How do you beat the new Tau?

Do you know the best way to beat that unbeatable 40k army? Well post it here and share the knowledge.

How do you beat the new Tau?

Postby Hero Jones » Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:37 pm

I would like to know what people have done to defeat the new Tau. I have only played one game against them with my Guard, and got creamed.

My opponent had a unit of Broadsides that had a character that gave them Tank Hunter or 3 other rules. Plus they all had target locks, the ability to split fire at 3 different targets if he so chose. 2 10 man units of pathfinders made it impossible for his 2 Rip Tides to scatter anywhere besides on target. I didn't even make it to turn 4. Plus, my 2 Vendettas were downed in practically 1 turn.

Any advice on how to beat them?

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Re: How do you beat the new Tau?

Postby CmdrVimes » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:01 pm

With Marines I use drop pods and lots of flamers. I Would think well hidden Manticors and Griffons would help, maybe with some Hydras to intercept deep strikers.
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Re: How do you beat the new Tau?

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:30 pm

I lost to them with my Slaanesh CSM/Slaanesh Daemons on Thursday, partially because of some very unlucky mishaps and reserve rolls. But the new Tau have incredible mobility and versatile shooting, buckets of it, with very synergistic units. That said, they will fold in combat pretty easily. Just learn what their new weapons do and assault the most threatening.

Like today, my Khorne CSM/Khorne Daemons army also lost (by 1 objective). But I didn't keep my Jugger Lord/Spawn in cover enough, and then of course my meatshield died off and JuggerLord had to take too many armor saves. Otherwise he would've minced at least 1 or 2 units. And I didn't realize what Smart Missile Systems do (ignore cover and no LOS needed), otherwise my Thirster would've deployed over to that side, Swooped over, and killed all those Broadsides or whatever, then hopped along his backfield table edge 1 by 1 by 1. Also, Chaos Marines should always be taking Dirge Casters, especially good on Land Raiders. That saved my Daemon Prince from the Overwatch from that Longstrike jerk in a Hammerhead AND from the 8 Crisis Suits with tons of plasma/melta crap he was charging.

Fast assaults with large numbers, and long range large blasts, and deepstriking or outflanking units seem to be the best options. Avoid the lines of fire, or at least avoid the lines with multiple possible crossfire actions.

So next weekend I'm gonna try my Daemons with IG Allies:

LOC/Mastery 3/2 Greaters/1 Lesser
Jugger Herald/Greater/Lesser
Nurgle Herald/Exalted/Fecundity
17 Plaguers
10 Plaguers
12 Hounds


Company Command/Master of Ordnance
10 Vets/3 Melta Guns/Demolitions

We'll see how that handles Tau, DA, and/or whatever else I face in the 1850 tournament down here.
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