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A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:15 pm
by Generalissimo_Fred
Time to bring the pain.

HQ - Farseer, Jetbike, spirit stone, spear
HQ - Farseer, Jetbike, spear
TR - 5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent, Holofields, brightlance
Tr - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, holofield, scatter laser
Tr - 10 Guardians, Wave Serpent, holofield, scatter laser
Tr - 9 Rangers
Tr - 3 Jetbikes
FA - 5 Warp Spiders
FA - 5 Warp Spiders
Hv - 3 War Walkers, star cannons
Hv - Nightspinner
Hv - Wraithknight

I made some changes. I added a second Farseer and put them both on bikes so they can keep up with the Wraithknight and buff him more effectively. I added a small Jetbike squad for the Farseers to fly around with to LoS wounds to. I added Star cannons to the war walkers to help pick off Broadside units more effectively. I split the 10 Spiders into 5-man squads to better hunt down small backfield squads. A 10 man unit is to valuable to go hunting weak units. To get the points for changes I lost the Spiritseer and saved 95pts by changing the Wraithguard into Dire Avengers.

Game 1 vs. Chaos

This was a foot chaos list with a Storm Eagle flyer loaded with 9 chaos terminators and a lord. The Farseers got fortune and Forewarning which let the Wraithknight get a 3+/4+ rerollable. Worst still is that I stole the initiative on him. The WK went ape Nutz in his lines and was unstoppable. The game was called on turn 2. I had 2 hours to kill for lunch. Chris Hill stopped by and we went to eat. When we got back the round was just ending and I watched everyone's armies as the rest of the tourney went to lunch.

Game 2 vs. Necrons

This game was against Sam again, my round 2 opponent from last month. He has loads of armor 13 vehicles and I took out the Wraithguard for Dire Avengers. Not good. He got the WK down to one wound wound right away, but fortune saved him for the rest of the game. I was having trouble cracking all the armor 13 vehicles until the 5-man Spider squads deep struck in on turn 3 behind the vehicles and lit them up from the rear. The Necron shooting degraded quickly after that and I was able to concentrate on the Nightscythes to bring them down for the win.

Game 3 vs. Iyanden Eldar

This list had 2 Wraithknights in it, an artillery battery, lots of 3-man Jetbike squads, Kroot, tau buff commander and 10 Wraithguard joined by 5 Spiritseers and Eldrad. This mission was Relic and kill points as primary. I went first and focused the war walkers on the Wraithguard with star cannons, but the majority toughness 6 meant I wounded on 4's and Eldrad sucked up a bunch of wounds. I only killed 2-3 Wraithguard.

On the bottom of turn 1 the Spiritseers rolled two Quicken powers which added 6" to the battle focus roll of the Wraithguard. They moved 6" battle focused 12" and were on the relic turn 1. On top of that the movement surprised me and the Wraithguard killed my 3 Jetbikes and the regular Farseer. Holy moly.

I moved everything as far from the Wraithguard in the center as possible and began trying to take out all the other units. I killed the artillery, 2 units of Jetbikes, a Spiritseer from the Wraithstar unit and both Wraithknights. One WK dropped to the Rangers and 10 Guardians who got out to rend it to death. The other WK hugged the area terrain in the center where the Wraithguard were and took longer to drop. Eventually he came out to assault the Guardians and my WK finished him off.

The Wraithguard were not coming out of the center because they held the relic and I was up on KP by one. I moved my Warlord Farseer to close to the center and they battle focused out to kill him. This meant they dropped the relic. I had two more easy KP to get and was tied on KP. Instead of getting the KP and securing the draw I got greedy and shot everything into the Wraithguard unit holding the relic. One Guard could grab it next turn and he was taking all the wounds, but he made all his saves. Next turn the easy KP I ignored took out my rangers to get KP and I lost the game.

I lost focus of my plan at the end and got greedy and deserved to lose. I like the changes I made since last month. It makes the list more deadly overall. The WK never died. It totally won the game in its own game 1 with the help of the two Farseers powers. Game 2 I was really missing the Wraithguard to help take out the Necron armor, but the split squads of Spiders saved the day. Game 3 looked bad for me on paper, but despite facing 2 Wraithknights to my one, I took them both out. The rending abilities of the guardians proved the difference. In game 2+3 the rangers proved valuable. Game 2 they hunted on an objective and went to ground each turn in front of a Monolith. Game 3 they helped to take out both enemy Wraithknights, but fell to an outflanking squad of Kroot. The Nightspinner had glorious targets all 3 games, but scattered every shot except 2. I don't think it killed much of anything, but that was not from a lack of targets. I just rolled bad. The War Walkers were very underwhelming. Not sure if it was just a lack of targets for the star cannons. The War Walkers could easily turn into a second WK. That would help offset the lose of the Wraithguard as a antitank unit. I have a feeling I just had poor matchups for the war walkers. I am going to need them against Braodsides or Dark Reapers with str 8 missiles eventually. I will need to find a second source of easy anti armor. The lone WK is not enough. I wonder if exchanging the star cannons for Brightlances in the War walkers will give me the second source of anti armor I need while still being able to deal with broadsides.

Re: A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:21 am
by DaGrippster
Good reports, thanks. I like the list a lot. Do you put shuriken cannons on the serpents? I think having a few more twin linked str 6 shots is awesome, if you have the points for it.

I always run brightlances on my war walkers; still great against the broadsides and 6 guided brightlances will ruin any tank's day. I have thought about running two squads of two though, with starcannons and brightlances.

Also, how were the wraithguard running and shooting you in the third game? They do not have battle focus.

Re: A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:18 am
by Generalissimo_Fred
The scatter laser serpents have shuriken cannons. They are great. The brightlance serpent does not since it can't get twin linked and I needed the points.

In the Iyanden codex the Spiritseers replace conceal with another power that grants battle focus to the Wraithguard. Couple this with multiple Quiken powers which stack +3" to the run roll and I was taken back by how far they can move and fire 10 Wraithcannons at you. A similar list nearly tabled Bill Kims and his Circus Daemons at Nova this year. According to Bill this is the 3rd most powerful army build right now and the least played of the top 5. The trick is Battle Focus will not work with any non codex Eldar units so the Tau Commander should have prevented the unit from using Battle Focus. Still it is plenty powerful, just not as awesome sauce if you could still attach the Tau buff commander to it.

Re: A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:44 pm
by DaGrippster
Ah, I see. That's what I get for not being bothered to read any of the supplements.

Re: A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:34 pm
by Cptn_Snuggles

How did you like the 5 man warp spider unit for "hunting"? I like the idea of deep striking it later in the game.

Did you attach both farseers to the 3 man jetbike squad to keep them alive?


Re: A Wraithknight at the September AWC

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:10 pm
by Generalissimo_Fred
The 5-man warp Spider units were great. I was really reckless with their deep strikes because they are cheap and have a small footprint. It paid off really well. They dropped behind armor 13 tanks and killed them. They dropped in front of hiding jetbike squsds and killed them to.

I wanted 2 farseers on Jetbikes to get 6 psychic powers and the mobility to put those powers where I wanted. I saw I had no where to hide the Farseers in my army so the 3-man Jetbike squad became the hiding spot. None of the farseers died until I lost them in the 3rd game, but without the tau Buff commander I would not have lost any of them. The real value from the twin Jetseers was the ability to keep the WK alive and kicking all game long. In the past he would move out of walking Farseer range and quickly die. Now I could keep up with Fortune or Invisibility or Forewarning to keep him alive.