Iron Warriors vs. Dark Angels/Knights 1850

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Iron Warriors vs. Dark Angels/Knights 1850

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:49 pm

Let the whoop in' ensue.

Iron Warriors

HQ - Belakor
HQ' - Sorcerer on Bike, level 3, spell familiar, 5++
El - Helbrute
Tr - 10 CSM, 2 flamers, meltabomb, rhino, havoc launcher
Tr - 5 CSM
Tr - 10 cultists
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
FA - Heldrake
HV - Maulerfiend
HV - 5 Havocs, 4 Lascannon
Bastion, Icarus

Dark Angels + one big friend

HQ - Sammuel on bike, command squad with everything
HQ - Librarian on bike, level 2, 4++ generator
Hq - Techmarine on bike, 4++ generator
Tr - 6 bikes, 2 meltagun, combimelta gun, meltabombs, attack bike with multimelta
Tr - 6 bikes, 2 plasmaguns, combi plasma, meltabomb, attack bike w/ multimelta
Tr - 3 Bikes, 2 flamers, meltabomb, attack bike w/ multimelta
Tr - Land speeder Typhoon
Imperial knight

It's Big Guns Never Tire with 6 Objectives. I go first because Greg wants me to.

Top of turn 1

Most of the bikes had scout moved up towards me, but since it's top of turn 1 I can't assault them with my assault army. I wish I had a banewolf Hellhound tank. Wounds on 2's, ap3. I fly Belakor right up front of my army and squeeze as much as I can into the trees. Belakor casts shrouding and gets everyone in the trees so they all have a 3+ cover save. I move a lone squad of Spawn up front and in the open and cast invisibility on them. My lascannons shoot the Knight and take off two hull points.

Greg moves Sammuel and command squad up to assault my other Spawn unit with attached Sorcerer. They kill 3 spawn, but Sam and the Sorcerer whiff in combat against each other. The Imperial Knight shoots two battlecannon shots into the trees but my 3+ cover saves the Maulerfiend and Helbrute from any damage. All the other bikes surround the invisible Spawn and shoot then assault them. I roll a 1 for attacks from the spawn and do no damage to them. The two bike units in turn only manage 2 wounds from everything, but I'm close to the 4++ generator on the Librarian and save both wounds.

Boy an invisible unit is tough to crack. I need more of them.

Top of turn 2

The Heldrake comes on and blows and a weapon off the speeder. My 4 lascannons take one hull point off the Knight. I charge the command squad with both my Maulerfiend and Helbrute, but don't kill a single model. The Sorcerer gets off warp speed on himself and Enfeeble on the command squad. With 6 attacks he puts one wound on Sammuel. Greg does no better and can't touch the sorcerer. I invisible the spawn fighting the 2 large bike squads and the slap fight continues as I roll another 1 for attacks and he can't hit me back. Greg hits and runs out off all combats.

The bikes set up shots and charges all over the place. My sorcerers spawn are destroyed, but he survives and is locked in combat with Sammuel again. My other spawn get shot and charged. They lose 2 wounds in total and kill 3-4 bikes as this time I rolled a 6 for attacks. My cultists are shot and charged and destroyed. The knight charges into the Maulerfiend who are both inside the 4++ generator of the Techmarine. However that doesn't save me from a d-weapon hit of 6 and I'm destroyed. The Helbrute is locked in with a meltabomb sarge who he can't hit and starts losing hull points.

Top of 3

Belakor casts invisibility on himself and comes down to the ground. My lascannons take the 4th hull point off the knight. Silliness ensues as we again slap each other with white gloves everywhere and do little damage in assault. Greg hits and runs out of all combats.

Sensing a change of tactics is needed, Greg decides to switch his units assault partners all over the board. The command squad leaves the Sorcerer and attacks the other spawn unit where they rolls 10 rends and a couple other wounds to leave me with one spawn with one wound left. He rolls a 1 for his attacks and does nothing. The Librarians squad decides to attack the sorcerer and kills him. Outflanking multimelta attack bikes surround the Bastion and blow it up. 2 Havocs will survive the end of the turn. The Knight charges Belakor, but not before wounding him with a heavy stubbed round (Hey I thought I was Invisible!). Belakor hits 5 times with str 7 armor bane attacks, but only manages 2 pens which kills the Knight with 2 hull points left. I survive the explosion.

Top of 4

Belakor assaults Sammuel and the command squad and does serious damage at last. The last spawn dies though. My rhino squad of CSM come on to claim and objective in the corner and send the rhino across the board to grab another from the 3 man bike squad which is holding one. The Heldrake has been flying around trying to flame something and he hasn't done much damage.

As the game progresses I've lost to much stuff. Belakor finally goes down and I'm left with the rhino, CSM squad and Heldrake. Meanwhile Greg has 6 small bike units left who scramble around and grab to many objectives. I lose in a route.

I just couldn't finish off the bike units. I weakened them and they used their superior speed to get away. I just couldn't finish them off. In games where I've had success against the Bikes I've had superior long range firepower. One game, where I took a full on chaos assault list, did I manage to run them all down. However with the inclusion of the Knight that full on chaos assault list would be in serious trouble against the Knight.

Belakor was nice for the guaranteed invisibility and he's great in combat, but maybe not 350pts great.
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Re: Iron Warriors vs. Dark Angels/Knights 1850

Postby GregSwanson » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:01 pm

Fred the bike squads are six bikes strong
That crazy fireman!
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