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ATC 2013 Battle Reports

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:55 pm
by DaGrippster
So this past weekend was the Warhammer 40k American Team Championships down in Nashville, TN. My team was composed of:
Me (Tony Grippando): Orks/ necrons
Brian Grippando: Tyranids
Tim Gorham: Necrons
Tony Malave: IG/ SOB
Kareem Abrahamson: Chaos/Demons

So for those who don't want to read the battle reports and are just curious how we did, the team placed 6th out of I think 36 teams. Not too bad considering that two of our original players had dropped within the last three weeks; I was happy just to get a team down there honestly.
Also, Tim won best Necrons and I won best Orks so we walked away with something.

The ATC mission is the same in all the games, and only the deployment varies. Winning kill points is 8 points, 5 objectives is another 8 points, and the emperors will (bases) is 8 points. 2 points are awarded for warlord, first blood, and line breaker for a grand total of 30 points per round.

My list was: 2000 pts
Warboss- bike, claw, cybork body
big mek- kustom force field
30 slugga boyz- nob, claw, bosspole
30 slugga boyz- nob, claw, bosspole
30 shoota boys
30 shoota boyz
20 shoota boyz
10 grots , runtherd

cryptek w/ solar pulse
cryptek w/ voltaic staff
5 warriors in nightscythe
5 warriors in nightscythe
6 wraiths
annihilation barge

Last year I played orks, I didn't have a single bad matchup with my orks and there wasn't really any games my opponents had a chance. This year, that was not the case. There are a lot more bad matchups for orks now and dying from the front in 6th edition really slows down the advance. The main strategy really is to hope that there are enough bodies left after you spend 5 turns pulling models off the board. However, the necrons help a lot as allies because they can take a bunch of heat off the boyz. The wraiths were instrumental in winning nearly all of my games, even if they just soaked up fire.

Game One- I forget his name and team name (long weekend) but he was a cool guy who played space wolves.

His list had 4 rune priests with jaws, a bunch of grey hunters in pods, a librarian with null zone and some long fangs. As we began the game I couldn't remember why I had taken this matchup, this is not good for orks on paper. Also, with the missile launcher long fangs and null zone the wraiths need to stay very well hidden.

He wins the roll to go first, and elects to let me go first. The deployment in this round is dawn of war and automatic first turn night fight. I deploy the huge blob of orks in the middle, alternating shoota slugga shoota slugga shoota for my squads. I make sure to wrap at least one boy from every unit back to the big mek so they all get the 5+ cover. I put the warboss on the left, big mek in the middle, and wraiths on the right so that when he drops down he cannot get more than one of those things with a single jaws. The annihilation barge goes on the right side but basically does nothing this game.

I move forward, have nothing to shoot, await the pain that is about to come down.

He drops one pod with two priests off to my far left, and three pods centrally located forming a wall in the middle. He deploys two squads behind and the librarian and space marines in front. With his first jaws, he kills my warboss. Ouch. With the rest of the shooting he manages to kill a bunch of boyz but nothing significant.

On my turn, neither night scythe comes in, then a boyz squad on the left charges his squad over there, a second squad charges the squad in the middle, the wraiths charge his librarian and unit, assisted by a boyz mob. Anything that didn't have something to charge shoots his unit behind the pod wall. He pops his wolf standards, and few space wolves die, many boyz die but I know i will win the battle of attrition. The librarian and his unit are wiped out.

His last pod with guys inside does not come in, and most of his army is engaged. This is a big turn for me as my wraiths are hidden from the long fangs, then he fails one jaws test and I deny the other! In the assault phase, I whittle down and begin to finish off his wolf units now that they are not rerolling ones and counter charging any more.

I roll and neither night scythe comes in again. I move my wraiths to charge his only unit left unengaged besides the long fangs. some boyz move to shoot and position themselves on objectives and finish off any stragglers. In my assault phase all the remaining grey hunters are killed. He has one pod coming in and 2 long fang squads left and that is it.

His squad comes in, and deploys near my home base, but interestingly enough he does not measure to put them within 3" of the objective so they are roughly 4-5 inches away. He doesn't have much left to do but shoot a few orks down but it doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, with all of the combats taking forever, we have run out of time. This almost costs me big, as I have 5 kill points still off the board! Luckily, I am so far ahead that I still manage to win by one kill point. I think I end up winning 27-3. If he had checked to put his guys on my objective, it would have been 24-7 so I dodged a couple bullets there. Neither of us was playing slow, the assaults just take forever when we are both rolling so many dice and moving models multiple times.

The team ends up winning the first round with a minor win, i think it was 85-65.

More to come later.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:23 am
by Generalissimo_Fred
More, more, more.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:26 am
by Cptn_Snuggles

Congrats on placing 6th! I know it's a competitive field and you guys had a lot of change this year at the last minute. Looking forward to reading more.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:18 am
by DaGrippster
Thanks for the support guys! I was very pleased with how we did, Kareem and Tony really stepped up. Basically I called to see if they wanted to be on the team and the next day they had to send me a final army list to submit for the tournament. We could have done a much better job with lists.

So, on to round two...

Our team played against The General Staff. Great people, I played against their team this year at adepticon as well.
I drew Alexis, who was playing Tau. How bad can it be, i thought. A girl playing Tau, I should be fine. I was about to find out how wrong i was...

Her list was a commander with a bunch of drones and a crisis team, two riptides, two broadside squads, 2 firewarriors in transports, 2 fire warriors on ground, and a skyray.

The deployment this round is dawn of war with fast attack scoring. Alexis wins the roll to go first and deploys across the front with her units.

I deploy 150 boys in the middle, barge in the middle behind a ridge, and wraiths on the far left.

I fail to seize, and after the dust settles, I have lost 50 boyz to just one round of shooting. She didn't move anything, just shot, and a third of my army is dead. This is the point I start to get worried.

On my turn, I move the boyz forward and the wraiths on the left. The annihilation barge fires at a devilfish to no result.

She shuffles a little, and this is where I think she makes her game loosing mistake. Instead of shooting/ moving away from the wraiths, she continues to shoot boyz. I lose a lot more boyz and it is unpleasant. Also, her crisis team manages to kill the annihilation barge.

At this point, I know my only way to get some points out of this game is to go into full troop killing mode. The wraiths are in charge range so they multi charge a fire warrior unit and a devil fish, killing the fish and the firewarriors stick in combat. There is no way she is letting the boyz touch her lines so they settle down to take a few more turns of shooting. One of the night scythes comes in this turn but of course it is intercepted and killed.

More boyz are shot. Cover is no use against marker lights and smart missiles. The boyz are all wondering why the hell the big mek is even there if his stupid force field doesn't even work. wraiths weirdly enough continue to not murder all of the fire warriors, which this turn is a bad thing because that means I will finish them during my turn.

During my turn, i bring my night scythe on and kill her other squad of fire warriors on foot with it. Troop wise, all she has left is the squad stuck with my wraiths, and 2 squads way back by her home base objective near the wraith combat. I basically have nothing to do with 90% of my army this game except for get shot and die. Interestingly enough, the epic wraith vs. fire warrior fight drags on! There's hope I can sneak some points out after all.

On Alexis turn, she realizes that she has to make a play for objectives. I have a 20 boy mob left, and a 5 boy mob. Some necrons from reserve are manning my backfield objective. She grabs one objective with fire warriors, but only one can reach. She kills some necrons, but not enough to shoot them off the objectives. Riptides contest two objectives, and the crisis team another. At this point she has her home base, I have mine, and the objective count is 1 to 0. Kill points are not even close, she is crushing me. Luckily, the wraiths finally end the combat and massacre towards her home base.

During my turn, the wraiths move to contest her home base. I now have 1-0 on bases. The orks move on top of the objective the fire warriors are on, and kill the 1 fire warrior who was holding the objective with their pistols. I am now winning objectives 1-0. The game ends and I sneak out an 18-12 victory!

Wow, this was one of my toughest games ever. I think I was just as shocked as she was that I ended up winning. I have had games where I lose a lot of models but there is something very mentally draining about literally not being able to do anything about it. She had me by the balls the whole game and she knew it, I think she just needed to play a little more aggresively and protect her troops better to be able to win.

The rest of the team does well, and we have scored another win! This time, i think it was 86-64. We are getting minor wins and I know that if we want to be competitive we are going to have to start winning more points each round...

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:13 am
by Redbeard
DaGrippster wrote:... I have lost 50 boyz to just one round of shooting...

:shock: You told me you'd keep them alive! 8)

Keep the reports coming.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:41 am
by DaGrippster
Redbeard wrote: :shock: You told me you'd keep them alive! 8)

Well, I managed to keep 5 of them alive :shock: The things I would have done for some battlewagons that game...

So round Three we play against a team called Borderlands gaming, and I draw EJ and his imperial guard.

His list was very simple.
Lord commisar
50 man blob, autocannons
50 man blob, autocannons
50 man blob, lascannons

2 rune priests
10 grey hunters

Skyshield pad

Deployment is vanguard strike, and I win the roll and choose to let EJ go first. there are two objectives in the middle, 2 close to him and one off to the side. This is perfect for me unless he plays aggresively and the combats happen away from his back objectives. My biggest concern in this game is time. If EJ plays slow/stalls he can probably win as I won't have enough time to get to his objectives. Luckily, he is a straight shooter and as a fellow horde player understands the logistics of fast play.

He deploys his skyshield in the middle with the lascannon blob on top. They are flanked on both sides by an autocannon blob. His grey hunter unit deploys to my far left and he puts the rune priests in autocannon squads, and the commisar on the landing pad.

I have a big line of sight blocking ruin on my left, so thats where the wraiths and annihilation barge go. Boyz deploy across the front with the warboss and mek in the middle. Really, the deployment for the boyz rarely changes. There is only so much space.

I do not try to seize and the game begins.

He moves the grey hunters up a bit, and nothing else. Shooting sees some orks dead but my warlord trait is stealth in ruins, on a city fight board so it is going to be tough to kill many boyz.

I move the green tide forward between 7 and 12 inches with runs and difficult terrains. wraiths move forward on the left, avoiding line of sight from the lascannons. barge kills a few grey hunters.

His grey hunters move up and rapid fire into the wraiths, to minimum effect. He does some first rank second rank fire, but with a 3+ cover save running around, it is just not enough.

On my turn, the wraiths move up to the far left corner of his left blob. 2 squads of boyz also advance to the same squad, but they are in the middle of the board. A shoota boy mob moves to my left to shoot and charge the grey hunters, wiping them out. On my right, 2 mobs move up towards his right blob but they will be out of charge range. I call the waagh this turn, and kill a few guardsmen with shooting. The wraiths charge in first, and absorb the overwatch from the blob. I think it does one wound, because they are hidden from most of the squad. The two boys mobs then charge in. After lots of initiative steps and dice rolling, all he has left is a rune priest with one wound, and 2 heavy weapon bases. Go orks! one boyz mob makes it in but the other cannot reach, so they are left in the open.

On his turn, a majority of his squad (40/50) moves underneath the landing pad to triple fire on the ork unit that had just left the combat. He kills a bunch of them, there are probably about 12 left. In the assault phase, i finish off his unit and massacre closer to the pad.

This is where my wraiths really come in handy again. I jump them on top of the landing pad, so that instead of getting overwatched by 40 guys it will only be 10 that are still topside. They charge in and so do the boyz, and after most of them, including the commisar, are killed EJ concedes defeat. I have just mulched through too many guardsmen too quickly, there is not much else he can really do as the last blob is going down next.

Team once again scores somewhere in the 80s. Another minor win, at the very least we are consistent.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:57 am
by Generalissimo_Fred
Game 2 is an awesome display of playing to the objective. Any codex can win in this edition if you play to the objectives of the game. To many people forget that and look at armies in a vacuum of victory points.

Your pregame thoughts in game 3 were spot on as well. An assault army wants objectives in the enemy deployment zone. They usually can not afford to hold something back to guard objectives in the backfield. Great job so far. It's to bad you don't travel more to tourneys. I think you would be recognized as one of the top horde playes in the country. Something our ETC team is lacking IMO.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:45 am
by DaGrippster
Generalissimo_Fred wrote:Game 2 is an awesome display of playing to the objective. Any codex can win in this edition if you play to the objectives of the game. To many people forget that and look at armies in a vacuum of victory points.

Your pregame thoughts in game 3 were spot on as well. An assault army wants objectives in the enemy deployment zone. They usually can not afford to hold something back to guard objectives in the backfield. Great job so far. It's to bad you don't travel more to tourneys. I think you would be recognized as one of the top horde playes in the country. Something our ETC team is lacking IMO.

Thanks Fred, I appreciate that. Honestly though, I think had I been on the other side of the board with any of those lists playing against myself, I would have crushed the orks.
As far as traveling to more tournaments, I would love to but it is just too expensive and tough to get away from school very often. I'm looking into going to NOVA this year but I think it's just going to be too much money.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:36 pm
by Cptn_Snuggles
It'd be great if you can make it out to NOVA. I think there is at least 4 of us so far; Jeff W, Greg H, Tim G, and myself. I think B-Rad might be going too, haven't heard the verdict.

I'm frantically trying to get my army painted before NOVA, but I really need some practice games in. Let's try if you have some time.

Nicely done on playing the objectives. It's easy to get swept up in the "kill-em-all". With the mobility you get from the necrons it is huge to help dictate the battle on your terms. Sucks when all you're doing is pulling orks off though!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:20 am
by DaGrippster
Ok, on to round 4- We play against Skul N bones, Clark Welch the best general's team.

My draw is Nick with Venom spam dark eldar. I begin to wonder why I'm such a masochist to keep giving myself these matchups. I guess it's for "the good of the team" and all that crap. :lol:

His list:
6x warriors in venoms
20 man beast unit, forget what they are called but they are the dog looking ones.
3 ravagers

Farseer on bike
some jetbikes

I am kind of worried about this game. I've played this matchup a couple times in 5th edition and the orks have handled it no problem but 6th is a different ball game. My biggest fear is that he will prescience his big beast unit, charge two squads and pretty much annihilate them. Between that and all venoms concentrating somewhere else i will be running out of bodies quickly.

However, while doing pregame psychic powers, i pretty much know I am going to win when he rolls on the eldar table and gets doom, but then switches it out for guide! Maybe he wasn't as comfortable with the army, but doom would have been a HUGE deal in this game. He wins the roll to go first, and deploys everything somewhat centrally located, with the beasts front and center. I deploy the boyz midfield, wraiths on my far right. I roll to seize, and I do!

I move everything up, with one unit of boyz screening my other mobs. I move my wraiths up on the right flank. Barge does nothing, unfortunately. If i was him, I would move the beasts straight up, prescience them, shoot my screening unit with the venoms, and charge a couple mobz behind with the beasts. he can afford to throw away the beasts to kill 2 mobs.

Instead of doing what I would have done, he sends the beasts after the wraiths. Uhh... ok. He only manages to get several in combat, does one wound and then the wraiths kill a couple dogs. We are locked in combat, as the farseer is with them with the shard of anaris.

On my turn, one nightscythe comes in. I deploy where I can shoot one venom down, then deploy the guys inside to voltaic staff another. I send two mobs of boys to bailout the wraiths; when I have the charge and control the action, the orks are much more effective. The other mobs run straight forward to apply pressure to his units. Shooting kills 3 venoms. In the assault phase, I kill all of the dogs and beast masters. All that is left is the farseer and the baron. He is shaken up from the loss of the beasts and the rest of the game at this point is clean up.

I think if he had moved flat out with everything to get away this turn, he would have still had a shot at more points. Instead, he shuffles everything and takes some shots, but it doesn't do much. His jetbikes come in from reserves and jet in to my deployment zone after joining with the farseer. Baron, the warlord, is hiding in his corner.

In my turn, I kill the baron with the wraiths and the boyz kill some stuff in his deployment zone. This goes on for a few more turns as I try to chase down the farseer and bikes, but can't quite get them. They are all he has left at the end of the game, but he sticks them in my deployment zone to get linebreaker.

Victory for the orks, 27-3!