Vanilla marines vs. Grey Knights 1850pts

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Vanilla marines vs. Grey Knights 1850pts

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:37 pm

Christmas break from school means I can play 40k all week long. Last week I had the flu and had to cancel games, but now I am back with a vengeance. I met up with Greg at Games Plus for some games of 40k. Greg is waiting to kick everyone's butt with the new Dark Angels. Until then I can pick on him and his old Grey Knights. My list is as follows.

HQ - Librarian, terminator armor, storm shield, force axe, Nullzone, gate of infinity

El - Dreadnought
El - Dreadnought

Tr - 5 Scouts, Telion, camo cloaks
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Lascannon, flamer, meltabomb, Lazerback
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Plasmacannon, flamer
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Multimelta, meltagun, combimelta, powerfist, rhino, GK missile

Fa - 3 Attack Bikes
Fa - 3 Attack Bikes w/ multimeltas

Hv - Vindicator, siege shield
Hv - Whirlwind
Hv - Thunderfire cannon

Aegis Defense Line, Icarus Lascannon

We decided to play with the West Coast BAO rules. These take two book missions and play them at the same time.

Primary - Emperors Will. The winner of this objective will gain 4 victory points
Secondary - Relic. The winner of this objective will gain 3 victory points
Tertiary - First blood, line breaker, slay the warlord. Each of these is worth 1 victory point each.

Vanguard deployment + nightfight

I deploy the ADL diagonally over a hill in my deployment zone. I have my Emperors will objective just to the right of the ADL next to the Icarus. Greg deploys 10 Terminators deep in his corner backfield and out of the fight. The Dreadknight is deployed centrally behind a building and 10 Intercepters are next to it on his back end line. I go first.

Top of 1

I send 3 Attack bikes around the ADL to the left. The dreads climb over the line and go for the Relic. The Rhino moves up to the relic and the Vindicator follows driving over a ruin. The Lazerback stays behind the ADL, fires at the Intercepters and turns the light on them. The rest of the Vanillas open up in the Intercepters. Telion snipes a psycannon with the Icarus and I eventually kill 8 of them. The last two guys break and run off the board.

Mordrak, GK Librarian and 5 Ghost Knights deep strikes in next to the Vindicator and uses it to block Los from most of my army. The Dreadknight shunts up next to Mordrak. Combined fire immobilizes the Vindicator and kills two multimelta attack bikes.

Top of 2

Most of the GK army is out of range or Los. I send 5 melta shots into the Dreadknight, but shrouding protects him and I take off one wound. Telion snipes the Terminator Banner, but rolls a 1 to wound. He lives for now.

A Strike squad drops in next to the Vindicator using a teleport homer. The Librarian brings the 10 Terminators in through the Summoning power and everything is next to the Vindicator, next to my ADL and next to my Emperors Will objective. Shooting drops a few scouts and a few Tacticals.

Top of 3

My rhino squad is sitting in their rhino next to the relic. The 3 Heavy Bolter attack bikes are by them along with both Dreads. Everything else is behind the ADL and next to the GK army. The Whirlwind drops onto the Terminators and kills the Banner. A plasmacannon kills a few more. The Thunderfire cannons does 17 wounds to the Strike Squad and kills 6. I peck away at them and kill 3 more leaving one guy left.

The Dreadknight jumps over the Vindicator and Flames Telion to hell. The Terminators advance around the Vindicator towards my soft innards.

Top of 4

I take one more wound off the Dreadknight and charge him with both dreads. I whiff bad and put one wound on him. The Dreadknight kills a dread. I open up on the Terminators and kill 1-2, but they fail their pinning check from the Whirlwind and I can shoot them up again next turn. The rhino squad takes his Emperors will objective and the Librarian (who was a scoring unit this turn) takes the relic and joins the attack bike squad.

Bottom of 4

The Dreadknight and dreadnought kill each other. The Terminators sit and the Ghost knights charge a tactical squad. They fail their charge when I Overwatch and kill the closest Ghost knight.

We call it there because I have the Relic and have at least tied the Emperors will objective.
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Re: Vanilla marines vs. Grey Knights 1850pts

Postby GregSwanson » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:28 pm

Boy did I make a huge mistake in that game. I should have went first or I should have moved the interceptors back. Probably was Mordrak's last stand though...
That crazy fireman!
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