Grey Knights vs Daemons, Feast of Blades Practice

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Grey Knights vs Daemons, Feast of Blades Practice

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:55 pm

I had Fateweaver, Bloodthirster (Grimoire, Hellfire Gaze), DP Khorne (4+ FNP, Blood Blade, and the S8/AP4 shot), 16 Bloodletters, 11 Horrors, Skullcannon, CSM DP Nurgle (Shorty) w Mastery 3/Brand/Familiar/Gift (got nothin'), 10 Cultists, Heldrake. Flying Monster Mash, though my psychic powers kinda sucked. Fatey got Flame Breath and Prescience (instead of sunburst I think, and Scrier's Gaze) and Haemorrhage and Psychic Shriek (rather than Terrify). Shorty got Plague Wind, Endurance (that was good) and Warp Speed.

My opponent had 1 unit of 5 Interceptors, a Storm Raven w 5 Strike Squadders, another Rhino w 5 Strike Squadders, Coteaz in Chimera w Jokaero and 3 plasmacannon servitors, 3 psyfle Dreads, Riptide/Commander, 8 Firewarriors.

Scouring (objectives in a 6-pack formation pretty much all out in the open), Vanguard Strike, lots of terrain in the way but none too tall, he had the Skyshield way in the corner with Riptide, Chimera, 2 Dreads up top. Firewarriors in ruins near Pad w another Dread behind that, Rhino on other side of ruins.

I had Cultists in ruins near my 3 point objective w the 4 big boys closer to him on my left side, the 4 pointer was near the ruins and Skyshield on his side. I got 1st turn but Coteaz seized with his stupid Seizing reroll (jerk!).

Killed my Thirster top of 1. I veered and Swooped all towards the center on the way to his ruins, and killed some firewarriors and a hull point on the Rhino.

Turn 2 he failed to do much to my FMCs, Shorty lived, though he ended up with 3 wounds on him! Then I killed 1 Firewarrior with my Heldrake, as I forgot to use the DaemonForge. Skullcannon came in a failed to kill a Dread on the Pad, but exploded the Coteaz Chimera! Bloodletters just ran onto a 2 point objective. Shorty and Fatey went to kill stuff on the pad, and killed all but Coteaz, leaving him with 1 wound.

Turn 3 Fatey got Grounded and assaulted and dead from the Interceptors. SkullCannon got Stunned (they don't have Resilience like the Soul Grinder darn it). His StormRaven came in and shot up the Bloodletters, I think I still had 11 after that though out of 16. Heldrake Vector Struck some Firewarriors and Flamed the Interceptors (w Daemon Forge), they went away. Shorty Glided up onto the Pad and assaulted Coteaz killing him, and regaining a Wound from Endurance. DP of Khorne (Bloody) Vector Struck a Dread behind the ruins, nothing; shot his S8/AP4 shot at the rear and missed. Bloodletters just ran forward more, encroaching on the 4 point objective.

Turn 4, Shorty died to shooting despite a 4+ invul and FNP. Heldrake lost a hull point AND the Baleflamer (crud). More Storm Raven shooting Bloodletters but in Hover Mode. His dudes got out and shot them too. Only 5 or 6 left then. Horrors dropped on my right side between the two 3 point objectives, failing to shoot the Strike Squadders there in the middle on his side. Bloody went up to kill a Riptide and Sweeping Advanced them to death, that was really good news for my remaining Troops, then consolidated 6" to get off the Pad to hide from the Dreads up there. Heldrake failed to Vector a Dread on his way out. Warp Storm turned a Strike Squadder into a Herald of Khorne.

Turn 5, he killed the Khorne Herald and few Bloodletters near the 4 pointer. Killed most of the Cultists but 2 remained, and only ran away 4", to actually be even nearer the 3 pointer over there :) Horrors had 2 guys left. Warp Storm gave me 11 new Bloodletters over by the Horrors, who ran over to contest that middle 3 point objective (that pissed him off a little bit).
Cultists regrouped to be Scoring again. Bloody Swooped over to contest the 4 pointer which had the Storm Raven dudes on it. Storm Raven was still hovering for some reason, I think so it could just swing around rather than going off the board since it was Turn 5. My Drake was back in on a 2 point objective.

Turn 6 was rolled. He killed all but 5 Bloodletters, and the 2 Horrors, Grounded Bloody, and Force Weaponed him to death BOOOOO!. My Drake tried to Vector Strike the 4 pointer dudes, but only killed 1 and they stuck. It did achieve Linebreaker because in the Scouring it's a Scoring unit (otherwise I don't think that counts). My Bloodletters went down to 2 on Overwatch, but combat was tied with zero kills for either of us, contesting the 3 pointer.

So he had 1st Blood, Slay and 4 pointer =6

I had Slay, Linebreaker, 3 pointer (Cultists!), and +1 for killing the Interceptors (FA unit)=6. So it was a draw.

That was a pretty fun list to use, though it's certainly easy to pick off 1 monster at a time. I'm not going to the Feast, but the GK dude better get some more Troops! At least I can potentially randomly spawn some more.
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