Fun Short Battle, Blood Angels vs Khorne Marines

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Fun Short Battle, Blood Angels vs Khorne Marines

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:27 pm

I had this Khorne list made and my buddy down here wanted to try out an all Sanguinary Guard list, so we did 1850, The Scouring, Dawn of War. Pretty symmetrical mirror image terrain, mostly jungle each side had a ruins, big jungle in the middle. Objectives pretty much strung throughout the middle.

BA List had like 5 or 6 squads of Sanguinary Guard w Infernus Pistol/DeathMasks, Dante, Honor Guard squad, Librarian/Jumpack, and I think 2 or 3 Sanguinary everything had jumpacks and 2+ saves and FNP.

My CSM list had:
JuggerLord/Axe of Blind Fury/Sigil/Gift of Mutation
8 Berzerkers/2 Plasma Pistols/PowerMaul n Plasma Pistol on Champ/Icon of Wrath/VOLTW
10 CSM/Khorne/CCW/Icon of Wrath/2 Melta Guns/VOLTW/Rhino w Dozer n Dirge
5 Khorne Termies/4 CombiMeltas/2 Chainfists (w 3 Power Axes)/Icon of Wrath/VOLTW
5 Spawn
Land Raider/Dirge/Dozer
3 Oblits/VOLTW
2 Oblits/VOLTW

I decided to go 2nd/deploy 2nd, he had 2 units on my right side in ruins, 1 unit my far left backcorner. I put Oblits and Khorne Marines in ruins near 2 objectives on my right, and more Oblits far left in terrain, Land Raider/Kharn/Berzerkers in center (deepstriking Termies). I seize Initiative and go first.
Oh, and Dante 'curses?' Kharn to make him -1 attack, Initiative, WS and wound...OUCH!

1a) Raider drives up 12" towards center right next to jungle and pops smoke. JuggerLord/Spawn go into jungle in center on objective. Rhino moves out of ruins and Khorne Marines disembark within 6" to still be in the ruins. Oblits plasma cannon left and right, killing only a total of 3 Sanguinary Guard despite cover saves and FNP.

1b) Left Sanguard unit flies up doing 2 wounds on a Spawn. Right Sanguard units fly out and Librarian tries to BloodLance the Land Raider and gets a hull point but that's it (after suffering a Perils wound for some other thing that didn't go off). Other unit shoots dead a couple Khorne Marines.
Left Sanguard unit charges Spawn/Lord unit, and apparently that unit had no characters and so the JuggerLord laid waste to the entire Sanguard unit, HOORAY! They consolidate 5" to the right, still in the jungle. Right Sanguard units fail their charge distances though suffer no Overwatch wounds.

2a) No Termies come in. Kharn and company disembark from Land Raider and proceed towards the Librarian Sanguard squad. Land Raider pivots to the right to position to hit the far right Sanguard unit. JuggerSpawn moves 12" to get the Lord out of terrain and pretty darn close to Librarian unit. Oblits (this time using twin-linked plasma guns) and Khorne Marines and Land Raider finish off the far right Sanguard unit. Kharnzerkers and Juggerspawns charge the Librarian squad. Lord Challenges, Librarian accepts, dies, Lord gets 2+ armor save now! 1 Sanguard manages to survive all of that, and 4 Berzerkers die (1 is the Champion due to Kharn's Betrayal.....that crazy bastard!). Juggerspawn and Kharnzerkers are still locked with that 1 dude, for now....

2b) Dante drops in with another Sanguard unit in the ruins right behind my Khorne Marines. I lose another couple, but cover saves because of ruins area terrain save me from the Infernus pistols. Honor guard with 3 melta guns drops into the jungle next to the Land Raider and do 1 hull point, AMAZINGly AND surprisingly ineffective. Last dude in assault dies, and Juggerspawn consolidates towards the Honor Guard, whilst remaining Kharnzerkers go towards my right ruins.

3a) Oblits in ruins (again they can use plasma cannons) and Khorne Marines shoot to death Dante and company. Honor Guard get minced by JuggerSpawns, and THE END.

This was a fun experiment, and though that Sanguinary Guard list is certainly not very competitive, I'm liking the Khorne factions alot more than I used to. I'm on the fence about Berzerkers vs Khorne Marines. And I think taking the Termies in the Land Raider could be better with some combi-plasma rather than combi-meltas; also maybe I could fit in more Oblits or a Heldrake in a 1999 list. Kharn is pretty awesome for the points, however another JuggerLord or Khorne Terminator Lord could also be worthwhile. Frankly Abaddon could be a good idea too, we shall see....
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