2010 40k TT Smack Talk thread!

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Postby Green Blow Fly » Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:56 pm

Pee pee & pooh pooh are hte 1st dirty woids I ever learned.

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Re: trash

Postby artificer » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:30 pm

Depayen wrote:Artificer- I think you should do evidentially what you self-proclaim to do best and do converting.

Really? Hurt feelings in a thread titled "Smack Talk"??
So when people bring a little of 'denoyez' you can't take any of 'depayen'? :)
Or was this more of a general critique of my smack talk?

Green Blow Fly wrote:Pee pee & pooh pooh are hte 1st dirty woids I ever learned.


Hee Hee Hee. You said pooh-pooh.
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Postby Green Blow Fly » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:41 pm

The first day I was in kindergarten I taught all the other kids to use the p woids. My teacher was very upset but I just acted like a lil angel.

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Postby Depayen » Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:21 am

general critique
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Postby appleton_cop » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:46 pm

artificer wrote:
The Black Knight wrote:Artificer... what does #70 mean? Astartes Anonymous - ** YES?

Doh! Stupid Brain!

What I meant to say was:

#70 Astartes Anonymous - ** YES, never heard the name before, won't hear it at awards time either.

That might be true, but we'll have the best and most booze in the house.
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Postby Inquisitor_Malice » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:47 pm

appleton_cop wrote:That might be true, but we'll have the best and most booze in the house.

Actually - that might not be true. Van Gogh Vodka is working to have quite the selection at the cash bar. :)
- Greg
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Postby artificer » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:05 pm

Inquisitor_Malice wrote:
appleton_cop wrote:That might be true, but we'll have the best and most booze in the house.

Actually - that might not be true. Van Gogh Vodka is working to have quite the selection at the cash bar. :)

I don't suppose they take volunteer credits at the cash bar???
Only the Dead Have Seen The End Of War
- Plato

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Postby Primarch » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:24 am

What does the Fully Registered space mean?

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Postby Matthias » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:33 am

All four team members have purchase their Weekend Badges. This is a manually checked process so it might not be 100% accurate right after you register.
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Postby Hero Jones » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:55 pm

1 Nuns with Guns: Oh please be a group of hot girls...ah who am I kidding.

2 Cold Steel Mercenaries - Enlisted Men: Mercenaries are normally cold men, and enlisted for their own purposes. Redundant.

3 Warmongers: Well, I would hope so if you are going to play in a tournament. Jeez.

4 Unknown (Captain S. MacKirdy): Sorry, but really? You haven't come up with anything?

5 Invaders of Isstvan V: Now when you say invaders of Isstvan V are you only doing the Loyalists or the Legions who turned on them as well during the invasion?

6 Sons of Shatner: Only four of you...thought there'd be more.

7 Adeptus Brew City Ballers: Are you guys sure you are going to the right convention...I mean there has got to be bowling somewhere else.

8 Team Snake Eyes: May your rolling to hit and wound be as such and your leaderships the opposite.

9 Three Mikes and a Nate: You honestly have three Mikes on your team...poor Nate probably feels left out...never fear though, name changes are possible.

10 Arrogant Bastards: You remind me of a friend of mine...arrogance gets you nowhere.

11 Chuck Norris: As interested as I am about why/how you guys came up with this its safe to say this is over-used. Try again.

12 The Pink Shirts: Is this the new name for red shirts?

13 Abaddon's Legion: You mean the Black Legion?

14 Pack-N-Heat: Oh great. Thanks guys, because of you we will all get patted down until they find you and kick you guys out for concealed weapons.

15 The Red Headed Step Children of Russ: As mentioned before, red headed step children get the boot. This will be no different.

16 We Pity the Fools: Why? If anything we pity you for not coming up with something better.

17 Spellbinder: So you are anti-psykers?

18 BOLS - Threat Level Red: Did you have to put the website you visit the most in your team name? Sad.

19 40k WRECKING CREW Detachment #666: Now are you going with Grey Knights or just trying to look cool with the devil's number? Not working.

20 9th Inquisitorial Strike Force: Thats my favorite number...I'll let you slide.

21 Waagh Wili: Wow...

22 South Central Wisconsin Brotherhood: Hmmm. Are you guys by chance Packer's fans?

23 The Four Horsemen: At least you didn't say of the Apocalypse, otherwise I'd have to hunt you down before March and I don't want to waste my time.

24 The Volyan Liberation Front: What are you liberating? Gamer's from their virginity. Oops...probably shouldn't have said that.

25 The Rusty Scabbard: Not a rusty scabbard, THE rusty scabbard...lame.

26 Space Zerg: Tyranid alert!!! Oh wait, all of us knew that.

27 BNB Revenge of the Smurfs Part Deux: BNB? Awesome...now we have to fight off small little blue creatures. And appearantly for the second time.

28 Da Boyz - Boston Detachment: Hey, we should go to da bar an hav a couple uv beeers.

29 Old Bay Bastards: That sucks that you guys are basterds...do you know your fathers?

30 Balls Deep in Baltimore: Gross dudes.

31 Jack Booted Thugs: Awesome! Not only do we have people bringing guns and small blue creatures running around, but now there are going to be thugs...are the organizers sure this thing is safe.

32 Dirty South Devil Dogs: Well, the south is known for some weird things, so this is no surprise.

33 The First Founding: Which Legion's?

34 Team ATL: Team Atlanta huh? Nice try with the abbreviation. Still not cool.

35 Frosty Treats: I'm going to be disappointed if you aren't Space Wolves.

36 3 Foot 2: Ok, so you guys can call the smurfs midgets. But if you see two guys running over to you screaming midgets, they are from my team.

37 Daboyz: So original. Try again.

38 SGI: ??? I'm tempted to try and reason out what you are trying to get across but its all bad...and are you guys so ashamed of your name that only you will know what it means. Weak.

39 Vegas Chapter: When did Vegas become a Chapter in the Imperium? Not fair to the rest of us!

40 Team Misfit: So you guys are a mix of races that shouldn't be together.

41 Team Battle Ready: I would hope so, but if your name needs to be that, I'm sorry. Refund that for another name.

42 Brothers of the Wolf: Another Space Wolf team...didn't see this happening at all.

43 The Blood Drive: Blood for the Blood God!!!! If this isn't all Khorne I will be sad.

44 Inquisition's Finest Legion: Grey Knights then...

45 Dakka Detachment 2: I don't remember seeing the first one...where art thou?

46 Glaive Company: Really? Good word, but really?

47 Call to Arms: You do know that arms are attached to bodies right?

48 Abaddon's Black Plague: Its Black Legion, not Black Plague...get it right.

49 Volaticus Ferrum: What is this?

50 The Tijuana Donkeys: The what donkey's? Come on people, post things that us average joe's can understand. Not some inside jokes you've got with friends.

51 Beer Nuts with Beer Guts: I've heard beer nuts are good, but beer guts are bad...you will finish in the middle.

52 So, 3 Wolf Lords & a Rune Priest Walk Into a Bar...: This can only end in a hilarious way. Do finish the joke.

53 Sad Pandas: I'll tell you why you are sad pandas. You are an endangered species who will also die on the field of battle at Adepticon.

54 Flying Hellfish Dog Company: Interesting name. I like it.

55 Spawn...From the Pits of Hellfish: Ok, now we just have copycats and if you talked to the team above you about this, they lost the creditability I gave them.

56 Skul-N-Bonz: Pirates huh? Well looks like Dark Eldar will make an appearance. Cool!!!

57 The General Staff: So many jokes about this...

58 Team Ironmen: Are you guys body builders? Hope not, you'll give us gamers a bad name.

59 Council of the War-Room: Imperial Guard...not much to say here.

60 Haters Inc.: Sweet. I hate everyone equally too.

61 Checkmate Hobbies: You never change your name do you?

62 Team Banzai: Crap! Now we also have to worry about planes crashing.

63 The Good Guys: Who are you to say who is good or bad?

64 Nine Wounds: Kind of like nine lives. You do know that nine wounds will go by quickly...you'll be done early.

65 Victorious Secret: I better see some really good looking girls now...if not, you guys are sick.

66 Flying Hellfish Team Bug Stomper: Really guys? You couldn't seperate from #'s 54 and 55. I'm digusted that you couldn't come up with something that doesn't have Hellfish...getting tired of it.

67 High Rolers: So smoking pot is a past time besides the gaming. Whatever floats your boat or sinks it.

68 Half Evil: Only half evil...come on, go all the way or no way.

69 BoLS - Threat Level Orange: Again with the website name...and you are not as good as red.

70 Astartes Anonymous: Um...how about not.

71 Penguins of Madigascar: Right...

72 The Gun Show: So now two groups are bringing guns...this isn't the west in the 1800's you know.

73 Kung Fu Grip Left: As in it left the building? Cause we can Mix Martial Arts this.

74 We're Still Working On It...: Obviously not. Terrible.

75 Taros II: What about it? You from there, want to fight there...need something else.

76 ROFLStompa: Rolling on floor laughing because you can't have a Stompa.

77 Sons of Dorn: I hope to see at least one army from this as the Imperial Fists...they are my favorite Chapter, so nothing bad here.

78 Weyland-Yutani: Weyland...sounds like an Aliens cover-up.

79 Robot Ninjas: No!!!

80 Craftworld Absynthe: See, now names like this are unique. Now if we can get that Absynthe translated to Gothic, we are golden.

81 Dakka Detachment One: There they are...wow, took you guys long enough to register. For shame.

82 Murphy's Lawmen: So you know them all...and the most important. If something can go wrong, it will, which is why you won't win.

83 Pus Bag's Revenge (New Game In Town): Huh?

84 Team Handsome: Seems arrogant of you to say this. What if the rest of us don't think so? What then? You are null and void.

85 Mork Protects: Orks ganking an Imperial saying...shouldn't it be Gork and Mork though? Cool none-the-less.

86 Warriors of Fenris: Another Space Puppy army...yay?

87 5th from Last: More than likely with that attitude.

88 2nd City - Blood Angels: What or where is the second city? And how are they Blood Angels?

89 Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse: Norsemen...like Vikings? And they are of the Apocalypse...great. Kind of different from the stories though.

90 Echoes of Armageddon: Which war? And for that matter which races? Chaos, Orks, Imperial Guard, or Space Marines...or all four? Interesting.

91 40kfightclub Chaos: Another website based team name...joy. But at least we know their army.

92 Hell Fish Heads: Ok, I'm sick of the Hellfish thing.

93 Olmecs: So stoneheads? You guys should be more careful with the name thing.

94 Unknown (Captain J. Cocumelli): Come on!

95 Unknown (Captain E. Swing): Two in a row...get a move on!!!

96 Black Sun Games: Sounds like a game store name...which means your team isn't very creative.

97 Cheat Me...: So you are a one man team huh? Going to be difficult to play in two games at once. So more than likely you will get cheated.

98 The Dark Prophets: So Either Traitor Guard or Word Bearers....interesting.

99 Captain Failure and the Boat of Tomorrow: I've heard this somewhere before...but where?

100 Waitlisters: You were, but not anymore...and nice with putting that as your team name.

101 Road House: Really? Now how did you guys come up with a lame name like this?

102 I Thought You Were Dead?: Nope, I'm alive and kicking...but you will be dead so that will be that.

103 Wrekx N Effect: Wrekx? Someone needs to go back to grade school. Won't go far with a captain like that.

104 Villainous Victorian Velociraptors: Did you ever see V for Vendetta? Nice play on with the words.

105 Detroit Ninjas: Detroit can't have ninjas...they have the Lions and Tigers...yea, I went there.

106 NATO: So you have teammates from four different countries...cool!!!! Oh does this NATO stand for something else?

107 Provisional Battlegroup Echo: What happened to Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta? Gone! How sad that four others were lost, destroyed, or deserted.

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Postby Inquisitor_Malice » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:48 pm

Hero Jones wrote:11 Chuck Norris: As interested as I am about why/how you guys came up with this its safe to say this is over-used. Try again.

People are over-used to receiving our beat downs.
- Greg
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Postby grotblaster » Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:22 pm

I'm just praying that Haters Inc. show up dressed as Buck Nasty, Silky Johnston, Tron and Pitpull. I'll buy a round of drinks if you do.
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Postby moonshadow13 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:13 pm

Since this is smack talk let me just say:

1. I will be sure to bring enough copies of "warhammer 40K for dummies" for all you wannabes who think you have a chance to win this year.

2. Please shower before you come to the tournament. I don't need to smell you from across the table again this year (especially you ork players).

3. While i see alot of the FOTM (flavor of the month for you nimrods)armies let me just point one thing out for you. The new codexes didn't help and your factions still suck.

4. (still laughing at that last one :lol: )

5. Damn those are some good rips on the teams, i laughed through all the postings, but alas your team still sucks and you will lose.

6. My team will die too? too late we are already dead so what do i care?

7. My movie quote: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. It was a good one to bad he had die and be known as the Joker.

8. Final one for now: Its really good to see a nice balance of different teams and factions this year. I truely feel honored at the chance to play any of you. This year looks to be another great turn out despite our economy. Besides i like the look of horror from the other teams in the tournament as i rip your chest open and dance inside your rib cage to celibrate my victory over you :twisted: . See you at the con boys and girls :wink: .
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Postby Green Blow Fly » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:35 pm

There so many teams this year people are running out of good names now and just going with 1st thing to pop in their minds. Our team name was created by a Wall Street marketing team of veterans with Ivy League doctorates and I reserrected General Patton back from the dead to help me devise our army lists. It's kind of like Dawn of the Dead Battles of hte Bulges meets Wild and Crazy Frat House Guys Lethal Weapon Part 666.


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Postby moonshadow13 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:30 pm

As to not be left out i had to add my own thoughts about each team name. My team mates are slapping their foreheads right now as they are not sure if they want to see how bad i stir this pot :lol:

1 Nuns with Guns: OK we got it sisters of battle, but really is this what the world has come to when grown men try to control women by playing them in a game. This is just so sad...

2 Cold Steel Mercenaries - Enlisted Men: Mercenaries DO NOT enlist in anything. They are there for the money and will quit and leave at a whim if their side is losing. I see this going bad really fast for your team.

3 Warmongers: well you will start the war, but can you finish it? i see you as limited as well as your chances for winning

4 Unknown (Captain S. MacKirdy): This is why youa re unknown - you have never won a battle and you never will. just do everyone a favor and write I'M A LOSER on your foreheads. <takes in a deep breath> can you feel the love?

5 Invaders of Isstvan V: Let me guess they lost that battle, blamed each other for their lack of ability, and in the end turned on each other and no one survived. Am i close?

6 Sons of Shatner: Will you be screaming Khan!! too when you get you bum handed to you by a superior race?

7 Adeptus Brew City Ballers: I actually live in Wisconsin and i think i have seen that actual bowling team before. Let me guess your praying your handicaps will help you win this one too? OOooooo too soon?

8 Team Snake Eyes: IGuys G.I.JOE is not real and neither is your chances at winning this year. So do us a favor. Just let it go.

9 Three Mikes and a Nate: So what your saying is you have 3 guys who are using the book "Warhammer for dummies" and 1 guy who actually knows how to play? You've got guts, no brains, but you got guts.

10 Arrogant Bastards: You dont know who your daddy is and you tend to lack civility? Well, go figure. Its a wonder how you managed to form a team of 4 of ya. I just want to see how you guys play together LOL :lol:

11 Chuck Norris: C'mon guys be realist. He was a winner while obviosuly you are trying to ride his coat tails which makes you a loser. Get with the program and don't insult the man.

12 The Pink Shirts: Where do i begin? Pink shirts were on sale that day? In order for your wives to let you go you had to wear pink? Do we really need breast cancer awareness at Adepticon? Let me guess on your shirt is says "real men wear pink".

13 Abaddon's Legion: Well, at least your 40k ish, but you could have made it look correctly by saying Abaddon's Black Legion. I would have gave you point for that at least. However, your laziness is evident in your team name and therfore you will most likely lose.

14 Pack-N-Heat: This can be taken 2 ways. While the name is creative i would either not want to be around you due to your emotional state nor would i want to associate myself with you as you will most likely get arrested and not be able to play in the tournemant anyway.

15 The Red Headed Step Children of Russ: I can here the banjos playing now. Let me guess your all named Dwanye too? Dang what did we ever do to you Russ to deserve this kind of punishment. Well, i guess i can count on seeing 4 more "Warhammer for Dummies" books to be used.

16 We Pity the Fools: Mr. T you are not. Why not go with the A-team and play the theme music while you play. It still will not hide the fact that it is you we will pity in the end.

17 Spellbinder: Um......this is not D&D guys. If i see one mind flare or a bunch of nids in robes i think you need to be disqualified for being incrediblely lame. Think 40K next time you come up with a name.

18 BOLS - Threat Level Red: Better Off Losing Slowly? let me guess the threat level is also a farse as you cant even fight your way out of a wet paper bag much less hope to win at least 1 match.

19 40k WRECKING CREW Detachment #666: Started out good then went extremely lame. What did each of you pick soemthign and put it together as a name? Next time try soething a little more simple. Like your mind set.

20 9th Inquisitorial Strike Force: 40K ish so it get s thumbs up

21 Waagh Wili: This again started out good, but fell short. I guess that says something about you game play too.

22 South Central Wisconsin Brotherhood: What this guys? are you thugs? Or cheese heads trying to be thugs? Either way The team name is kinda catchy but lacks punch. As does your armies and thats why you will lose.

23 The Four Horsemen: So your 4 guys on horses....and??? if you were trying to sound intimidating and scary let me just say i found your name lacking that particular vibe. Did you eve see what a soul grinder can do to 4 guys on horse back? Its not pretty let me tell you.

24 The Volyan Liberation Front: Ok this is not a liberation from anything its just a game. Besides don't they let you eat cake?

25 The Rusty Scabbard: Well, its not our fault you lack teh ability to maintain your equipment. So when your armies fail to win you have only yourself to blame.

26 Space Zerg: Wow, that took alot of thought. i guess you hope to win by lack of thought process and just seeing how many peices you can field with 1000 pts each. Good luck with that :lol:

27 BNB Revenge of the Smurfs Part Deux: Ok this part stupid and part lame. If the first version of your army didnt work what make you think the second will?

28 Da Boyz - Boston Detachment: I have been to Boston, I watched my little sister whoop up on all of you in 4 differnt tournaments. She is only 8 so that means only one thing about your playing ability.........

29 Old Bay Bastards: Nw we got old fatherless guys from the bay. Which bay though? Greenbay? So your going to go 1 and out? :lol:

30 Balls Deep in Baltimore: I soo dont want to touch this. You guys from Baltimore have issues and your a bunch of sickos

31 Jack Booted Thugs: So your a bunch of street thugs dressed up liek pirates. You must get beat up alot.

32 Dirty South Devil Dogs: So many descriptive words in your name. Yet you still cant hide the fact that you suck at 40K. A pity.....

33 The First Founding: Going back to basics in your game playing? You too must be reading "warhammer for Dummies" Well, at least you trying to get better.

34 Team ATL: You know they have a highway build so you can go around Atlanta and avoid it. I wonder why?

35 Frosty Treats: OK, seriously?? So you are going to play agressive for about 20 minutes then crash and burn. I can handle that

36 3 Foot 2: So we have some little people playing too. Thats nice, but i am not helping you move your peices.

37 Daboyz: Boys huh? You are unable to play like men so you are boys instead?

38 SGI: LOL OK now we are using TV shows. Let me save you the time watching the show wondering who did it. It was my team beating the snot out of yours for lack of originality.

39 Vegas Chapter: So your going to risk it all but go home broke and empty handed. Never bet against the house my freind.

40 Team Misfit: Thats OK, i am sure you will have plenty of people to fit in with at teh end of the tournament. they will be all of the losers.

41 Team Battle Ready: Are you trying to compensate for something? Shouldn't you be called team Missfire instead?

42 Brothers of the Wolf: Howl with me brothers!!! So the ladies say what a bunch of animals you are and yet in the end you are left empty handed?

43 The Blood Drive: OK enough with the lame names, because we already know you are a few quarts low in the head.

44 Inquisition's Finest Legion: Sure they are. Your momma tells you that all the time too i bet.

45 Dakka Detachment 2: Well, i dont recall the first one so the outcome will be the same.

46 Glaive Company: Anyone tell you to never bring a knife to a gun fight? Don't worry after this you will never forget it.

47 Call to Arms: Please, if your making a call to arms now then you are really introuble because the battle has already begun and your just getting out fo your bunks now?

48 Abaddon's Black Plague: Again close to the actual name but just missed it. Much like your chances at winning.

49 Volaticus Ferrum: Maximus stupitus Lame. try again

50 The Tijuana Donkeys: Guys whe don't care where you came from, nor your mode of transportation in how you got here. That and we really dont need another Jackass as i am sure there will be plenty of them here.

51 Beer Nuts with Beer Guts: This is not a drinking game guys and please don't breath in my direction as i can already smell your stench and we are not even there yet.

52 So, 3 Wolf Lords & a Rune Priest Walk Into a Bar...: Let me guess then pick a fight with Eldrad and he wipes the floor with all 4 of them. That sounds about right.

53 Sad Pandas: Let me say that if your coming to play all sad and depressed then why bother? I won't take pity on you, just show you why your a dying breed.

54 Flying Hellfish Dog Company: Man, i wonder what your parents look like. So your a capriacorn? Oh wait thats a horse. Man you guys must really be messed up.

55 Spawn...From the Pits of Hellfish: You have children too? Wow who did you get drunk to make that happen?

56 Skul-N-Bonz: Pirate orks huh? well, thats a creative name and fits teh profile.

57 The General Staff: Why is hisstaff leading a army. Is he to embarrsassed to lead it himself? Or did he die becasue like him you don't stand a chance at winning.

58 Team Ironmen: Let me guess either your a bunch of fat guys or your a bunch of body builders that will use threats of crushing my head with flexing your bicepts. Oh ya you were the guys my 8 year old sister got her first massacre. How embarrasing that must have been for you.

59 Council of the War-Room: Yes, your in a war room safe from teh real fight. its one thing to imagine how war is fought then to actually go fight in one. You guys are sooo going to get a wake up call.

60 Haters Inc.: Wow you have your own company. hows business? Your people skills must really be something to behold.

61 Checkmate Hobbies: Had to get sponsership to go huh? I guess they really are getting desperate to have chosen you as their team.

62 Team Banzai: So its kill yourselves and take as many as you can with you? You do know that Japan lost the war right?

63 The Good Guys: So when you get your butt kicked you will smile and be happy about it. I see a sportmanship award coming your way :).

64 Nine Wounds: If thats all you have out of 1000 pts you really need to rethink your armies.

65 Victorious Secret: I already know her secret. Its goes like this. You will lose for having such a lame name.

66 Flying Hellfish Team Bug Stomper: OK you guys breed like rabbits don't you? Well at least this team has a shot at being a Orkin Man.

67 High Rolers: So you live large and spend big money. Well, I am the hitman and i have come to collect your debt. What?!?! You don't have the money right now? Too bad for you..............

68 Half Evil: Well, there is something to be said about that. Your only willing to commit part of the way. So i guess you will win and lose some then.

69 BoLS - Threat Level Orange: Do i need to go back to the other one? just read my first post and change red to orange. Its still the same in the end.

70 Astartes Anonymous: Well, with how bad you play i would want to be anonymous too. At least you still come back each year for another beating.

71 Penguins of Madigascar: What the............OK you guys need to stop watching all the kiddy movies and come back to the real world.

72 The Gun Show: So you have nice shiny guns huh? But can you use them is the real question. All this says is that when push comes to shove you are going to lose in the assault phase.

73 Kung Fu Grip Left: Stop playing with your action figures and pretending your someone that you are not. Like for example a warhammer 40K player.

74 We're Still Working On It...: Sounds like quiiter talk. Next time go with "There is always next year"

75 Taros II: its a name of a planet, but nothing is said of its fighting force. And nothing will be either..........

76 ROFLStompa: C'mon guys this is just stupid.

77 Sons of Dorn: Dorn did have many sons, but yet he has been dead for a long time so that makes you all bastards. Oh i'm sorry did that hurt your feelings?

78 Weyland-Yutani: D&D again??! yesh!

79 Robot Ninjas: LOL thats funny. I wonder what faction that is suppose to be.

80 Craftworld Absynthe: All Eldar players are cool in my book. Great name guys :)

81 Dakka Detachment One: Um.... i already bashed you (see post on #2)

82 Murphy's Lawmen: At least you except fate and the cards you were dealt. Yet you are still coming to play?

83 Pus Bag's Revenge (New Game In Town): The guy who picked this name should have let his much smarter teammate choose a more creative name. Wow did you beat a dead horse on this one.

84 Team Handsome: Ya whatever, ya bunch of ugly runts.

85 Mork Protects: And yet you still manage to get yourselfs killed quite easily. Such a shame.

86 Warriors of Fenris: Well, at least this one is more 40K ish.

87 5th from Last: Talking about your ranking already? wow you guys have no backbone do you? Well your ugly and you momma dresses you funny. there you just lost 2 more ranks

88 2nd City - Blood Angels: 40K ish but doesnt say much of your 1st city. Did a cow kick over a lantern and burn the first one down?

89 Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse: This is almost creative but still ends up being lame.

90 Echoes of Armageddon: So you want to relive your failures over and over again? Ok :)

91 40kfightclub Chaos: Another lame brain team with zero chances of winning.

92 Hell Fish Heads: This one is just stupid too.

93 Olmecs: um.......Ok We tend to use the word "special" when we talk about people like you.

94 Unknown (Captain J. Cocumelli): see 1st post on unknown

95 Unknown (Captain E. Swing): again see 1st post on unknown

96 Black Sun Games: another sponsor and another desperate grab of a sad lot of players.

97 Cheat Me...: Cheating huh? well, i guess you have to be good at something. Don't be surprized if you get the boot.

98 The Dark Prophets: I wrote them, they are all bad, just like your playing ability.

99 Captain Failure and the Boat of Tomorrow: Hmmmm you must work for Toyoda. Awwwwww too soon?

100 Waitlisters: So you are waiting for your ship to come in? see post above.

101 Road House: another movie title that has nothign to do with this game. Let me guess you are all bouncers? There will be plenty of fights to break up here i am sure.

102 I Thought You Were Dead?: Yes, i am dead. yet i stand before you while you lay on the ground beneath my boot.

103 Wrekx N Effect: well, maybe its a ork army and maybe you are all increddiblly lame :)

104 Villainous Victorian Velociraptors: LOL cute name. your still gonna lose, but cute name

105 Detroit Ninjas: Well, if your anything like your football team then how sad you are. I guess if we need to look for your team we should look for the guys with their heads down dragging their feet.

106 NATO: NATO is the biggest worthless gathering of military might in the world. You should have just called yourself Canadians and been done with it. :O oh no you didnt!!!

107 Provisional Battlegroup Echo: So you bringing the provisions. Where is the fighting force? Or do you expect to win battles with cooks and desk clerks?
The new Tau = Death at 30"

Time to bring the Pain!!! For the greater good :)
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