2k report. Necrons vs. Blood Angel/Guard

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2k report. Necrons vs. Blood Angel/Guard

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:57 pm

BC, the Mayor of Bartlett, came rolling by to kiss some babies for the media and play some 40k. The game was Big Guns never Tire in a Dawn of War deployment. We rolled 3 objectives and placed two on the rightside and one in the middle. BC went first.

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Two Blood Angel drop pods slammed into the ground and surrounded Nemesor Zahndrekh and his 10 Immortal bodyguards. The Furioso's Frag cannon torched 4 Immortals and put 2 wounds on the Nemesor. The other Pod had 6 Death Company who rapid fired into the wounded unit and took down another immortal. That was enough for the Nemesor who failed his morale check and left the game with the Immortal squad. Meanwhile a 50-man blob squad moved to the center of the board closer to the central objective and a battlecannon shell ripped into the Wraiths, but the Destroyer Lord took all the wounds and saved them like a champ.

The Necrons tried to regroup. The Lord and Wraiths jumped over the DC Pod and assaulyed the Furioso and Death Company. The Furioso mnanaged to attack himself and took off an arm. A Triarch Stalker (hereto forever renamed Walker, Texas Ranger) and an Annihilation Barge managed to blow the storm bolters off the pods.

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A Blood Angel Stormraven zoomed from reserve and into the face of Walker, Texas Ranger who shrugged off the double barrelled multi-melta to the face with no damage. The blob squad made it ot the center of the board and camped. They built a campfire, sang songs, and readied their krak grenades and meltabombs. The Leman Russ shot at Walker, Texas Ranger who deflected the battle cannon shot with a roundhouse spider leg kick onto the Annihilation Barge which detonated into a crater.

3 Nightscythes zoomed onto the table and surrounded the Stormraven. They sent in a hail of Tesla shots which fell short or were expertly dodged by the Stormraven pilot just like Denzel Washington in the movie Flight. In fact looking into the cockpit of the Raven we could see a black pilot with a whiskey bottle in his hand dodging Necron lightning bolts. Walker, Texas Ranger stood over the cratered remains of his friend the Annihilation Barge and a slow anger began to build up inside of him. He turned to the closest enemy, the Zooming Denzel Washington Stormraven, and opened up on it with a pair of Uzi's from the movie Invasion USA. Just like in that movie, the Uzi's never miss and Walker, Texas Ranger exploded the Stormraven.

Top of 3

A Death Company Dreadnought emerge from the smoldering crater of the Stormraven to come face to face with a reloading Walker, Texas Ranger. A Vendetta flew in from reserve and lit up a Nightscythe, but for minimal damage. The Blob Squad assaulted another Annihilation Barge on the far left and cratered it with meltabombs. The Wraiths and Lord finally killed off the Death Company and the Furioso and were free.

A Necron Monolith materialized in the center of the BA/Guard lines and dropped a Particle Whip on a 10-man guard squad. They were not happy. His attack was joined by a Stormtek and warriors who haywired the Leman Russ until it shut down. Two Nightscythes converged on the Vendetta and blew it up. 10 more Immortals disembarked and began to shoot up drop pods just for fun. Walker, Texas ranger unloaded his Uzi's into the Death Company Dread and predictably incinerated each section of the upper torso until only 2 mechanical legs were standing, then he spit 2 wads of tobacco juice at the legs and incinerated each one with the spit until there was nothing left of the dread but a memory.

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The last Furioso came plumeting down in a pod next to the newly arrived Immortal squad and killed 5 out of 10 in a hail of Frag cannon something (what's the ammo that comes out of that thing?). This drew the attention of Walker, Texas Ranger who began to double back again. The blob squad assaulted the Monolityh and blew it up with Meltabombs.

Two warrior squads and the Wraiths began to mop up the right side of the baord while Walker, Texas Ranger turned around to go deal with the last Furioso. As he leveled his Uzi's for one last burst, the guns jammed :!: :!: :shock: Walker, Texas Ranger charged the Furioso, sacrificing himself to preserve the scoring Immortals on the objective anhd locking the Furioso in combat.

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The Blob squad went back to campfire singing and the BA Librarian broke out the company smores. The Furioso finally managed to send Walker, Texas Ranger into reruns on ME TV and turned his sites on the Immortals.

But out of the sky came the Destroyer Lord who swooped in, joined the unit and killed the Furioso in assault. Consolidating on the objective the Necrons had the game won, until a 4 was rolled and turn 6 came.

Top of 6

The Blob Squad, their curiosity arroused by the shrieking of the Furioso as it was sliced open by a warscythe, opened up with lasguns at extreme range. less than helf were bale to fire, but they mamaged to kill the Destroyer Lord and the last two Immortals to deny the Necrons the objective.

The game ended after turn 6 with both sides claiming 1 objective, but the Necrons had lost to many other points in First Blood, and Heavy Support kill points.
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