Talk to me about SM Bikes

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Re: Talk to me about SM Bikes

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:49 pm

I saw a White Scars army get 2nd in an 12 man tournie last weekend. That was the most bikers I ever saw at once, pretty neat! I can't remember the load-outs, but the Chapter Master had the Shield/Burning Blade/Artficer Armor, and ate through many many units. The 1 game that was a draw was game 1 vs a Screamer star army w Fateweaver. The rest were slaughterfests, and he did not go up against the winning Eldar/Dark Eldar army (neither did I, that was a relief).

We always have flying Daemons down here in Florida and not just because I'm the only one using them. But I still think the bikes could do very well against the Daemons. They have a bunch of twinlinked shots to force some saves, but also many grounding tests. The Relentless can then permit them to assault if the FMCs get grounded (which does happen sometimes!).

If I wasn't so devoted to Chaos, I'd play a White Scars/Ravenwing list, with the Scars having grav guns and melta guns and some flamers, and the DA having plasma weapons. Throw a Banner of Devastation in there maybe and that's a crap-ton of bolter shots on the move, and all scoring units too right? FMC lists are always short on scoring units.

I almost think the bikers would have a tougher time vs pure sea of hordes. And a true horde is like water, no center nuts to crack, just an uneventful swoosh when something dies. But I guess that really depends on how big the sea is :)
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