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2000pt Double FOC Chaos Marines Test Tournie

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:25 pm
by Lord Krungharr
So this Satyrday we played an 8 person tournament in Naples, FL with everything 6th edition has to offer, mysterious everything, even Archeotech Artifacts, and of course double FOCs. What a bloodbath! I decided to test the big guys and learned some valuable lessons, both from a unit purpose and tactical perspective. We did battle points rather than win/loss.

I had 2 Nurgle Princes w wings (1 w Brand, 1 Black Mace), JuggerLord w Fury Axe w 5 Spawn, and Typhus
4 zombie units of various sizes, then a Lord of Change, 9 Horrors w Bolt, and 9 Flamers w Pyrocaster

First game was vs. a pretty generic Chaos Marines list w 2 Plague Marine units, 1 CSM unit w lascannon behind Aegis w Quad gun, a Vindicator, 2 Predators (las n auto), a Heldrake w flamer, 5 Raptors, Nurgle Bike Lord w Black Mace n Nurgle Bikers. Hammer/Anvil, I think Crusader (D3+2 objectives). Zombies held objectives as I hoped, and my Tzeentch Daemons ran amuck behind his lines, the Flamers killed 2 tanks and contested an objective in his zone after his Plaguers killed Horrors. Lord of Change could not down that Heldrake, but no biggie. My JuggerLord/Spawn charged his Bikers 2nd turn, as did a small zombie unit and my Mace Prince (Brand Prince was Swooping trying to Vector Strike a Rhino to no avail). Stupidly I accepted a challenge from his Lord with my Lord rather than my Mace Prince, who was not in 3" range of anyone else to pile in. And of course my JuggerLord rolled a 1 for his weapon with no damage to the Nurgle Lord, and then JuggerLord died. The Spawn however nibbled down the Bikers over 3 or so turns, so they held nicely vs. the Bikers, the zombies kept them in the combat for a few turns as well. My Mace Prince of course lost combat and failed his Ldrship test! So he ran, regrouped, then got shot to hell by Plague Marines with plasmaguns toward my zone. Bull-ogna. But I managed to keep 1 objective to his none, so barely won.

The next game was a Kill Point game vs the Imperial Guard. Dawn of War. He had 2 Command Squads, like 4 vet squads, 2 Griffons, 2 Colossus tanks, 2 Leman Russ Demolishers, 2 Vendettas w heavy bolters. Long range barrage is about the best thing against zombie hordes! Although I did manage to win by 1 Kill Point at the end. This was despite losing my Brand Prince 1st turn, despite JuggerLord rolling 1s 3 times in this game (he n the Spawns still Sweeping Advanced 2 vet squads, and the Mace Prince getting shot to hell even with 3+ cover saves along the way. Typhus again couldn't walk fast enough to do anything but weapon virus a Leman Russ, which nearly glanced it to death, and he at the end managed to Destroyer Hive several vets. After the Guard player seized initiative on me I thought it was over for sure. But the Flamers again did well shoot some vets, then Breath 1 Leman Russ to death, nearly taking a Griffon with. He was 1/4" short of linebreaker which would've tied me for Battle Points, as my Lord of Change failed his 4" charge range which would've certainly drawn those vets back away from my zone, and most likely killed them off. Again, barely a win.

The last game was Vanguard, Emperor's Will? (1 objective in each of our table halves), vs Nids. 3 Tervigons, 2 Gaunt units, 2 flying Hive Tyrants with 2 twinllinked Devourers, 2 units of 3 Hive Guard, the Doom in Spore Pod, 2 Ymgarl units. I got murdered completely by the Nids. I only now understand how the Ymgarls work, and had I known beforehand, I would've put every zombie unit I had on and around the objective in terrain in my own corner. He wouldn't have been able to put them in there and contest it then, and I don't think his Hive Tyrants could've killed enough zombies to get in there either, although the damn Doom probably could've! JuggerLord got into combat 1st Turn (I went second though, that sucked), and of course rolled another 1! That guy really pissed me off, maybe he was mad that he remained un-fully painted? Brand Prince flamed a Hive Guard to death 1 Hive Guard, Mace Prince killed some Gaunts. Lord of Change got 2 wounds on a Tyrant, then succumbed to 24 S6 shots. Zombies died in droves to all that shooting. I tried to drop in Typhus alone just to see if his Plague Wind could do some damage, and did very little. The game ended in turn 4 because of time. I Swooped my 2 Princes to the far corner to contest or kill everything over there, and they died to shooting first on the Mace Prince, then the Brand Prince failed to survive the assault he was in. So I got a big goose egg in this game. I hate Nids.

So the big lessons I learned, Typhus sucks on his own. He needs a delivery system which probably does need to be Deepstriking, but with probably Terminators. I like zombies as they're cheap and very effective at objective holding because of the Fearless and FNP. So I will keep trying with him, despite his 230 point cost (he looks cool though).

This brings me to my next point, big nasty characters need to be joined with some other character you don't care about, like an Aspiring Champion. I kinda figured this beforehand, but this tournament proved it. At least Typhus had a zombie champion with him usually, but my JuggerLord didn't. So he was the one that had to issue a challenge from his unit. And I thought my zombie champion also had to issue one from his unit.

Or in a case where I have multiple units charging a single enemy unit, does only one of my champions have to issue a challenge? And once that's done, does that mean no other challenges can be issued for that whole combat until the first challenge is completed? Still a little confused about that stuff.

And another thing I learned, a Bike Lord with Sigil and Black Mace is more survivable than the Daemon Prince, almost 100 points less, and he won't be running like a coward! I think not having Fearless on a Daemon Prince is absolutely f-ing ridiculous. Shame on GW for that!

And take a Heldrake instead of a Burning Brand Daemon Prince; again far cheaper, more effective for the better results, equally survivable most likely. I think a Slaaneshi flying Prince with Murder Blade is worth a shot, but the JuggerLord still sounds better (unless he rolls a 1 five or six times in a row)

So that's all I can think of for now regarding the new Chaos Book. Once I try some Outflanking maneuvers I'll keep y'all posted.

Re: 2000pt Double FOC Chaos Marines Test Tournie

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:39 am
by Turtle
hate to tell ya, but daemon princes do have fearless

Re: 2000pt Double FOC Chaos Marines Test Tournie

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:47 pm
by Lord Krungharr
Aw, F%*%.