Thousand Sons try out 6th edition

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Thousand Sons try out 6th edition

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:30 pm

Here's what I fielded today vs. a Minotaurs drop pod list (SpaceWolves) with Grey Knight Allies...

Daemon Prince/Wings/Tzeentch/Bolt/Doombolt exchanged for Psychic Shriek
2x 8 Thosuand Sons/Personal Icon/Asp Sorc w Doombolt exchanged for Psychic Shriek/Rhino w Dozer n Havoc Launcher
1x 20 Lesser Daemons
3x 3 Oblits

He had I 2 Longfang squads with 5 Missiles each, a WolfPriest, 6 or 7 Grey Hunter squads in drop pods, Skyshield Pad, Coteaz with Henchmen w 4 Servitor/Multimeltas and 3 Plasma Guns and 1 or 2 Melta Guns, and a Vindicare assassin. We were practicing for Feast of Blades, so it was Table Quarters, then KP for missions. Pretty symmetrical board with a low plateau (plastic GW squares) to my left, with sort of octagonally placed little ruins and walls on that with jungle ruin in middle of the plateau. Then to my right side a big tall rock wall and further right a ruined building. Same on other side pretty much.

Opponent goes 1st, with his Skyshield near middle line of table on my right side, with Coteaz n Co. on top, Longfangs to the right of them, Vindicare further right in those ruins opposite mine. I go second with Daemons and 1 unit of Oblits in Reserve. 1 unit of Oblits high up on right side ruins, other Oblits hiding behind tall rock wall, Daemon Prince hiding behind my ruins with Oblits, and both Rhinos in center of my zone ready to go up and spread out.

Turn1: His first pod wave drops and nails 1 hiding Oblit, another melta guns/explodes a Rhino after the other Rhino with Ahriman gets wrecked by missiles. I lose a couple Thousand Sons to the third pod squad which drops in the center plateau ruins.

I move my hiding Oblits in position to flame the squad behind them, do a couple dead, then assault and squish a few more Minotaurs. Daemon Prince Glides out to Shriek 1/2 another squad away on the opposite side of that rock wall, they run so I can't assault them (dammit). Since Ahriman and Co. were wrecked and Crew Stunned, they can only fire Snap Shots and do squat to that squad near the hiding Oblits. High Oblits erase the rear Longfangs with amazing Plasma Cannon action and more amazingly crappy cover save fails. Other Thousand Sons nail a couple center squad guys and assault, doing another 1 or 2 dead suffering only 1 dead after Overwatch.

Turn 2 3 More pods drop, actually giving me some nice LOS blocking from Coteaz n Co. Ahriman n Co. take 2 more dead, luckily my Icon is still alive, oh and so is Ahriman. Daemon Prince gets shot to hell, big surprise (I totally should've Swooped him to the back field in the ruins with the Assassin, oh well). High Oblits are reduced to 1 Oblit by Pod Squad in my ruins now. More assault damage, nothing too drastic though, Oblits squish another 2 or 3 dudes behind rock wall.

My Lesser D's and Oblits come in. I drop the Daemons behind the pod forest and unengaged pod squad, figuring 60 attacks should eat at least half that squad, they only get 2 dead for all that! Oblits drop in just near the center plateau combat in line to shoot 2 pod squads, but I take the easy KP on a drop pod instead. Ahriman n Co. Wind, Doombolts, and Inferno Bolts 5 dead on a pod squad and they run so again I can't assault (double dammit!) My High Oblit again nail those other running Minotaurs with Plasma Cannon fire. Plateau center Minotaurs take another dead or two, I take 1 I think. Hiding Oblits are reduced to 1, squish another couple guys.

Turn 3 Ahriman's squad gets killed thoroughly by Coteaz n Co. Vindicare can't do shit with his Turbo Pen rounds aiming for the High Oblit. Daemons are freaking worthless in combat and lose 3 -4 models per round to 0-1 Minotaurs per round; power armor really doing its thing this game! Hiding Oblit squishes 2 more guys and walks between pods to hide after that last Minotaur runs away towards the right ruins since that's the only open route to escape. High Oblit still lives after combat, squishing his quota of 2 Minotaurs in the right ruins. Center plateau combat ensues with Thousand Sons withering them down; and in a huge surprise for a Tzeentch unit, wins combat, Minotaurs run! WOW

Thousand Sons in center pursue the running squad, and take them out a massive Psychic Shriek massacre (Ahhhh, that's refreshing). Hiding Oblit plasma guns that last dude who just ran away. Center Oblits move back into center cover ruins and get easy pod KP. High Oblit dies in combat, reducing that squad to like 4 or 5 models. Daemons do more dying.

Turn 4 Coteaz n Co don't have much to shoot at, so they hop off and move towards the center ruins, ignoring cover saves on my Thousand Sons, but of course, they have invul saves, but lose their Asprin Sorcerer and another Son and get a headache (Coteaz can give big headaches). Living Longfangs move onto the Landing Pad then, assassin moves out of ruins only 1". Daemons die completely in this turn. The regrouped right-center pod squad comes back to fire at the center Oblits, reducing them to 2 models, really 1 1/2 models (melta gun wouldn't hit, so no instant death saves to make there :)

My center Sons high-tail it with a lucky 5" over the wall going to my left so they're out of LOS from Coteaz's group. Center Oblits decide to nail another drop pod for easy KP. Hiding Oblit comes back to finish off 2 Minotaurs from the Daemon multi-assault for another KP.

Turn 5 Coteaz n Co move close in to the center ruins, and can't manage to kill my Oblits near there (very lucky for me). My Hiding Oblit get shot but retains a single wound!

Center Sons hop back over the wall and Center Oblits come around to both fire at Coteaz n Co. I kill 4 Henchmen and do 1 wound to Coteaz who was the closest to the Sons, and who has Artificer armor so he makes all but 1 save (rats). I couldn't make the assault range for the Oblits after those henchmen died, nor could I make it with the Sons who rolled too low. So I roll a 1 and the game ends.

I actually manage to contest the 2 quarters on my side with the single Hiding Oblit in the right and the Center Oblits in the left, and my Sons still live to contest the Henchmen in the far left quarter, and Longfangs don't score. So nobody gets quarters. But we count it up and I win in Kill Points! HOORAY! I wasn't even keeping track. I was just marveling at how crappy the Lesser Daemons did and at my tactical blunder of putting my Daemon Prince out in the open like that.
Tomorrow I try out my BeakyCon list (Daemons with Guard Allies). We'll see how that fares with my new understanding of drop pod armies with flamers and melta guns in every damn squad.
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Re: Thousand Sons try out 6th edition

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:11 pm

Way to take it to the Minotaur-Space Wolf-Grey Knight abomination. You show him who wears the rubric in Florida!
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Re: Thousand Sons try out 6th edition

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:37 pm

Thank you very much! It was most gratifying. It made up for my BeakyCon army list's getting slaughtered by the same drop pod list today, of course that has Guard as Allies, and no cover saves against flamers drop podding in near them. But my Bloodthirster lived the whole game, taking out 1 pod squad, finishing off Coteaz's henchmen, then Coteaz, then a unit of Longfangs. He must've been happy having his wings glued back on; that was the best performance in a year for him!
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