Eldar Vs Necrons

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Who will Win?

The Path of Victory: Eldar Win
The Machine Will Rise: Victory for Necrons
Mutual Slaughter: Too close to call
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Eldar Vs Necrons

Postby 00Enron » Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:01 pm

Tonys List:
Primary: Eldar

Autarch w/Fusion Pistol

6 Fire dragons w/Wave Serpent

Dire Avengers w/Wave Serpent

Dire Avengers w/Wave Serpent

Dire Avengers w/Wave Serpent

3 Jet Bikes

5 Warp Spiders

3 Dark Reapers
Exarch w/Fast Shot

Wraith Knight

Allied: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Archeon

5 Dark Eldar Warriors

Allied: Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned
1 w/Melta Gun 1 w/Multi-Melta
Damned Sargent w/Combi-Grav

Bastion w/Icarus Lascannon

Aarons List:
Primary: Necrons

Overlord w/CCB/Warsythe/MSS/Res. Orb
Overlord w/CCB/Warsythe/MSS/Res. Orb

Cryptek x4 w/Voltaic Staff

Warriors x5 w/Night Scythe

Warriors x5 w/Night Scythe

x1 Tomb Blade

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

Allied: Space Marines


Legion of the Damned
1 w/Melta Gun 1 w/Multi-Melta
Damned Sargent w/Combi-Grav

5 Scouts
Land Speeder Storm w/Heavy Flamer

3 Devastator Centurious w/Grav Cannon/Hurricane Bolters

Pre Game Thoughts:

Ok Tony has a lot of options. His army is fast and maneuverable. He will be deepstriking his fire dragons and thanks to the WWP will not be scattering. His legion can deepstrike and potentially kill any vehicle that I have. He's either going to bully me with the Wraithknight or play defensive and save him for late game. Hes going to sit the Reapers in the bastion and try to shoot down my flyers as they come in.

I have several counters to his hard hitting units. The lords can be a major pain in the butt if they can survive the first couple turns of shooting. The army is also almost as fast and tough as his. My vehicles may not always put out the same volume of fire but they are tougher as long as they don't get penetrated. I think I can win this game as long as my dice stay average

Adepticon Mission where you have no more than 3 Maelstrom cards in your hand

Psychic Powers:
Tiggy gets 1. Gate 2. Hammerhand 3. Summoning

Warlord trait
Tiggy-Storm of Fire
Dark Eldar Archon-Stealth Ruins

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Tony deploys the bastion center of his deployement zone. He deploys one wave serpent on the right, One wave serpent on the far left and one in the middle. The Wraith Knight is in a building. Reapers are in the bastion. The fire dragon wave serpent is deepstriking. The legion of the damned is deepstriking. The Warp Spiders are deepstriking. The Jetbikes are in reserve.

I have the Centurions and Tiggy hiding in a building on the far right opposite of the Wraith Knight. 2 Annilation barges in a building across from the wraith knight. Crypteks split off and 2 go with each warrior unit. 1 Barge next to the same building. 2 Barge lords near the middle of the table behind a hill. Legion of the damned is deepstriking. Scouts are outflanking. Nightscythes are in reserve. Tomb Blade is in reserve

Tony Elects to go first. I fail to seize the initiative.......

Turn 1: Eldar

Maelstrom Mission: Objective 2 (1pt) Obj 4 (2 points) and 52

Tony jumps the Wriath Knight down the left flank. Wave Serpents move a bit but stay in his deployment zone. Getting Obj. 3 Tonys shooting is brutally effective. Bastion lascannon penetrates one barge Lord and blows it up. Wraithknight pens the other barge lord and knocks him down. Serpent shields do 2 HP to Barge. I roll for Reanimation protocols: I get one lord back......

Tony claims FB and Obj 2. He discards 52

Tony-2pts Aaron-0pts

Turn 1: Necron

Maelstrom Mission: 43-(1 pt for every two objectives you control) 42-(2 points if you control twice as many obj. as opponent. Cannot score on turn 1) and Obj. 3 (On tonys side of the board next to the wave serpent.

Wow no love from the cards. That was a tough turn of shooting. At least one of the Barge Lords Survived. I move and Turbo the Barge lord across the board on the right side near objective 3. The injured Annihilation barge moves into cover outside of LOS. The other two move behind the building for cover. I get an extra 4 psychic dice. Tiggy tries to cast summoning and fails. No wounds taken. He uses the last 2 dice to gate into some cover 20 inches away from the Wraith Knight.

I don't know if this was a smart move or not. I couldn't let the Wraith Knight bully my flank as he was going to be in charge range next turn. This would leave my Centurions exposed to the rest of his army for shooting. The Barges shoot the Wraith Knight and fail to cause any wounds. Tiggy uses his warlord trait to re roll hits. The Centurions take down the Wraith Knight.

I fail to get any Maelstrom points. I discard Obj. 3

Tony-2pts Aaron-0pts

Turn 2: Eldar

Maelstrom Mission: 62 (successfully complete a charge)

Tony gets: The fire dragons in. Warp Spiders. DE warriors. The dragons deepstrike near objective 4 to claim it. This also puts Tiggy as the closest model The warp spiders deepstrike in front of the Centurions. The DE Warriors come on and run into cover in front of the barge lord. Serpents shuffle around a little bit. Tony opens Fire! 2 serpents/Bastion Lascannon/Fire dragons/Warp Spiders fire onto the centurion unit. I elect to go to ground. When the dust settles one centurion is alive with one wound. 1 wave serpent also guns down the Barge Lord. He makes his reanimation protocol and gets back up.

Tony Claims Objective 4 and Warlord! He discards 62

Tony-5pts Aaron-0pts

Turn 2: Necron

Maelstrom Mission 41 (Control 3 objective markers-2pts)

Ok its gonna be one of those games. Losing Tiggy hurt. No more powers. No more reserve manipulation. I roll for reserves. I get 1 Night Scythe/Legion/Tomb Blade. Legion deepstrikes in front of the wave serpent on the far left. Lord moves 6" and swipes the Wave Serpent blowing it up. Avengers lose a couple guys and pass pinning and moral. This also puts the Barge Lord in a position to assault the DE warriors in the building. Night Scythe comes on the board shallow and disembarks the dudes. 2 Barges set up to shoot the spiders or Dragons or Wave serpent. The wounded barge and tomb blade claim Obj. 5 and 6. Shooting commences. Necron warriors+Crypetk kill the wave serpent stranding the Fire Dragons. The Legion Weapon Destroy and immobilizes the serpent (DRAT!) Annihilation Barges and Night Scythe focus fire and kill the Warp Spiders. The barge lord charges the DE warriors they lose 4 to HOW hits and the other one kills himself due to mindshackle. The lord consolidates onto obj. 3. I control Obj 3, 5, 6

I get 1 pt. for 43 and 2pts for 41

Tony-5pts Aaron-3pts

Turn 3: Coming up!
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