Necrons at the November AWC

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Necrons at the November AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:02 pm

My 1500pt list.

HQ's - Destroyer Lord, weave, scarabs
El - Triarch Stalker
Tr - 10 Immortals, tesla
Tr - 10 Immortals in Nightscythe
Tr - 5 Warriors in Nightscythe
Tr - 5 Warriors in Nightscythe
Fa - 6 Wraiths, 3 coils
Hv - Annihilation Barge
Hv - Annihilation Barge

I've been working on getting these guys painted. I have been following the White Dwarf Rticle on Painting the Necrons to a T and it has been slow going, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Game 1 vs. Hans Krueger and his Necrons

Hans and I have had some conversations about Necrons over many months and more than a few people commented that we had a mirror match up, but we knew better. Our lists were completely different. He had Trazyn the Infinite and I had a Destroyer Lord.

Hans went first in a diagonal deployment. Modified kill points was the primary, I needed more KP within 12" of the right board edge and Hans needed more KP within 12" of the left board edge for secondary. Tertiary was to have the highest point scoring unit within 12" of the center.

Hans put down 2 Annihilation barges with 2 5-man wraith units outside of them. I put down 2 Annihilation barges and the Stalker. The Tesla Immortals were between them with The Lord and Wraiths on the right side. In this diagonal deployment I was concentrated on the right side ( we rolled for secondary board edges after deployment. I lucked out).

I deployed far enough away that Hans couldn't shoot me so he moved towards me instead. I brought down 3 wraiths on my turn of shooting. On turn 2 Hans got in 2 Nightscythes with Deathmarks and attached despair-tek. They dropped in front of my wraiths and opened up on them. I lost 5 wraiths and 2 wounds from The Lord and with that my assault element was crippled. Hans still had 7 wraiths left so I focused on them again and dropped 2 and wounded more. I jumped my Lord to assault kill a Barge.

A 3 man wraith unit jumped up to my firebase and prepared to multi charge, but they rolled a 3 and failed. This was huge. I shoot them down on the next turn. Hans had four 5-man warrior units coming on from reserve all over the place. Two of them went to the left side to get KP next to his board edge. I eventually dropped off the 10 Immortals over there and took them out to deny him the secondary.

We kept exchanging KP the whole game with Hans slightly up when he downed my Lord on turn 3. My Nightscythes couldn't drop his flyers and he took down 2 of mine. My tesla immortals withstood a withering hail of shots from Deathmarks and the last barge to live all game and give me the secondary objective. Trazyn was camped in the center to give Hans the tertiary objective.

On the bottom of turn 5 I had counted up KP wrong and was losing, but the game went to turn 6. The Triarch Stalker, who had been in assault with the last wraith for a few turns, killed the last Wraith on the top of turn 6. This freed the Stalker who walked over the double multi-melta'd Hans Barge for another kill. Those 4 kill points were just what I needed to win by 1 KP and get the Primary and the win 21-9. Two big things happened for me to win. First Hans wraiths failed their charge into my firebase and got wiped out next turn and second was the Stalker saving the day at the end. I guess a third thing was the game going on to turn 6, which was equally important.

Those Deathmarks with Despair-treks were deadly to my elite foot units, but once the wraith were gone I had 3 armor 13 vehicles in the way and the Deathmarks were not as effective. They seem to be a great one hit wonder. If the enemy has something worthy of bringing down fast they will do the trick. At 95pts plus 30 for the cryptek they are a steal.

Game 2 was against Alan Bajramovic and his Tyrands which he blatantly copied off me. :wink:

We had the long deployment. Primary was a randomly moving objective, secondary was 4 objectives and tertiary was to kill all your opponents psykers. The bugs had 6 psykers and went first.

The lone Flyrant zoomed up the side of a derelict Fortress of Redemption while the 2 Tervigons walked up either side. All I could do was take 2 wounds off the near Tervigon. He would regenerate those and this would be a see saw affair for the rest of the game. Me wounding this Tervigon and it regenerating wounds.

On turn 2 my deployment zone was invaded by Zoenthropes, the Doom and. Mawloc. The Zoenthropes took over a Barge and had it shoot twice at the tesla immortals. The doom failed to wound and the Mawloc hit one wraith who saved. Those Stalker popped the Doom, the Wraith dropped the Mawloc and the Zopes were shot down to one wounded model. I also managed to kill the flying tyrant with one Nightscythe and one barge shooting it. It was a ridiculous turn where my dice were hot and Alan's dice abandoned him. A monkey could have cripple the bugs with that dice rolling.

The last two Tervigons tried to make a valiant fight of it. The primary objective moved every turn deeper into the bugs deployment zone and my flyers were not coming out of reserve. I managed to pop a Tervigon on turn 4 and surround the other one with the Wraiths. The Gants were dropping fast and breaking and I had an easy path to the primary objective.

This is how bad the game went for the bugs. On turn 2 when they hit my deployment zone a 9-man unit of Ymgarls came out of the fortress of Redemption. They could either jump down which would wound each one on a 1-2 with no saves allowed or they had to exit the door which was facing away from the fight. Other trapped Ymgarls couldn't contribute to the fight and were shoot up las the left the door.

Game 3 was against Jonathan Schmidt and his Necrons.

Jonathan went first and spawned some scarabs into one unit which moved to the center of the board. I focused fire on them and got them down to 3 models. 2 doomscythes and a nightscythe came in, but didn't do much damage. My flyer responded by dropping a Doomscythe and the Nightscythe. My lord jumped the weakened scarabs and the wraiths jumped another unit of scarabs trying to come around the corner.

He was concentrating on my tesla immortals as they were the secondary objective, but they wouldn't die. I dropped the 10 gauss immortals in front of a 10 man warrior squad and opened up. I dropped 7, but 4 got back up. The immortals were counter attacked by the Overlord and his Lychguard bodyguard. It was my turn to reanimate troops as the Lychguard dropped 4 and 2 came back. With the Lychgaurd occupied, the a wraiths made it behind them and jumped a unit of warriors. I shot down the other big unit of warriors with all my guns and I could claim the primary 1 objective to zero.

This was a fast game. Both of us had few units, but the ones we had were powerful. I pulled it out because my dice rolls for shooting were deadly. The wraiths won the game claiming a scarab unit, the spyders, and 10 warriors

Final thoughts

I like Necrons for a tourney army because they play fast. Every game finished with plenty of time left on the clock. I brought the Triarch stalker as a lark. It was my test model for painting the army and I had never used it before. It won me the first game and helped in theft her two. It's better than a third barge because it can tie things up in assault. I like the heat ray because its keeping up with the immortals anyway and should be within 24" of something just as they are. I also really like the ap 1 on the gun to drop vehicles. I had no desire to continue using it after this tourney, but now I can't think of not taking it
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Re: Necrons at the November AWC

Postby Cptn_Snuggles » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:22 pm

Fred, I'm half tempted to finish painting my stalker and use him in the next tournament. That way I can get some practice to see how he works in the greater scheme of things. I can almost take my 1,850 list and fit him in.

The beautiful thing is it takes up an elite choice which I barely ever use in a Necron force. I think it will go well with the two armor 13 barges.
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