Eldar Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors

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Eldar Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors

Postby moonshadow13 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:41 pm

I went and tested the wave serpant with a full squad of (10) fire dragons and 2 Autarches with fusion guns and found that the 12 melta shots though very nice and deadly were a bit over killish in our last AWC tournament.

They were alot of fun and everytime i fired with them something died, but it seemed a little sheepish especial when people charged me or when i tried to charge what was left that i didnt kill (hiding in cover mostly) and noting i do not have plasma grenades.

I noted alot of ideas intially as i saw people using a typical 5-6 of them in seperate wave serpants as the norm and they usually try to be vehicle killers and the like. As i see they failed alot too as dice can be fickle and in alot of cases they just fizzle out and then get collected up on their opponents next turn.

I came in with the full unit and added 2 autarches (for my 2 HQ choices) and figured if i cant kill what i am shooting at with 12 melta weapons then i deserve to die. Still when push came to shove i kill one unit and another would take their place and with the 4+ saves on typical guys they end up dying like reaping wheat.

I gave them a rating of 8 (1 to 10 scale) for killability in the firing phase do to there being a limited number of shots (though they are mostly likely all kill shots).

I gave them a rating of 5 for survivability (average) and a rate of 4 for assault capability as all they have is a high weapon skill and metal bombs thats great against vehicles and vehicle walkers but can not help much for that str 3 of theirs against troops.

Now the Autarches had power weapons, mandiblasters, fusion guns. Again great weapon skill stats and multiple attacks, but crappy strength which gave them a rating of: 9 for the fusion gun shooting attack (lower # to hit and re-rolls made it more valuable), 8 for survivability (+3 save, +4 invul save but can be instant killed), and a 6 for assault capability (power weapon, high weapon skill, and multiple attacks, but str 3 just kills ya)

I plan to try out a few more setups to test some differnt ideas, but in my opinion unless your doing a grand tournament styled fight with big multi would or structure pointed vehicle i don't suggest trying to run these reguardless of the "Big Kill" ratio they offer in the shooting phase. its just too one sided and there is no big satisfaction from killing with them unless you get lucky and face off against a a large terminator squad that does not have storm shields.
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Postby Mad Jack Deacon » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:59 pm

I think the problem with running the "epickillyfiredragonwaveserpentfacesmacka" is that Eldar suck when you go with the all eggs in a basket approach. This works for Marines, Necrons, and Orks. Not so much for we pointy eared bastards.

Eldar are an army that, more than any other, have to be a combined arms sort of deal.

Meaning that for the moderate stuff you don't want to waste a unit of Fire Dragons on, well, there's a unit of Dire Avengers jumping out of a Wave Serpent to Bladestorm the everlovin' crap out of it.

Oh and on the other side, there's a Wave Serpent disgorging a unit of Banshees to scream and go all stabbity on your opponent's ass.

And behind you is a full unit of Warwalkers all armed with scatterlasers supported by a unit of Farseers and Warlocks.

No unit succeeds against every other one. 40K IS a glorified and extravagant game of paper, rock, scissors.

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