Blood Angels vs. Daemons 1850pts

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Blood Angels vs. Daemons 1850pts

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:12 pm

Baseball is over and I've gotten about 7-8 games of 7th edition 40k under my belt. Most of these games were against Greg Swansons whose schedule is whackier than mine. I've got 3 kids age 3 and under and midweek day games are best for me. Here is the latest battle between us.

Blood Angels

HQ - Librarian, jump pack, level 2
EL - Furioso, frag cannon, meltagun, drop pod
EL - Furioso, frag cannon, meltagun, drop pod

I took one of these podding Furioso's in our last two games and it worked well, so I added another

TR - 10 Assault marines, 2 meltaguns, sarge with power ax and meltabomb - Librarian always goes here.
TR - 10 Assault marines, 2 flamers, sarge with thunderhammer
FA - Baal Predator, side heavy bolters
HV - Predator, side lascannons
HV - Predator, side lascannons
HV - Legion Sicarus Battle tank

The Legion Sicarus is the bees knees. It's got a twin-linked 6 shot autocannon that rends and ignores jink saves. It's basically a Wave Serpent killer. It's also armor 13 all around so it's tough to kill in assault and I bought side heavy bolters for it

HQ - GK Inquisitor, terminator armor, psycannon
TR - 10 Strikes, 2 psycannon, psy-ammo, thunderhammer

Greg's Daemons

HQ - Keeper of Secrets, level 3, reroll invulnerable saves, armorbane/fleshbane
HQ - Tzeentch Herald, level 3
HQ - Tzeentch Herald, level 3, disc
HQ - Nurgle Herald, level 1, banner of FnP
TR - 10 Plaguebearers
TR - 10 Horrors
FA - 8 Screamers
HV - Soul Grinder, battlecannon, Tzeentch
HV - Soul Grinder, torrent flamer, Slaanesh
Hv - Excalted Chariot of Tzeentch

HQ - Chaos Sorcerer, level 3, force ax, spell familiar, bike, 4+ invulnerable
TR - 10 Cultists
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
HV - Maulerfiend

This is my 3rd game with the blood angels. I beat Greg's Ravenwing in a close game, then he trounced me in a slightly different version of this daemon list. After that game I took out a tactical squad in rhino and 2 Typhoon Land Speeders and added the 2nd Furioso and the Grey Knight allies.

We tried the Maelstrom missions for the first time and had 6 objectives scattered around the board numbered 1-6. It's Hammer and Anvil deployment and I elect to go first so I can get some shots off before Cursed Earth makes his daemons tough to kill.

Greg's got the Horrors and walking Tzeentch herald in reserve along with cultists. Everything else is spread along the 24" line as far up as he can go. I've got the Librarian attached to the melta squad in the middle of the board with the Sicaran and Baal nearby. The flanks are covered with the Predators and everything else is in reserve.

Turn 1

My grand plan of casting enfeeble on the Screamers and then lighting them up with the Sicaran and Baal for insta-kills evaporates beofre it begins when I realise Greg has level 3 casters in all his fast moving assault units. He can deny my enfeeble on a 4+ and he's up 10 on spell dice on me. So I shuffle away from the fast movers and shoot his Maulerfiend (no effect), his Tzeentch chariot (one hull point) and the Keeper of Secrets (2 wounds). A furioso dropped in his backfield and roasted the Plaguebearers, but all 7 wounds are saved or FnP away. I did draw a card that told me to hold the objective in my back left corner where a predator was already parked so 1 VP for me.

Greg responds by turbo boosting his screamers into my lines, moving the Sorcerer and Spawn up center and assaulting my Baal with his Maulerfiend. (Baal dies). The Tzeentch Chariot flat outs in front of my face and waits. His Keeper walked back to assault the Furioso and killed it with his armorbane greater gift. Greg gets First Blood and gains 1 VP.

Turn 2

I drop the Inquisitor and Strikes desperately close to the Spawn and Screamers. I turn on their force weapons and shoot up the Screamers with them, the assault squad and a Predator. One Screamer is left and the Herald and I wipe them out on assault. The Sicaran blows up the Maulerfiend and the 2nd podding Furioso drops behind the Tzeentch Chariot and blows it up. The card I drew said if I kill 3-5 units I gain d3 VP and I get 2 more VP's.

The Daemons respond by casting Endurance on the Spawn who assault my assault squad and Librarian. They kill 6 of my guys and I run away only to regroup deep in my backfield. A Grinder comes up and assaults my Furioso (I lose a hull point). The Grinder battlecannon takes a HP off the Sicaran.

Turn 3

My 2nd assault squad deep strikes in the daemon backfield and kills the cultists who were hiding on an objective. I focus my long range fire on the Keep of Secrets and the Sicaran and 2 Predators eventually take it down. This gets my Slay the Warlord and another VP for the card I just drew. The Grinder kills my Furioso in assault and breaks free. My Strikes shoot up the Spawn and kill 2.

Greg sends the now free Grinder to assault my Sicaran (he really hates that tank, almost as much as I hate Coteaz), but the Grinder whiffs and does nothing. The Spawn and Sorserer assault the Inquisitor and Strikes and we all stick.

Turn 4

I am up big in VP's because of the cards I've drawn, but Greg's army is winning the action on the tabletop. I draw a card that says I need to hold at least 2 objectives AND control double of what my opponent controls. Greg holds nothing right now and I have 2 objectives just sitting under my guys already. That nets me 5 VP's right there. I cast Bansishment on the loose Grinder in my backfield to reduce it's invulnerable save to 6+. I shoot 2 autocannons, 2 lascannons, 6 twin-linked rending autocannons and 2 meltaguns at it and fail to even get a glance. Screw this, I flat out a predator to the objective midboard to claim it for a VP and my predator in the back left corner gets another VP from that objective because of a card. In assault the Inquisitor dies and the Strikes flee from combat with the spawn.

Greg is holding a lot of cards and can't get any VP's from them, but he's killing all my stuff. The Spawn and Grinder combo punch the Librarian and his squad, but the Libby remains and is stuck in combat. The Plaguebearers assault the Blood Angel assault squad in the Daemon backfield and over the rest of the game the Plaguebearers will never lose a combat and kill at least one marine each turn.

The game goes to turn 6, but I have a huge lead in VP's. Greg mounts a comeback and gets within 1 VP, but the game ends before he can win on turn 7. My VP production shut down because I had several cards that I could never use like kill a flyer and kill a Lord of War.

I won only because this was a maelstrom mission and I got the right cards. The Daemons were all over me from the get go. What saved me form a quick lose was dangerously deep striking the Inquisitor and Strikes so close to his guys and sticking the landing, then the Strikes did something like 11-12 wounds to the Screamers and they failed a lot of save. That whole sequence kept me from being tabled early and gave me a few turns to accumulate VP's before holding out at the end.
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Re: Blood Angels vs. Daemons 1850pts

Postby GregSwanson » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:42 pm

The walking herald was only a level 1 psyker. I probably should have started him on the board. I don't think him and my horrors did anything all game......
That crazy fireman!
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