Gladiator Primer Missions and Chaos Daemons

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Gladiator Primer Missions and Chaos Daemons

Postby Brian » Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:49 pm

I realize it's too late for comments to really help the organizers but I played some of the Gladiator primer missions today and I have some comments. Some of the special deployment rules in those missions are not clear as to how they interact with daemons.

Mission 4 - The "Cold Start" rule:

Nominate one enemy unit. Your opponent MUST
deploy this unit on the table at the beginning of the
game, regardless of any other rules for this unit. This
unit begins the game inactive – it can undertake no
actions on its own initiative and is hit automatically in
close combat, although it may make saving throws as
normal. The unit may act as normal on turn 3.

The way we played it: My opponent (Chaos Daemons) assigned his Scabiathrax HQ (777 point gargantuan creature) to one of his summoning groups but I selected it for "cold start" and he had to place it on the table.

The confusion: The mission states in the deployment section:

At all times, armies must follow any and all special
deployment rules specific to their Codex (i.e. Codex: Chaos

This is a direct contradiction. My opponent could have argued that I was not allowed to "cold start" any of his units.

Confusion 2: The unit I picked (scabiathrax) counts as an Icon. Does the Chaos daemon player get to benefit from that Icon when his group 1 comes down?

We played it: Yes, he can. The icon started the turn on the board and it is a passive ability. Similarly my CSM units benefited from the dirge caster rule while my warhound titan was idle.

Mission 5 had the same confusion based on the "Unfortunate deployment" rule:

Roll for first turn (and thus deployment zone/order as
normal) and choose deployment zones as normal.
However, when the first player is deploying, the other
player may dictate how up to four units will be
deployed. When the player that goes second deploys,
the other may player may also dictate how up to four
units will be deployed. Units may be placed in reserve
by this, but they arrive from reserve as normal.

Would that mean I could have picked 4 units of daemons and said that they have to start in reserve AND walk on from the table edge?

We started to set up for this mission but decided not to play it because we couldn't resolve the contradictory nature of that deployment rule with the statement in the deployment section that chaos daemons deploy normally as described in the codex.

Scenario 6:

The Tunnels rule: Can Daemons benefit from the tunnels? Does the opponent still get to use the disinformation rule to affect the deployment of one daemons unit?

We played it as: No the daemons can't come out of the tunnels but, Yes the opponent picks a single unit who pops out of a tunnel chosen by the opponent.
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Postby yakface » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:50 pm

I just wanted to let you know that this feedback has been taken into consideration and the final missions should address your concerns.

Thanks for the feedback!
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