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giant daemons at the gladiator?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:50 pm
by Redbeard
Anyone thinking about this? I'm curious, because with the new daemon codex not forcing split waves, you'd be guaranteed to get your big guy from turn 1.

Re: giant daemons at the gladiator?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:08 pm
by Depayen
Here another thought how can Ku 'gath have more wounds then the greater deamon of nurgle? just a thought.

Re: giant daemons at the gladiator?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:15 pm
by Lord Krungharr
I have definitely thought about it, as I am currently making my own Scabiethrax. Not that he will be so awesome in game winning, but because I sold my Warhound Titan and already have my own custom Slayer of Souls.....and the Slayer is the one who really gets screwed by the new Daemons Codex, as pretty much all of his powers have gone away! Though Big Birdo could use his Staff of Cataclysm on Turn 1 just by standing there, great for clearing parking lots.

Forgeworld really screwed over Scabiethrax with lessening his Wounds to 6, I mean the magic number is 7, what's so freakin' hard about keeping up the simplest of fluffiness?
Luckily they spelled out the Icon function for him, and given that in line with the new Daemons Codex, any Daemons of Nurgle can still deep strike off him without scattering, not that I'd probably deep strike anything anymore, but other gods' Daemons only scatter 1D6", so not too shabby. Just too bad Gargantuan creatures can't benefit from Blessings nor enemy versions Maledicted (since psychic powers with no Strength value don't affect them). The only real way to buff big fatty poopoo up is to run Epidemius behind him and keep him close. Just gotta get a crapload of Nurgley wounds somehow, I'm thinking Swooping psyker-Princes, perhaps Nurgley Soul Grinders too. Anti-air will be a problem, even with Grinders...maybe an Icarus lascannon too with a Herald manning it (how 'bout that BS5 for Nurgle Heralds, eh?)

Of course, despite Birdo being able to many many things in a turn (at least he used to be able to).... I think Angraath is still the best because of his amazing range and good armor save. Since he can for sure start on the board, he'll be in assault Turn 1, and kill pretty much any single unit in the game every turn, which will be at least 1/3, possibly 1/2 of most armies. If I had the extra cash I'd buy him, as I don't think I can do an Angraath that I'd like better than the FW version.
Not likely that FW will put up some rules about making him or Birdo a Flying Gargantuan Creature who can Vector Strike though, cuz that would RULE! I mean for 888/999 points, they should totally be able to do that, and Skyfire their shooty weapons whilst Swooping.

Zarakynel lost her/his/its amazing Sword of No Saves, so screw that pokey delicately posed noise.