The 2 Masters of Deception

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The 2 Masters of Deception

Postby Lord Krungharr » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:09 pm

I have three or 4 colors on my Warpsmith and my Huron Blackheart, with Ahriman waiting on deck.

But then I was thinking, is Ahriman worth taking at all, costing the extra 70 pointsover Huron? Is the Master of Deception just an added bonus to his psychic superstuff? Is his psychic crap even that awesome? I guess he can fire 3 Warpfire powers per turn, so that's something. But that begs a better question, what is the best way to use Ahriman?

Both Huron and Ahriman are pretty equal in stats, though Huron's melee weapons are better, but if Ahriman had Biomancies (has to have 1 Tzeentch power) he could be a real beast with Iron Arm. Not sure if he can get Telekinesis, those are fun too. But Thousand Sons as Troops isn't super appealing, though I do think they're better than they used to be. Heldrakes do a better job of the same AP3ing.

Anyone use Ahriman with success? If so, how'd you use him?
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