Chaos Space Marines strike back!

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Chaos Space Marines strike back!

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:52 pm

I've been having waking dreams of chaos army lists. I brought 3 lists over to play Swanson and choose the most conservative one. As a nod to a famous 3rd edition army list I will call it Johnnies Lascannon Review.

Sorcerer, bike, level 3, familiar, meltabombs
Helbrute, reaper autocannons missile launcher
10 CSM, Lascannon
10 CSM, 2 flamers, combi flamer, fist, rhino, dirge
10 Cultists
5 Nurgle Spawn
5 Havocs, 4 lascannons
3 Nurgle Oblits
3 Nurgle Oblits
Bastion, Icarus

Swanson had been reading up on Alan's shenanigans out East and wanted to make sure no Eldar Warlock would live past turn 3, just in case I brought any.

Inquisitor, terminator, psycannon, 3 servo skulls
Techmarine, rad grenades, Psychotroke grenades
5 death cult assassins, 2 crusaders
4 henchmen in psyback
4 henchmen in Lazerback
4 henchmen, 2 plasmaguns
4 henchmen, flamer
10 Grey Knight terminators, psyammo, 2 psycannons
Land raider

I really think Greg needs to get out of 5th edition, buts that's just my opinion. Hey it's working for Tim so maybe they're on to something.

It's a vanguard deployment with 5 objectives and kill points as a twin primary. Secondary objectives are first blood, etc.. I plop the Bastion down in my table half and Greg deploys first. A land Raider with Coteaz, Techmarine and assail squad go in the land raider midfield. The Lazerback hides near the short table edge in the back and the psyback in behind the Raider deep in the backfield. Servo skulls block a good portion of the board from infiltrators.

I put the 5 man squad on the Icarus and the Havocs it he Bastion. Huron sees all the Mindstrike missiles and goes side with the Havocs. Cultists hide behind the bastion, the Helbrute goes in front and 10 CSM infiltrate deep into Greags deployment zone in front of the Bastion. I appear to deploy like its Hammer and Anvil, because I thought it was.

Turn 1

At night the GK vehicles open up on the 10 CSM in trees. One goes down. I shoot back but can't get through the 2+ cover saves on the vehicles.

Turn 2

Both Ravens come in gunning for the Bastion. They cause a bunch of wounds to the guys inside and manage to drop the armor to 12 all around, but Huron tanks them all and goes down to 1 wound left. The Termies drop in front of the CSM in trees and light me up. 3 survive and fail their morale check.

I get the Spawn and sorcerer to run up the short board edge towards the Lazerback. The rhino full of guys joins them. 3 Oblits walk on and kill 6 termies with Plasmacannon shots. I kill 3 more, including the Inquisitor with the Havocs in the bastion.

Turn 3

The Lazorback tries to drive to safety but gets stuck on a stone hedge. The Land Raider drives over and shoots the Bastion. More wounds are taken on the guys inside, but only the sarge dies. My armor drops to 10 all around. Both ravens fly past the Bastion and kill 2 of the Oblits. The last two Termies kill two more CSM, leaving one left in the trees.

Oblits in reserve stay home for another turn. The Sorcerer and Spawn take out the Lazorback in assault. I immobilize the Land Raider with the Havocs.

Turn 4

Both Ravens fly off the board. The last 2 termies hide behind a building in the center near an objective. The Land Raider kills the last CSM in the trees and finally blows the Bastion up. Everyone spills out unharmed.

I kill Huron with a perils. The Havocs pop the psyback and the 5 man make a dash towards the objective in the trees. The Helbrute makes it over to the GK termies and assaults them. They only have Halberds and I have no fist. We stay locked for a long time. Spawn move deeper into the GK backfield. The last 3 Oblits walk on and scratch paint.

Turn 5

Both Ravens come back. One hovers in and drops henchmen off on an objective. Coteaz and assassins get out of the Raider and head for the central objective. Ravens kill off the 5 man CSM unit and leave only two Havocs alive. The Helbrute kills a GK termie in assault, but they stay locked.

I get the 10 CSM in rhino out to claim an objective. Spawn move across the table, but fail a 7" charge into henchmen even with rerolls. I pen the hovering Raven twice with the Havocs, but it Jinks them both away. The Oblits open up on The assassin henchmen and kill 4 including the Techmarine.

Turn 6

Coteaz jumps on the Helbrute and immobilizes it in assault. Henchmen finish off the last two Oblits. Both ravens are needed to kill. The last Oblits from the first squad.

Spawn charge into henchmen and wipe them out, they then consolidate to contest an objective. Oblits shoot up one assassin, only one they can see, but the last two fail their leadership test and run away.

Game ends with Greg having two objectives and me one. I win KP by one and we tie on the secondary objectives.

This was a fun close game. Not one sided at all. Both players had chances to win and both players inflicted heavy casualties on the opponent. Mass carnage on both sides. Just the way 40k was meant to be played.
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Re: Chaos Space Marines strike back!

Postby Lord Krungharr » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:02 pm

My only critique is the Helbrute should've had the twinlinked lascannon :mrgreen:
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Re: Chaos Space Marines strike back!

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:03 pm

Lord Krungharr wrote:My only critique is the Helbrute should've had the twinlinked lascannon :mrgreen:

At the very least it should have had a fist.
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