Draxtar 1/25 Game #2

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Draxtar 1/25 Game #2

Postby GregSwanson » Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:24 am

All right after eking out a win in game one it was on to game 2. This game was dawn of war deployment. The primary mission was place an objective in the middle and then place one in a a cross formation so one was on each deployment line and the other two were 12" from the center on the midline. If a troop comes into contact with a objective marker they could search whether or not it was a relic. On a 3+ it was. After three relics were found the other ones would disappear. The secondary mission was kill points. All the regular bonus points were in play

Once again played against a great guy but forgot his name. Not even sure how his army worked with allies he had Iyanden and Eldar:
2 x Spiritseers
2 x 3 Jet Bikes
10 Wraithguard with cannons
5 Wraithguard w/flamers in wave serpent w/bright lance
3 x Wraithknights

Somehow the one wraith knight was his warlord. Anyway he wins the roll and lets me go first. I deploy everything but the Raven filled with Coteaz and henchmen. I deploy on my line with most of my stuff. He deploys the wraith knights sort if together with the wave serpent in the middle. The wraith guard along with all the psykers go on my right. There is two big pieces of terrain that sort of funnel everything to the middle. Everybody scouts forward I land on 4 out of 5 objectives finding two relics.

My 1st turn one attack bike moves forward to shoot the wave serpent. (I forgot about the stupid shield) One attack bike and the flamers move back with the relics I have found. All the attack bikes shoot at the wave serpent doing two hps. The stupid vindicator scatters off the wave serpent. I wound one wrath knight about three times also knocking off a toughness point. I fail the charge.
His turn 1 he casts a billion psychic powers but fails the one that allows his wraith guard to battle focus. So his wraith guard unit moves up and they toast my lone attack bike for first blood - doh. The wave serpent fails to kill the windy. The wraith knights fire at the command squad but He only hits 3 times and only wounds 2 and I save both. All three wraith knights charge in to my command squad I put some wounds on an unwounded one and wait for the carnage. I challenge his warlord with my champion (who I am pretty much sure is suicidal because he ends up a red smear after every game) He takes one for the team. The other 10 attacks hit about five times and do maybe 4 wounds of which I fail one save pasting the banner bearer. I manage to get one of the librarian's attacks on to the wounded wraith knight and insta kill it. I then hit and and run out of there.

My turn 2 I am sitting pretty. The two wraith knights are sitting in the open in front of a bunch of plasma and melta. The flamers move back behind terrain with the relic they have. My other attack bike finds the last relic so now I am in possession of all three. The command squad lines up the warlord. Coteaz flies in to line up the warlord as well. The melta bikes head after the serpent. The plasma bikes and the attack bikes line up the non warlord wraith knight . The vindicator driver stares in dis belief as he realizes the wraith guard are all bunched up in the open. The command squad drops the rad shell on the warlord knight and knocks 4 wounds off of it. The Raven manages to knock another wound off of it and hit the warlock with a mind strike missile killing him. One of the attack bikes finishes it off. The vindy hits the bunched up wraith guard killing six and a spirit seer who fails his look out sir roll and his fortuned save. The melta bikes manage to down the one hp wave serpent. The plasma bikes and the other attack bike do 3 more wounds to the last wraith knight. In order to plug the hole in the middle the plasma bikes declare a charge on the wraith knight. I lose one bike but make the charge and do nothing in combat losing one bike. We lock.
His turn 2 wow is pretty bad turn for him. He gets both jet bikes who make a bee line for the flamer bikes zipping across the board. The wraith guard with flamers come out an punish the bikes who killed their ride killing four. The wraith guard having not much to shoot at blow the raven out of the sky. It scatters near the wraith guard with flamers leaving Coteaz and one plasma gunner left. The wraith knight kills one more bike and I hit and run.

My turn 3 Coteaz casts prescience on himself and forewarning and prepares to go say hello to the five man wraith guard squad. Everything else lines up the wraith knights and wraith guard. The flamer bikes go after one of the jet bike squads. They kill two jet bikes. The wraith knight and the wraith guard are gutted by the remainder of my shooting. I think the far seer and one wraith guard remain after all the shooting. The remnants of the melta bikes shoot and then charge in to the wraith guard with flamers. I lose one more biker to overwatch and then Coteaz joins the party. I killed two with shooting and Coteaz finishes off the rest with his hammer.
His turn three he gamely soldiers on stating he never gives up. He shoots the jet bikes into the flamer bikes killing one. The wraith guard kill a command squad member.

My turn 4. I finish off his army and get 27 points to his 1.

He was a great sport about it and even stated my list was the paper to his rock. I had just too much plasma and melta for him to overcome. Plus when he let me go first I was able to get to all the objectives on the first turn giving me control of them. So a crushing victory and on to table two.
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Re: Draxtar 1/25 Game #2

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:01 pm

This list had no allies. It was pure Iyanden. The Farseer was an HQ and he can take up to 5 Spiritseers as an HQ. Iyanden also lets a Wraithknight become the Warlord for the army. It looked all good.

Yes more elite armies for your Ravenguard to munch on. How quickly people forget about rad grenades from Ravenguard. Maybe you dont need White Scars afterall. You have unleashed the Dark Angels codex on Draxtar games and they will never be the same again.

Two tough lists and you took them out. 17-2 isn't that close. I bet this guy thought he would never lose 3 Wraithknights in a game let alone be tabled on turn 4. Ha!!

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Re: Draxtar 1/25 Game #2

Postby DaGrippster » Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:28 pm

Sounds like you just really outplayed this guy. I don't think it is a great matchup for you, he just didn't know how to handle your list and you knew exactly how to handle his. I just don't think his list was that great, 3 wraithknights is too many in my opinion. Looking forward to the third game report.
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