1850 Crons vs Mech Guard

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1850 Crons vs Mech Guard

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:42 pm

Well normaly I dont write up battle reports for a mere battle, but I had such an exciting game last night I couldnt help but post the report. We are having a tournament here at the Last Square this weekend so a few guys have been wanting to try out the Adepticon primer missions. One such gentleman came in last night with his Mech Guard and I said I would oblige him and try out my Necrons.

We drew one of the primer missions at random and came up with the mission that is pitched battle.
The objectives were
1.) Kill Points
2.) Kill your enemies designated HQ
3.) Grab more of the 5 objectives.

His List (Mech IG)
Command Squad 4 x Plasma 1 x Plasma pistol in Chimera

4 x 10 Vets w/ 2x melta 1 x flamer in chimera

3 x Vendettas

1 Manticore
1 Plasma turret w/ plasma sponsons Russ
2 regular Russ' with H bolter front gun- no sponsons

My List
Lord (destroyer body, res orb, warscythe, phase shifter)

20 warriors

4 Pariah

2 x 4 Destroyers
3 scarabs

3 x Tomb Spyders
1 Monolith

Both lists are 1850

We roll off after scattering our 5 objectives and he wins the roll off and chooses to go first (big surprise).

Terrain is lots of scattered area terrain (7 or 8 pieces) each about 5"x5". Each of us had a 4" tall skinny cliff like formation that blocked LOS in our deployment zones that was maybe 7" long. There was also a burnt out building on one flank in the center.

He deploys a wall of armour with 2 vendettas on the flank near the burnt out building. His manticore goes behind his LOS blocking cliff. His Russ squad and one vendetta are on the other flank. Plasma tank is front and center.

I usually go with the Admiral Achbar strategy against guard with my Necrons but tonight I decided with the small piece of LOS blocking terrain along with a monolith, maybe it would be enough to take his first round shooting. I thought Id risk it. Hell maybe Ill steal initiative. I place all destroyers behind the cliff clumped up. The mono went next to the cliff with the destroyer lord. He attached to scarabs that were hidden behind area terrain (not in so I could turboboost out turn 1). Deciever went as far forward as possible and lined up across from the double Russ formation. I figured he could take some shooting away from my poor destroyers. A couple T spyyders dug in behind what wealls the could in the area terrain for some cover. Pariah went across from the burnt out building, hoping to get some side shots, or even get lucky and slice a chimera. Warriors go in reserve.

Try to steal and......nope. He opens up. His Vendettas open up on the lord and scarabs and he kills 2 of the scarab bases. The Executioner can just see one destroyer and his shots scatter, but into the other destroyer squad (yikes). 3 go down. His manticore fires indirectly on the same unit and takes down 2 more destroyers. I make morale.

Bottom 1.
I roll and make all WBB rolls for the 2 destroyers in one squad, and 2 in the other. I advance the monolith and decide to teleport the squad that still has one destroyer down through and make the other WBB. Down side is I am sitting out in the open against a plasma tank. I open fire and .......nothing, not a single glance (gulp!) Other squad only has shots on a Vendetta and I merely stun it. Lord boosts forward to threaten his tanks. Deciever and all Tomb Spyders move full and run to start putting some pressure on those guns. Pariah advance towards the burning building. Tomb spyders all make swarms for the cover saves. Not much damage, but I really only lost 2 swarms at this point so Ill take it.

Top 2. He unloads everything into destroyers and the lord (as they are his main threats). He kills one destroyer squad off, and the other is down to one model. The scarabs attached to the Lord get blasted so the Lord is alone. He begins a gradual retreat making me have to move further to get to him.

Bottom 2. Reserve rolls gets me both warrior squads (not what I wanted, I would prefer they wait till the manticore is out of missiles). One squad hides behind the LOS terrain and the other grabs some area terrain. Deciever moves forward but only runs an inch. The T spyder next to him runs 6" though and is close enough to threaten a chimera. Destroyers WBB due to a T spyder behind the mono and 6 of the 7 get up. Since they are in one large squad now it is not worth sucking them through the portal for one more destroyer. They unload EVERYTHING into the double Russ squad and nothing happens. Now they are really in the open and vulnerable. Mono shoots a pie plate at a Vendetta and Immobilizes it on my side of his LOS blocking terrain keeping his command squad from coming over to plasma the destroyers. Pariah advance and stun a chimera. They are now a couple inches from the burning building. Lord hits the Executioner and if luck is with me Ill permanately quiet it but.......stunned. Hmm well better than nothing.

Top 3 Command squad advances to the burning building and pops smoke. Stunned chimera pulls ahead of it and does the same. Manticore fires at the warriors behind the LOS terrain and this is the first time he doesnt roll 3 shots. He rolls one and it missed. (schwew) Chimera and vendetta near the deciever have to shoot at the T spyder barreling at them and with the help of the little scarab swarm, it takes both vehicles plus the squad inside to take it out. He fires some chimeras at the destroyers along with the russ squadron and takes out 4 more destroyers. He also fires his squads at the Lord and just drops the Lord with his last shot.

Bottom 3. I WBB the destroyers but 2 fail and 5 are up. I WBB the lord and he ..........fails. I really needed him, but those are the breaks. The deciever just makes contact with a chimera and mearly stunns it. My mono glanced his executioner, but he cover saves. I glance the immobile Vendetta and stun that as well. My destroyers are on borrowed time. No one has any objectives, KP I am down 4-0 so I have to try and get at his command squad for one of the mission objectives to fall in my favor. I unload the destroyers into the command chimera and I get 2 glances and 2 pens. Roll them up and it nets me a busted turret and it cant shoot...thats it. At this point some guys I play with regularly are finishing up their games and are coming over to watch the mahem. My pariah charge the chimera in the burnt building and blow it up. 7 guardsmen die in the explosion. He makes both pinning and morale.

Top 4. The squad in the stunned chimera by the Deciever along with the vendetta try to wound the Deciever but they do nothing. Another chimera tries to move away but immobilizes itself on terrain. The Russ' in the squadron open up on the warriors in terrain. I have 8 cover saves to make. I go to ground but still manage to fail 5 of the rolls killing the warriors since the cannons are double my toughness. His manticore fires its last missile and again gets 3 shots peppering my poor squad behind the terrain. I fail 4 armour saves and those crons are removed permanately as well. Both squads make morale so at least I have that going for me, but I am getting dangerously low on phase out. Executioner opens up on the destroyers and kills all 5. They are all removed. Things are looking grim. His command squad gets out to plasma the Pariah and I warned him that might be dangerous. He orders himself so I have to reroll cover saves on the Pariah. His LD roll is an......8. He fails due to the Pariah Ld7 bubble. He fires and 2 get hot rolls kill 2 guardsmen. He puts 6 cover saves on me. I say to hell with it and dont go to ground. I pass 3 and 3 die. He rolls morale and the command squad breaks. (He rolled another 8 and the pariah Ld bubble pays off again). Deciever blows up chimera he is basing.

Bottom 4. Warriors are low, lord is dead, destroyers are gone. Game might end next turn so I hold tight with the Warriors. Mono knocks the turret off the executioner. Last pariah shoots the guardsman command squad running away to force them to fall back and they run off the board. (Well thats one objective taken care of). Deciever goes after the 2 Russ' that choose to kill warriors over running away and I had to make him pay for that (especially since it killed so many warriors and I couldnt afford to let those guns fire anymore). Deciever blows up both tanks.

Top 5. Vendettas open up on the gone to ground warriors along with most his remaining chimeras forcing me below my phase out (7) as I have 7 left on the board exactly now with one down. His 3 man squad near the lone Pariah make a dash for an objective as he has 0 at this point. KP is about even so I need that warrior to get up or the game is over.

Bottom 5 I WBB the warrior and he fails.......but wait, I pull the squad through the mono and make it. Everyone gave out a big laugh as maybe these crons could pull out the immpossible. I had the door angled on the mono in a manner where the squad could disembark behind some terrain and with the mono they were fairly hidden. My squad hidding behind the LOS terrain strung out to get near one objective, but stayed behind the cliff for cover. My lone Pariah made a 6" difficult ground charge against the small guardsmen on the objective and I kill one guardsmen. Deciever his an immobile Chimera blows it up and the squad inside breaks and falls off the board. Mono fires the small shooters and immobilizes his last chimera making a break for an objective. If the game ends I draw one part of the mission but claim the other two. We roll and..................the game continues.

Top 6. I a really sweating as I cant lose a single warrior or I phase out. He fires the Vendettas at any warriors he can see and I make the key going to ground cover saves. He spread a squad that disembarked from the immobile chimera out to get cover from the mono, but hold one objective. Pariah kills another guardsmen and his squad breaks and is run down.

Bottom 6. Lone pariah runs near the squad spread out but decides to charge the Immobile Vendetta to keep the S9 shots to a minimum in case the game goes on. Pariah wrecks the Vendetta. The T Spyder hiding behind the Mono comes out to hit the imobile chimera and blows it up. The explosion killls 4 guardsmen and thanks to the Pariah nearby, they break and fall off the board. I now have a solid lead in all 3 missions. We roll for the game to mercifuly end and......nope.

Top 7. He has 2 vendettas, the empty manticore, a turretless chimera, and a turretless plasma tank left and no choice but to try phasing me. Only the vendettas have shots. One vendetta does nothing. The other only does one wound, I roll the cover save and.........."2" . Ouch, thats it. He has no more shooting.

Bottom 7....I phase due to only having 7 warriors left.

That was one hell of a game. Things looked so grim, but those Pariah really made it a game. They took out his command squad, a chimera full of vets, a downed Vendetta, and helped drive another unit off the board. The destroyers were really a let down. AV12 really is the worst they can face. They did little more than get shot and WBB to take more shots. I also needed that Lord to either make his last 4+ invul save, or WBB. That would have helped, A LOT. Needless to say I had a great time as I love making guard players sweat (as it doesnt happen that often) and it was even more gratifying to do it with my favorite 40k army- the Crons.

Adepticon mission was fun and I like the dynamic of being able to switch startegies mid game as the battle progresses as you think certain objectives are slipping away, you focuss on others to try and pull it out. This weekend should be a lot of fun with three of these Adepticon missions.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:33 pm

You said the Destroyers failed oyu, but I disagree. In the first two turns you made 10 WBB rolls on them and that's 400pts more you played with just in Destroyers. It was the threat of them and your great WBB rolls that allowed the Pariah's to move up unmolested. I bet the Guard player wished he had a Psyker Battle Squad to get rid of those Destroyers on turn 1.

At first glance the IG list looked brutal, but once again as soon as an army gets within it's tank lines and starts shutting down tanks (stunning or destroying) the list loses to much firepower and begins to fold quickly. I feel a more balanced Guard list would help mitigate this and allow the Guard to have a better chance against enemy units that can destroy tanks in combat and/or go to ground in forests all day.

Thanks for the write up. I really enjoyed it.
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:18 pm

Touche'. The destroyers did not fail me due to their defense, as they did absorb a lot of shots, but for 400 points they did little to no damage output. This isnt always the case, I just think against guard the wraithwing would have been much better, and I still would have had 160 points to snag some heavy destroyers.

Oh well, thats what I get for not tailoring my list.
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