Nids in Chicago

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Nids in Chicago

Postby Chubs » Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:01 pm

So, new nid codex is finally out, how is everyone going to adapt their tactics?

Lots of new creappy crawlies out there...
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:50 pm

I'm not sure anyone has to really. If you are geared for Horde Orks, then you are geared for Termagant swarm and if you can take out tanks at range, then you are geared up for the Tyranid Monsterous Creatures. I'm not sure there is anything the new codex adds to the tactics of the game right now. Maybe there will be something I had missed, but right now I don't feel I need to change anything in any list I have and there is no Tyranid list I can come up with that I feel I must have. It looks to be a big pile of 'blah' right now. To bad.

I think there can be some success for bug players early as everyone gets used to the 30+ units in the codex. If you through the Doom of Malanti at me I would be confused for a few turns. That type of thing will wear off.

I don't see how we can get excited for a 160pt carnifex when just last week I could have made the same carnifex, with a few better options, for less than 115pts. Is dropping it from a spore mine worth that many more points?

Trygons and Mawlacs popping up in the enemies face is oh so similar to Greater Daemons popping up in the daemons codex. Trygons have 6 wounds, but the daemons have a better save.

I'm not in love with the Tervigon and it's ability to spawn termagants. I look at it as a slow moving battlewagon. Both have a troop unit inside and protect it from getting shot at while it crosses the board. The Tervogon might be worse because it has very little shooting it can do as it crosses the board.

I wish the Warriors and Ravaners would be worth their points. I got 27 and 18 of them, each, from the last Ard Boyz, but leadership 6 for Ravaners was a punch into my gut. It will be hard to have synapse keep up with them.

I am also leary of the new Hive Guard. At first glance they look great with their weapon and shooting abilities, but then I worry about their 4+ armor save and how easy autocannons will bring them down. Should I worry about that?

I think there are a few spotty deals in the codex. I think taking 3 lictors in one brood can be good. That's 9 wounds that get placed where you want and in cover they have a 3+ cover save. It will be hard to get rid of all 3 before they can pounce. Biovores are alright in the heavy slot. A lot of that has to do with the fact the other heavy choices are not that great. It's almost a choice by subtraction. Zopes look like they can do a lot of damage. A 3-man brood takes 3 psychic tests and shoots 3 times right? That has potential. Now they either walk up in a sea of gants or they get spore mined in. The spore mine is an interesting unit. It is the 'drop pod' for the bugs. It's a monsterous creature so it can fire weapons the turn it lands right? I guess you can place some units in the enemies face, but all spore mines roll for reserve and trickle in in the face of IG advisors.

All in all a very lateral move for the bug codex, maybe a slight step backwards when you take into account that the Space Wolves codex is the anti-bug codex. So much of the Space Wolves looks to be designed to take out the Tyranids and quick. Usually those armies are released in reverse order with the bugs first and the list which defeats them second. not this time though. Realistically there are not a lot of Wolves players running around and that gives the Bugs a small shot in a tourney.
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Postby YeezyMozart » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:31 pm

Trying to come up with a good tyranid list any ideas for some must take units in the new book.

I agree with fred about a squad of Zoanthropes is a must probably 2 maybe in a pod. St 10 lance always helps.

Mixed feelings on Death Leaper and Doom they are both very circumstantial.

I am unsure of Dooms ability that makes units take an LD on 3D6 do they fall back if they fail like is it a real leadership roll and taking wounds? If they are in a vehicle what happens?

I feel like everything is just so expensive and might not be worth the points. The tyrgon/marloc are bound to get shot to hell the turn there out and if the survive they might kill one thing before getting poned right after.

I think the entire army has a horrible chance against an all Mek army. Especially guard or Wolves with razorback and long fangs ewww that would be a nasty game.

I do like the tervigon though its basically a carmine with lower strength and more wounds. you can get 5 cheap and they will spawn around 170-250 gaunts for free. That’s too many gaunts for anyone to handle especially when there is another 60 on the bored. Other then that massing genestealers isn't a bad idea either.

But i think as long as you have a predominatly mek force and enough ap2 you should't have too hard of a time beating a nid list.
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Postby Bikeninja » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:30 am

Not sure that I agree with the SW being the anti Nid dex. Being a SW player I do not think I would want any HtH with the Nids. Even the heavy hitters in the dex suffer from a lower initative than what alot of the Nids have. This is critical in my opinion.

Wolf Tooth Necklaces are money against the Nids for certain but us Wolves will be hard pressed to deal with them.
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Postby moonshadow13 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:52 pm

I just bought and started reading the new nids codex. I have no interst in playing them, but i wanted to understand them better and with all the fuss on the new rules i just had to take a look.

I guess just like the novels the bugs continue to evolve. I understand their general purpose in over all swarm and overwhelm, but with a add on what fred said. If you could maintain a fire line and have a balanced army the new bugs will be the same as the old.

I was reading up on the one that deep strikes right into your lines and comes from below. Very intersting tactic and could be a great way to bust up a strong fire line. That in itself could be worth it as you can get up in their face giving your other units time to get close.

Not sure i would really care about the whole doom thing, but again its unique as it can effect troops inside a vehicle. I am still reading so there is alot to go over.

My goal is to start an anti-bug thread and start discussing in detail on bug killing. I know alot of you have experiance in playing them and fighting them, but i really think we need to establish a solid working method on exterminating them.

Besides they serve no true purpose and they need to die off and go away :). I guess its time to call the Orkin man :lol:
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Postby lixulan » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:14 pm

Bikeninja wrote:Not sure that I agree with the SW being the anti Nid dex. Being a SW player I do not think I would want any HtH with the Nids. Even the heavy hitters in the dex suffer from a lower initative than what alot of the Nids have. This is critical in my opinion.

Wolf Tooth Necklaces are money against the Nids for certain but us Wolves will be hard pressed to deal with them.

its about the psychic powers.

jawws 2/3 chance to whack a tmc one shot.
the one that makes all movement difficult/dangeous can reak havok on a 30 man squad.
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