods-sake, its what they do. It may bring back a heavier reliance on assault armies (Tyranids, deamons) to break up the Necrons, and I think that would be a good thing.

Now I know Grey Knights can do this to a certain extent, but generally the GK builds I see are 1 hammer unit, and lots of the point efficient shooting units to support. Thats it. Some even throw the hammer unit out the window and just take the 5 man stikes or purifiers and spam Razors/rhinos. I actually like the GK codex for the most part, I just hate the spam lists that seem to be popping up. I like the idea of the 10 paladin superhero list. I think its a neat addition to the game to have a 14 model 1850 army that can actually compete, and I dont want that to change. WHat I do want to have change is the parking lot fights, with painted infantry kept off the table, unless their transport explodes.

I know this rant is little more than a lion roaring into the wind, and no matter how hard it roars, it can not stop the wind, but these are just my thoughts on what the Crons could do for the game. I have enjoed 40k these last 3 years, but in the last few months the murmors of people growing more and more tired of the current 40k game just get me thinking what can be done to fix the current problems, by having new armies come out. Heres to hoping Necrons solve all of our problems

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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:39 pm

It appears Necrons will do two things well.

1). Kill vehicles, especially light ones.

2). Not be killed by shooting.

There is a good chance Necrons will remove all mech lists entirely from the game. Players will have to take foot units just to bubble wrap their vehicles to fend off scarab swarms making kthem armor 7 for basic warriors to kill with there basic guns.

WBB now working against everything will be huge. Immortals in cover will have an effective 2++ save vs all shooting (2++ if there is a res orb nearby). This will force armies to dig them out with close combat assaults.

Changes in 6th edition will further downgrade the mech environment. If the rumors are true, modification of to hit rolls will make vehciles easier to hit and moving guns (like on vehicles) will be harder to hit with.

At the very least, I look forward to Necrons giving the all vehicle lists a pause and something to think about when they deploy on the table.
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