Chaos Terminators

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Chaos Terminators

Postby Lord Krungharr » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:17 pm

I have yet to use my Chaos Termies, but I have faced off vs Space Marine Termies of late, and they kick my butt (until my Lord of Change and Typhus managed to roll into combat). So I was thinking about finally painting mine and wondered what sort of equipment to put on them?

With so many other anti-tank deepstriking units available (Obliterators, Raptors, Flamers), Land Raider delivery seems better for their assault potential. But should they be using power swords, or power axes? Power mauls are nice and strong but don't ignore most armor saves these days. For that reason I lean towards the axes, and hope they live to use them. Seems like Terminators don't have many AP2 attacks against them at better than Init 1, so I figure the axes would have a sporting chance of living and being used, and then if Khorned, get +2 attacks on the charge.

I also am thinking at least 1 Chainfist might be good, with 2 or 3 combi-meltas; then they could be a nice drop-off-kill-tank unit. With, for example, Kharn and an AxeLord with 4 Khorninators, each unit could take on almost any other unit by themselves.

The Terminator Champions get screwed with no bonus Champ attack, and an extra specialist weapon costs many many points, and it's not like he's any better at using them...I'd probably just give him a Gift of Mutation.

Nurglinators are also appealing, with either Typhus, or a Nurgle Lord and Nurgle Palanquin Sorcerer with them. Slaaneshi ones might be good with Lightning Claws, but can't I use a Heldrake for cheaper more effective AP3 death? Tzeentchinators could certainly survive vs MCs a little better, anyone had luck with them in battle?
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