March to Mount Doom Madness

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March to Mount Doom Madness

Postby Smeagol » Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:38 pm

We've switched from tournament prep games to the Mount Doom format to help get other pleyres into the game. The advantages to this format is that I can bring a lot of forces for play. I managed to get three games in yesterday a one on one, a three way and a team battle. I took Buhdur and a band of trolls and scavenging orcs and got ambushed in a Meeting Engagement by Gwaihir and four Eagles. As I jockied for position I could see those buzzards stalking me. I was unable to engage at at time of my choosing, but I did get to decide on the ground we would be using. Dan did a good job at keeping just out of rock throwing range when I sat in place and worked on getting an angle on my orcs. the manuevering part of the game took longer than the actual combats.

The Eagles swooped in and took out an orc before going after the trolls. Dan's Heroic Combat went badly and I managed to win every combat in the initial round. I managed to beat on eagles, but Gwahir and two ealge put a death triangle on a troll and I lost my first troll. After beating down a couple of eagles and breaking the eagles I was in the best place I had been all game. I trapped an eagle and then dropped 18 Strength 6 strikes on one of Dan's last two eagles. Needing 5s to hit I only manage 2 wounds. One more wound and the game is over! Dan breaks my force the same turn. The next turn Dan get's Priority and backs away to recooperate and to let my trolls and orcs flee. By the end of the turn I had three models still ont he table. Minor Loss for me.

The three-way saw Aragorn, Glorfindel, Gildor Inglorian, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin trying to make their way across Eriador. My troll band was in Anthony's hands and John brought a Moria, Raiders of Isengard and Nazgul force. I got the worst corner to come in on. There was very little cover and no good position to defend or hide in. So I went after Burhdur's trolls with the intent of getting him between me and the Nazgul's force. After beinf reminded that cave trolls with big rocks can hurt my very small force so I fell back and just plinked away with Aragorn's bow at Buhrdur. After causing a wound on Buhrdur I found my self penned in by both John and Anthony. fearing John more than Anthony I closed in on Anthony. Gildor immobilised a troll and the rest of my band used it to cover me from flying rocks. John was failing to cast any spells on my heroes due to bad dice rolls so I was still relatively unscathed.

Aragorn got me into combat with the nearest two cave trolls, gilodr immobilised one and Glorfindel went after the second. After a couple of turns I had torn up two trolls and some orcs and was almost behind Anthony when John pounced. I just managed to beat him back and squeezed past Anthony and worked on breaking his force to get him out of play. John ignored Anthony and pursued my poor hobbits. Aragorn and Glorfindel ended up seperated from my hobbits which just had an exhausted gildor left to defend them. John hit the hobbits with everythign he had in range, the wraith proved to be a compentant spellcaster finally as he transfixed Gildor. Anthony in a fit of desperation and needing to asuage his wounded pride turned on John's flank since he had been unable to do any significant damage to my Fellowship force. I broke Anthony and Anthony managed to tie up some critical models in John's force. The hobbits masterfully beat back Uruk-hai scouts, Feral Uruk-hai, Lurtz and Ugluk. Merry and Pippin were lucky to be alive and were no out of Fate, but otherwise no dignificant damage.

Aragorn and Glorfindel raced to rescue the Hobbits, but they were just out of range to help. Anthony pinned a cave troll in place with Buhrdur and engaged a feral uruk-hai and that kept them off Sam and Frodo. Gildor was transfixed again. I lost Merry and Pippin while Sam and Frodo were both bruised up. Anthony's broken force was reduced below 25% and removed from play. Aragorn and Glorfindel got into combat on my flank and John went back in after the hobbits. A heroic combat with Aragorn, Glorfindel and Sam saved Gildor and Frodo from a savage beating. After a protracted fight I managed to finally destroy John's force, but only because John threw his biggest hitters on Frodo (to get the ring) which I escaped by using the same said ring. Two turns later I had removed John from play. Another couple of turns and I would have probably have lost instead.

The team battle was Dan with my Fellowship and Gary with his Dwarves of Erebor (a frightful force of dwarf heroes) arrayed up against John's Raiders and Moria force and my force of Buhdur's trolls. The game went into the wee hours of the morning and was a tough fight for the forces of Good. The Fellowship didn't hold up their end of the slaughter, though Dan did manage to break John's force. Gary had some very bad luck, was tired, constantly distracted and forgot about Dain's obnoxious axe. I had some very good luck and was something like 75% accurate with troll hurled rocks which forced Gary to have to engage on my terms. In the end John's force was broken, but still on the table (barely), Gary's dwarves had retired (reduced below 25%) with a buffetted Dain cursing the incompetant elves. Dan went down soon after as only Glorfindel had the skill at arms to hold off a horde of cave trolls.

Three excellent games. John and Anthony are relatively new to this version of the game. Both have played the previous versions of the game and will improve with practice. Dan is a veteran WHFB players and despite being relatively new to LOTR is a dangerous opponent. He makes the occassional rookie mistake, but his instincts are excellent and he is not an easy kill.
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Postby Gartl » Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:44 pm

That team game was an excellent reminder for me to make sure I get some sleep in vegas!
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Postby Smeagol » Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:32 pm

Yeah, I was wiped by the time I got home, but you started that way.
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Postby Smeagol » Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:20 am

LAst Friday I got in two more of the March to Mount Doom style of games. One was a one on one matchup with Steve bringing a Rohan force built to stave off the worst of my Angmar undead can offer (or so he thought). Gwahir, Theodred, Erkenbrand, Eowyn, a couple of Outriders, three Royal Guard the bulk of the rest as Riders of Rohan. I was using my Wraith (M2/W13/F1), three barrow wights, a shade and 10 spectres force.

Steve didn't have much in the way of shooters, but he still managed to take a couple of spectres down with shooting until I got into cover and started to avoid his arrows. Steve jockied for position to charge my force, but the difficult terrain hampered any clear lines of charge for his entire line. Once he got too close I was able to start moving his troops away from my lines and weakening his initial charge. Steve had cleverly position models to prevent me from moving some riders back away from me, but I could jst as easily have them stay put and thus block or hinder any charges by those behind.

Steve lead the charge with Erkenbrand and the Royal Guard. erkenbrand couldn't get into combat so Steve elected to have him lead from the rear and sent in the Royal Guard by themselves. My spectres were hit with clean charges, but Gwaihir balked at the command to charge (rolled a 2 on his courage test) and refused to engage. My movement dropped all three of the Royal Guard (paralyzed). Steve threw Theodred into combat to help save models, but for the most part his riders were either running away or returning from last turns movement away.

Play stayed pretty much in my control for the rest of the game. I paralyzed Teodred and eventually killed him. I also paralyzed Erkenbrand, Eowyn and Gwaihir, though I never managed to kill off Gwihir. After that it was a simple matter to draw warriros into traps and destroy them until his force was destroyed.

The second game was an allied four player game. We had two allied good forces (Treebeard, Gwaihir + two Great Eagles allied with Imrahil, a Dol Amroth Captain, Beregron and a bunch of Knights of Dol Amroth) versus an allied Evil force (Gulivhar + two drakes allied with Buhrdur, 4 cace trolls, 6 orcs with shields and spear and 4 orcs with spear and orc bow). The rules for Priority was by player (each player moves and fires in their own Priority order), we deployed allied forces in opposite corners and each force was independent of it's ally so it could be broken or destroyed and it's allied partner was not.

The Good side decided to try and take me out first as I was the more dangerous force (in their opinion) and the most experienced player. I had three choice. Chase after the Treebeard force until I got cornered by both of them, Make a dash across the center and link up with Buhrdur and the cave trolls or go after Dol Amroth and do as much damage as I could before I was trapped and destroyed. I went with option number three.

With Treebeard and the Eagles pursuing me I made for Imrahil's knights while the Cave Trolls sauntered away from the ruins and hill they deployed on. Initial contact saw Gulivhar nearly give me a much needed chance at surviving. I jumped to Knights and caught them standing. Called a heroic Combat and killed them and jumped into Beregrond and the captain of Dol Amroth. My dice failed me in many ways. I had to spend my last two Might points to win the fight and then failed to kill Beregrond, though I did get the other captain.

Beregrond declared a Heroic Move and pinned my models in place. this bought Gwaihir and his Eagles time to get into position for a charge next turn. I beat back the initial charges, but failed to dismount Imrahil, though Beregrond did not survive his combat. The next turn saw Imrahil declare the Heroic Move and all of my models were again pinned in place. Gwaihir completed the trap and put all three of his eagles on one cave drake which trapped it. Imrahil declared a Heroic Combat which the drake lost and just before it died it's death throws killed four knights which broke Imhrahil's force and wounded two Eagles. This allowed them to surround the other drake and Gulivhar. Both of these died in the same turn with another wound being inflicted on an Eagle.

Now the two Good players turned on Buhrdur's force. treebeard was finally getting close enough to be dangerous so the orcs fell back rather than let him get into charge range. The Eagles sped forward and hit a cave troll on the hill and pinned down Buhrdur while Imrahil's knights moved into position to charge. The cave trolls did okay losing one, while Buhrdur chased off his eagle.

Buhrdur called a Heroic Move and won the dice roll off to charge Imrahil. The other trolls went after Eagles, stood shaking in terror or went into difficult terrain to thwart counter charges by the knights. Imrahil's knights were blocked by control zones and/or difficult terrain and so did the best they could while Treebeard engaged a quaking troll before getting surrounded by a couple of plucky orcs. the combats went badly for both sides. Treebeard picked up the troll by the throat (breaking it obviously) and tossed the carcass aside while the two orcs fell back to avoid the same fate. The eagles lost their fight and one of them was killed by a vengeful troll. Imrahil was torn from his horse badly wounded. The other engaged knights were shredded.

Imrahil's force was below 25% and so his two remaining knights grabbed their wounded leader and took him to safety conceding the fight to the trolls and the ancient guardians of Middle Earth. Treebeard smashed orcs and the eagles finally managed to kill off another troll which broke the Buhrdur's force. Buhrdur fled for his life as did most of his force which weakened it enough that Treebeard was able to do the coup-de-gras.

A wounded Gwaihir, a wounded eagle and an unwounded were all that witnessed the triumphant bellow of the ancient ent.

All in all great games and I really love how well the March to Mount Doom game rules scale into multi-player games.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:56 pm

Ronhan isn't finished yet!

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