1850 Necron vs Tau

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1850 Necron vs Tau

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Thu May 23, 2013 12:30 pm

I wanted another try against Tau, but this time with my Necrons. I have had a bit of success so far against the Tau with Deamons, but Crons don’t seem (on paper) to stack up very well with Tau, so lets see if that holds true.

I took my Adeticon list as its fairly balanced, and the best build I own. My opponent (Aaron) has played his Tau a handful of times, and we will see the results.

My List

Lord w. scythe, weave, MS Scarabs.

5 x Haywire Crypteks
3 x Abyssal Staff Crypteks (ride w/ Deathmarks)

5 Deathmarks w/ Scythe
5 Deathmarks w/ Scythe

5 Warriors
5 Warriors w/ ghost Ark
5 Warriors w/ Scythe

5 Wraiths
5 Wratihs (1 coil)

2 x Ann. Barges


Opponents List

Super Commander (T5, FNP, Drone controller, 2 fusion guns, powers, you name it)

5 x Stealth team (1 fusion)
Riptide w/ smart missiles/S7 3 shot gun that can overcharge to pieplates

6 pathfinders
10 Carbine drones and 4 markerlight drones

15 Kroot
12 Fire Warriors
12 Fire Warriors

Hammerhead w/ super character
Broadsides/ all arms and shoulders were missiles, each had 2 missile drones
Sniper Team w/ 10 Sniper drones.

We roll up an Adepticon style mission and get Emporer’s will (2 objectives) and Kill Points. Deployment is Dawn of War.

We place terrain and I grab what LOS blocking terrain I can and try to make a wall at the halfway point of the board to hide behind. Aaron in turn is placing terrain at the back of his table edge as much as possible to leave a killing zone in front of his army.
Warlord traits….I get re-roll reserves, Tau get all units within 12” of the warlord reroll shots that are “1’s” for one phase.

We roll off and I win. If I go first…….I will move, shoot, not do much damage, and wait for reserves, while Aaron gets first blood. I don’t like it. I go second, hide as best I can, put majority of stuff in reserve, use reserve boost, and spring the whole army on the Tau bottom of 2, hopefully taking away 2 shooting phases. As much as it pained me, I relinquish first turn. Then I say “wait!!” think about letting the Tau plaster me for two turns…….wonder if this is the right approach, then give Aaron first turn again…….not feeling comfortable though.

Aaron deploys his Snipers, and a fire warrior squad hunkered down in some central ruins. Broadsides and Riptide sit out front. The other fire warrior squad hangs out nearby as well. The commander and drones sit nearby as well. Pathfinders sit in some terrain away from the army, for markerlight duty. Stealthsuits infiltrate, Kroot/bomber in reserve. His objective is near his ruins, my objective is placed behind a rock wall in the center of my deployment zone.

With markerlights AND a hammerhead, my AV13 vehicles are almost assured giving up first blood, so I try to figure out a deployment that doesn’t put any vehicles out, yet I deploy enough units, and they aren’t all shot dead in 2 turns before the army shows up. The only real safe place to hide are the 2 extreme corners in my deployment zone. I pick the corner away from the Riptide/drone squad and deploy both wraith units. I would love to deepstrike them, but they are the only real unit I can deploy safely. I need to deploy 4 units to be legal, so I attach Trazyn to one blob of Wraiths, and 2+ overlord to the other wraith squad. Everything else is cruising in. I think I am safely away from his army, but we will see. Stealth team infiltrates in my deployment zone, but in the opposite corner as my wraiths.

Top 1. Tau don’t have much to see/target. Riptide and drone blob creep forward for future shots. The Riptide overcharges and sends a S8 blast into Trazyns unit, killing 2 wraiths. The rest of the Tau army manages to kill another wraith from the other unit. Not much damage and I breathe a little easy.

Bttm 1. I don’t have much to do so the 2 Wraith squads jump forward and run, placing themselves out of LOS as much as possible. I hate turns like this, and being patient. Lets see if it pays off.

Top 2. Kroot come in, but on the opposite flank of the wraiths. Bomber does not come in. Riptide burns himself overcharging engines. Drones encircle the Riptide to protect him from the Deathmarks coming in. The Tau kill another Wraith, and wound 2 more, but not much else. I am feeling really good about this as I have essentially denied the Tau 2 turns of shooting.

Btm 2. I roll reserves, and thanks to re-roll, everything comes in. Here is my chance to do some damage to this army. I need to get first blood, kill some smaller units to get Kill points, and ideally get to damage some of his troop units. One squad of Deathmarks, mark the Stealth team, fire up the flamer, and only kill 3/5. My Ghost Ark and Ann. Barges come in near the kroot and unload everything into them. I manage to kill 12 kroot including the shaper. They roll morale and break. Still….no first blood. My other Deathmark Squad pours fire into the drone unit killing everything except 5 drones and the commander. Aaron has his Riptide intercept my warrior Scythe, he hits 3 times, but no penetrating hits…..Scwhew!!. Tesla cannon unloads on the fire warriors and I kill a measly one. The other 2 Scyuthes don’t have much to shoot at after dumping the deathmarks, so they fire on the riptide. I manage 10 wounds, and the riptide failed 2 saves putting him at 3 wounds on him. The wraiths in the center jump behind some ruins and wait to spring next turn. The other wraith unit endures a pile of overwatch, but 2 wraiths get into the pathfinders. I don’t break them and we stay locked up. That will keep my wraiths alive, but I didn’t get first blood. I did a fair amount of damage, and his Riptide cant fire top of 3, so I feel pretty good.

Top 3. Bomber does not come in. Kroot rally with snake eyes!!! Drones and commander mark up the ghost ark. Hammerhead burns the markerlights and ignores my cover. (yikes). He fires, hits, and glances……..I take a deep breath. His broadsides unload on the warrior scythe, I jink one pen. roll, but the other does a Hull point. Still no first blood. Aaron fires the rest of his army at the Deathmarks and manages to drop the last of the unit with his last shooting unit. I roll reanimation protocols and…….nothing gets up, first blood to the Tau. Pathfinder lose melee to the wraiths but are not run down, they fall back a few inches.

Btm 3. The 2 wraiths that just busted up the Pathfinders jump around the broken squad to recharge (and get me some much needed KP). The pathfinders go down. The other wraith unit jump from behind the ruin and is 5” from the broadsides. My “jinked” Scythe, flies up near the broadsides/hammer head and disembark. I pour 2 haywire crypteks and the warrior unit into the Hammerhead and manage 4 glances (they had to snapshot since the flyer jinked). Aaron calmly makes ¾ jink saves. My warriors disembark from the Ghost Ark so they can charge the stealth team of 2. I like my chances in melee over getting through the 2+ cover save. I fail the 5” charge through terrain. Ghost ark and a scythe finish off the Kroot. Deathmarks that are alive hop into a scythe and zoom in front of the ruins stuffed full of Tau. My shooting from the 2 scythes kills 8 of the fire warriors from a squad. Lightning arks kill a drone from the broadside squad. Both Ann barges fire on the commander and his 5 drones, but manage a mere wound to the commander, all the drones make their saves. I have a ton of threats for the Tau to deal with, and I have a unit of 4 wraiths ready to possibly charge. If I charge, his insane amount of Overwatch will probably kill 2-3 wraiths, and I will need a 7-9” charge. My gut says I will just be giving the Tau a chance to kill my models in my turn, so the wraiths run towards the broadsides. Not a great turn, but still doing damage, and feeling like Ive got the Tau in a rough spot.

Top 4. Bomber comes in and bombs my warriors near the Hammerhead. I go to ground and lose a warrior. The bomber then blows my Scythe full of Deathmarks out of the sky. Stealthteam kills a cryptek and 2 warriors form my ghost ark squad. None come back. The rest of the army kills my 4 wraiths in front of the broadsides, as well as a few warriors that went to ground during the bombing.

Btm 4. Ghost Ark creates 2 warriors to bring the squad to full strength (minus the cryptek). This time I make the charge and wipe out the Stealth team. My gone to ground unit fire on the Hammerhead and manage to do 1 more hull point of damage. My 2 man wraith unit advances, but each of them is wounded. I don’t think I will survive overwatch so I wait, and hope the unit is a distraction. One Ann. Barge fires on the Bomber and Aaron jinks the pen roll. I do manage to force it to jink. The other barge fires on the drone team and the drones make ¾ armour saves, so I manage to kill a measly 1 drone. This game is really tight.

Top 5. Fire warriors cautiously sneek out of ruins to grab an objective. The broadsides/snipers/fire warriors manage to kill all the gone to ground warriors as well as the 2 wounded wraiths. The rest of the army fires at Trazyn and 5 warriors who are sitting near my objective, but his shooting merely wounds Trazyn twice and killing 2 warriors. Now Im starting to run out of scoring units.

Btm 5. Warriors that beat up the stealth team hop in a Scythe and sit near the Tau objective, ready to spring if there is a next turn. The empty scythe doesn’t have a good angle, so it flies and sits with its rear to the Broadsides. Hopefully this will be juicy enough to keep the broadsides form unloading on my scythe full of troops. I fire at his Riptide an manage 1 more wound. The Deathmarks that were evicted from the scythe take some desperate shots at the Riptide and I manage a rend…….Riptide fails the invul. save and goes down. The rest of my army fires at the Bomber and I don’t even manage to do a hull point. It is getting late and we roll to see if the game goes on and it does. Since its so late….we call the game.

Objectives. We each have 1

Kill Points
Tau Killed
Nightscythe 1 KP
2 x Wraith units 2 KP
Deathmark unit 1 KP
Warrior unit 1 KP

Total 5 KP

Necrons killed
Riptide 1 KP
Stealth Team 1 KP
Pathfinders 1 KP
Kroot 1 KP

Total 4 KP

Tau Win 5-4

Ouch a tough loss for the Necrons. Even if I had managed that last Hull point on the Hammerhead, or the bomber, I would have tied both objectives, but Aaron had tiebreaker with first blood. Either way it would have been a loss for my army.

That was a really tough game. My best army just got beat by the new Tau. Hmmm…..Im going to have to go tweek my list a little bit to account for the new Tau. I may have to lose a deathmark squad, and use those points for more wounds in my army.

If the game had gone on, I think it would have been REALLLY tough to pull out a win, as it would come down to whether the broadsides take down my flyer full of troops. Even if I get the troops to contest his objective, I would need the game to end, because if it went on beyond that, I would have had most my army shot dead.

These new Tau are tough for the Necrons. The mission was ideal for the Tau, but deployment was good for me (as it wasn’t hammer and anvil). I tried a unique deployment, that is unlike most my games that I play, and it didn’t pan out. I still think it was the best approach, but I just came up short. Another fun, tense game of 6th edition though so all in all a good night.
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Re: 1850 Necron vs Tau

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun May 26, 2013 8:17 pm

Excellent report. Thanks for the read. I learn a lot from these reports.
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