Easterlings vs. Ents and Hobbits!

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Easterlings vs. Ents and Hobbits!

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:22 pm

This was a 500 point battle using the “Road to Mordor” format of minimum 3 models, maximum 15 models.

Beneath the moss-choked eaves of Fangorn forest, a foot covered in rusted armor plates crashed down on a flat stone and lifted a figure wrapped in ragged black robes. Khamul the Easterling raised his arms to the sky, imploring his dark master for greater vision, even as his shrieking voice echoed through the pillared halls of ancient trees.
“Fiiind the Haaaflings! Fiiind the Haaaflings!”
Men in heavy bronze scale-mail and face-concealing helmets rushed to do the Ringwraith’s bidding. They charged over the loamy soil, their long spears stabbing into gorse bushes and into the hollows between the twisted roots of trees. Three officers strode among them: Tai-Shan the cruel, who was infamous for surviving battles that left the rest of his men dead, Amdur the lord of blades, a living legend and master of the Easterling Falchion, and a grim, silent Dragon Knight, whose twin scimitars did all of the talking for him.
Two Hobbits popped up suddenly from the underbrush. “Hey, over here!” waved the curly-haired one known as Meriadoc. “Yes, hello, over here!” shouted his companion, Pippin.
An Easterling warrior on a bronze- armored horse saw the Hobbits and put the spurs to his steed’s flanks. Loam sprayed from beneath the horse’s hooves and armored scales rattled as the Kataprakt bore down on the two Hobbits.
“It’s working, Merry!”
“I know it’s working!”
With a flip of their Elven cloaks, the two Hobbits vanished from view. The Kataphrakt pulled his steed up short. His armored head turned left and right, seeking his prey.
A moment later, an enormous boulder came rushing through the air and tore the Kataphrakt from his horse before smashing him into the ground, crushing bone, armor and flesh into a bloody compound. A sound like the roar of an enormous trumpet washed through the trees. Three giant figures like trees come to life hunched to the ground and ripped more boulders out of the ground.
“Hruuum, hruum,” mumbled Treebeard through his thick beard of moss. “Something wicked is in my forest, something unclean.” He hurled his boulder at the Ringwraith Khamul, who stepped aside to let the stony missile pass.
“Kiiill theeem!” shrieked Khamul, “Kiiil theeem!”
The Easterlings quickly closed ranks and charged towards the Ent, dodging the heavy stones that crashed down around them. In the middle of their ranks, their War-Priest chanted prayers to Sauron the Great, giving them the courage to face these titanic foes without flinching. The Easterlings closed with the Ents, yet the long sweep of their foe’s branch-like arms made it difficult for them to bring their swords into action.
One of the Ents brought his wooden fist down like a hammer and smashed Khamul into a mess of rusted armor and black robes. On the upswing, the tree-like monster swept a second Kataphrakt from his saddle. Under the chanted prayers of the War-Priest, however, the Easterlings focused on their grim task of battle.
The War-Priest’s chant changed then, from a paean to battle to a song of vengeance. “Lo, Captain Tai-Shan, become the avenging arm of our Lord Sauron, smite those who stand in our way, feel his strength!”
A shadowy halo appeared around the Easterling Captain. He took his halberd in a firm, two-handed grip and raised it above his head. The Ent facing him tried to step back, only to be blocked by the spears and shields of the Men behind him. With a battle-cry to Sauron, Tai-Shan brought the halberd down and sheared through one of the legs of the Ent, sending the titanic creature to the ground in a shower of red sap and wood splinters. It convulsed and groaned for a moment, before stiffening back into the form of the felled tree it resembled.
“Come on, we’ve got to help!” urged Merry. The two Hobbits drew their short swords and charged valiantly at the Easterling warriors. Although their attacks were weak and easily ignored by the battle-hardened Easterlings, each warrior that had to defend himself against a Hobbit was one that could not attack the Ents.
With a mighty groan, Treebeard swept his wooden fist in front of him, sending Amdur, the Lord of Blades, spinning into a tree where the crackling of broken bones signaled the end of the Easterling swordsman. Treebeard turned, seeking his next opponent, his eyes alighting on the chanting War-Priest. His fist came whistling down like a massive wooden mallet, only to crackle aside from an invisible shield that surrounded the War-Priest.
“You shall not pass!” cackled the War-Priest.
Merry blocked the stab of an Easterling spear and retreated, only to bump up against an armored body. He glanced upward, meeting the steely gaze of Tai-Shan. With a curse, the Easterling Captain drove his halberd down into the Hobbit’s body. Blood sprayed dull red patterns over Tai-Shan’s shining bronze armor. He shoved one boot against the dying Hobbit’s body and ripped the weapon out, gaining a further spray of crimson. “Nothing personal, Halfling,” he said with a sardonic grin behind his bronze helm.
“Merry, no!” wailed Pippin. He raised his short sword to block Tai-Shan’s halberd and staggered back under the blow. A moment later, and Tai-Shan pulled his weapon back and thrust with it like a spear, brushing past Pippin’s guard and stabbing deep into his abdomen. Tai-Shan pulled his weapon free, and the ashen-faced Hobbit toppled over.
Over on the left flank of the battle, the Dragon Knight had been dueling with one of the Ents for some time, now. Although the Ent’s battle prowess was greater than that of the Knight, owing to his long reach and incredibly powerful limbs, the war-chant of the Easterling Priest had allowed the Knight to survive blows that would have killed a dozen lesser men. Frustrated, the Ent dropped his guard for a moment, allowing the Dragon Knight to charge in and inflict two deep cuts into the tree-man with his twin scimitars. The two foes paused for a moment, each badly battered from his wounds, knowing that the next blow from either would be fatal to the other.
At that moment, two Easterling archers who, up till this moment, had been firing ineffectually at the Ents, pulled back their bows and fired into the combat. Their arrows flew swiftly and struck the Dragon Knight in the back. He fell into the loamy soil and the victorious Ent stomped him to paste with one massive root-covered foot.
“Damn it all,” observed Tai-Shan. The Ent that had slain the Knight stomped forward and flattened the Easterling War-Priest, silencing his chanting forever. Although there were still two archers on the hill, Tai-Shan didn’t fancy his chances against two angry Ents, even though one of them was badly wounded. Anyhow, he had already fulfilled his mission by slaying the two Hobbits. If Sauron wanted the bodies, he could always send another company of Easterlings in, later.
And so, showing the discretion that had so far allowed him to survive countless battles, the Easterling Captain turned and fled into the depths of Fangorn, abandoning his remaining two men to their fate.
Treebeard let out a low mournful cry as he examined the body of the fallen Ent. The last two Easterling archers had already fled. In his heart, the ancient tree-man knew he had not seen the last of the treacherous Man known as Tai-Shan.


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Postby Smeagol » Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:48 pm

That Dragon Knight managed to survive beating after beating thanks to that War Priest. It was truly epic to watch him cut down from behind by his own men. :P
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Postby Gartl » Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:41 am

Nice story. It is impressive to see Tai-shan be so effective when he has three prosthetic limbs and only one eye ;-)
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Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:54 am

Haha, "One does not simply roll one's wheelchair into Mordor."

It was a tough fight, and I made a lot of mistakes. I am sure that I could win the scenario if I tried it again, though. I just got obsessed with destroying those Ents. I would have done it, too, if I hadn't shot the Dragon Knight in the back. Well, I got to dispose of those meddling Hobbits, and Tai-Shan survivet yet another battle, so I'm happy!


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