Iron Warriors vs. Eldar 1850

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Iron Warriors vs. Eldar 1850

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:09 pm

Last month I ventured out to play Elliot and his Eldar at games plus. I had just started working on my chaos army and wanted to take it out for a spin.

HQ - Sorcerer, level 3, bike, familiar
El- Helbrute, multimelta
Tr - 10 CSM, Lascannon
Tr - 10 CSM, 2 flamers, rhino, havoc
Tr - 10 cultists, 9 auto guns, shotgun
Tr - 5 CSM - painted
Tr - 5 CSM, meltagun, combimelta, rhino, havoc
FA - Heldrake
FA - 5 Nurgle Spawn
Hv - Maulerfiend
Hv - 3 Nurgle Obliterators
Hv - 5 Havocs, 4 lascannons
Bastion with Icarus Lascannon

I'm really liking these guys. Elliot brought Eldar. I don't remember the details of the list so I will mention units as the game goes on.

We had a large piece of LOS blocking terrain in the center which was impossible. Three Small ruins to the left of that staggered. A large work fence/fort to the right and ruins in front and behind it. I put the bastion in the middle of my Dawn of War deployment. 5 csm went on top to man the Icarus and the havocs went inside. I put rhinos on either side with spawn, sorcerer and maulerfiend in front. hellbrute hugged the fence-fort on the far right. Oblits deep striking and Heldrake in reserve with cultists. 10 can with lascannon beside the bastion.

Elliot put most of his army behind the center terrain with spiders and a shadow weaver on the far right. More spiders and jetbikes were in reserve. Behind the center terrain was a wraithknight, another shadow weaver platform, Jetseer with mantle of the laughing God, guardians and farseer in one serpent and dire scavengers in another serpent.

4 big guns objectives and 5 regular objectives littered the field. Nightfight turn one.

Turn 1

I moved a rhino up 12" and snapfired at a serpent to put the searchlight on it. My lascannon then fired on it and blew it up. Yeah first blood. The sorcerer+spawn along with maulerfiend went forward and left of the center terrain.

The Eldar moved away from the Spawn side and blew one rhino. Eldar don't have searchlight and hate nightfight.

Turn 2

I moved up the Sorcerer + spawn unit farther on the left, but sent the maulerfiend back around the other way. The Eldar were moving away from my assault force faster than I could gain on them and wanted to trap them. The oblits came down far right and shot the warp spiders. The hellbrute followed closely behind them. Bastion fire was stopped by cover saves.

The Eldar deep struck more spiders to my left and blew up my second rhino. The other spiders shot the oblits and killed one. I failed a morale check and ran back. The serpent glanced the hellbrute which would make it crazy and fire two shots next turn. The starlight jumped up and immobilized the maulerfiend. He then assaulted into cover and killed it, but not before the killer dog did 3 wounds to it.

Turn 3

The heldrake came on and flamed the spiders on the left the disembarked csm finished them off. I think it also took out a jetbike squad with vector strike. Cultist hid in a thin on the far left but would eventually die to psychic scream from the jetseer. The hellbrute fired 2 multimeltas into the serpent, but only rolled a 1 on the damage table. I fired 6 lascannon and 2 melted into the Wraithknight to finish it off, but it escaped with one sound left.

This would prove huge as the knight would finish off the 10 man squad, the bastion, the basics and the 5 man squad by the end of the game.

I made a charge by the Spawn and killed a weaver team and the last serpent. The insueing return fire from fire dire scavengers and guardians killed the unit and my sorcerer.

I ended up holding one objective. Elliot held one also, but he also had a big guns objective to secure the win.

The knight ended up clearing my backfield. I needed to take him out. Elliot would go on to win the December Draxtar tourney the next day with Eldar. I also showed up with Eldar having learned that if can't beat them, join them.
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Re: Iron Warriors vs. Eldar 1850

Postby eltrain728 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:35 pm

My list was approx

Jetseer (Psychic Shriek, Terrify, Hallucination)
Farseer (Guide, Prescience, ??)

Guardians in a Serpent x2
Dire Avengers in a Serpent
Jetbikes x2

Warp Spiders x2
Swooping Hawks

Shadow Weavers

I think it was Big Guns and Scouring. I only reserved Jetbikes and Swooping Hawks. I SHOULD have reserved the warp spiders as we discussed after the game. They are were turkey bait. I didn't originally bc you didn't have a lot of long range rate of fire (misslesides, wave serpents, etc.) despite having excellent long range anti tank. The one helldrake killed a ton of my army. I really appreciated getting in the practice game. Despite playing Eldar exclusively in 3rd, I have hardly played them since then.

I'm not used to all the premeasuring and forethought that go into playing Eldar. This game helped a ton with that.
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