Tyranids at the Sept. AWC

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Tyranids at the Sept. AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:20 pm

Unlike most events from back then, I remember standing in line at the GW store in Randhurst mall for a big sale. Mike Wood had finally convinced me to play 40k and I was standing in line to buy my first models of my first army. Tyranids. It was the beginning of 3rd editon and I was starting out with bugs. The Hive Tyrant delivery system to be precise. The two Hive Tyrants would attach to 30 man termagant squads each and walk up to the enemy deployment zone with effectively 30 ablative wounds. There they would wreck face each and every game.

Fast forward about 23 different armies later, including selling and buying bugs 3 more times, and I have my 4th different Tyranid army. The Internet will tell you Tyranids are no good, but we know better. I reworked my successful 5th edition Tyranid list which would attempt to attack the enemy deployment zone on turn 2 with multiple threats and hope to cause so much damage in the initial attack that thre would be little left to counter attack. I'm sticking with that plan for the start of 6th, but with the new rules some of the units need to change. Genestealers are not allowed to assault coming out of reserve so their effectiveness has diminished. Flying Tyrants are much more survivable now and very appealing.

Here is the 1850pt list I brought.

HQ - Hive Tyrant, wings, 2- twin linked devourers, hive commander
HQ - hive Tyrant, wings, 2- twin linked devourers
El - 10 Ymgarl Genestealers
El - 8 Ymgarl Genestealers
El - Doom of Malantai in Spore Pod
Tr - Tervigon, poison, furious charge, 3 powers
Tr - Tervigon, poison, furious charge, 3 powers
Tr - 10 Termagants
Tr - 11 Termagants with devourers
Hv - Mawloc

Once again I am trying to attack the enemy deployment zone on turn 2. I have 6 credible threats to hit the enemy early. 2 tyrants, 2 Ymgarls, the doom and the Mawloc. Some of these units work together to give the enemy a series of bad choices. The Ymgarls come out of terrain to charge right away. One of the few units still allowed to assault out of reserves. Sometimes the response to Ymgarls is to fill area terrain with bodies so the Ymgarls can't come out. The Doom and Mawloc work against this strategy as both units work best when the enemy is bunched up close together. I've theory hammered the hell out of this list and it was time to try it on the board.

Game 1 was against a familiar GK list in hammer and anvil deployment. The game was a version of the relic, but the relic couldn't move. I won the roll and deployed first. Both tyrants on the right side, a Tervigon in the middle and one on the left. The Mawloc in the backfield, 10 Gants walking, 11 Devourer Gants outflanking. Doom ndboth Ymgarls in reserve.

The GK deployed an Aegis Defense Line surrounded a forest. 10 strikes went into the forest to prevent Ymgarls from coming out. 10 termies, a grand master and Coteaz deployed next to the ADL, centrally. A rifleman dred and 5 henchmen occupied the thin area terrain next to the termies. Finally 10 interceptors deployed next to the ADL, opposite the termies and a Stormraven went into reserve.

The tyrants charged hard down the right flank with endurance cast on both. Combined fire killed 6 interceptors. The GK responded by going all out at the warlord tyrant. It took all the shots, but the tyrant fell. On turn 2 the Mawloc came up underneath the Termies and caught 6 of them. 4 died including the banner. An iron armed Tervigon spawned a bunch of Termagants who fired on the termies killing 3 more. The doom came down close, but whiffed on all powers. Both Ymgarls jumped out of the same big terrain piece. The smaller group attacked the interceptors and the larger group went into the depleted termies and both sides killed a few.

The game quickly spiraled out of control for the GK as I had the relic and it was guarded by a pair of toughness 9 Tervigons. The Ymgarls had done enough damage to the ground troops that they were a non factor. The game was called with Coteaz circled up by 9 Ymgarls and a raven flying around.

Game 2 was dawn of war deployment with 4 objectives. I was up against a GK/IG list and went second. I carefully measured my deployments to be out of range of the plasma cannon henchmen and several other scary shooting units. However my opponent used his warlord ability to move 3 units d6 inches and he used it well. One of my tyrants was now under immediate threat from plasma cannons. I lucked out as one cannon overheated, but the other two hit home. The manticore killed a few Gants, but for the most part I hid well.

Nothing much happened until turn 2 when the vendetta killed my wounded tyrant. On my turn 2 the warlord tyrant, who was outflanking thanks to his warlord ability, arrived behind the vendetta and opened fire doing a bunch of damage, but not downing it. The Mawloc came up underneath Coteaz and 10 purifiers, but scattered a little and only killed 3. The doom came down and began sucking the souls of a unit of GK strikes. Both Ymgarls came out and encircled the vehicle parking lot the enemy had. They managed to take out a rifleman dread, a psyback and the manticore. That side of the board was cleared away and I took control of 2 objectives. Meanwhile the Mawloc drew a lot of attention and died, but the doom proceeded to make a bunch of invulnerable saves and go right through the left side of the board almost by himself. This denied my opponent those objectives and I won this game 2 objectives to none.

Game 3 was against chaos/IG in vanguard deployment. It was a straight table quarters game with victory points to hold table quarters. I went first and deployed far forward with my big nasties. I outflanked the Devourer Gants and started with the Mawloc on the table to burrow turn 1 and automatically come in on turn 2. Chaos had a sorcerer on bike, Abbadon and termies in a land raider both hiding near a large ruin. 5 plague marines manning an Icarus cannon behind an ADL and Col. Straken and a command squad in a chimera.

One tyrant flew forward at str/toughness 9 and strafed the ADL. The other units moved up to get closer. The land raider got invisibility cast on it and charged forward with the sorcerer close behind. Both Ymgarls came out next to the land raider. One made a dash to the ADL and the other assaultd the raider, but whiffed. The high toughness tyrant shot down the sorcerer and a Tervigon assaulted the land raider, but to no avail.

Abbadon got out to charge and killed the Doom. The termie got out and shot up the Ymgarls, but lost two models to the doom first. My opponent rolled an 18 for their leadership check and took 8 wounds with no saves from the doom, but those tzeentch termies made 6 of 8 saves. On my turn I enfeebled Abbadon twice to make him str 2 and toughness 3, then assaulted him with my Tervigon. That kept him locked up for awhile as I killed a few things then sent a tyrant with warp speed in to finish Abbey off. A vendetta came in along with Harker and a veteran squad and another plague marine squad, but by then I had large victory point models staked out in each table quarter and the game ended.

I feel the army played as expected. I was pleased with the pressure I put on opponents with my turn 2 alpha strike. Going first was a big help to help me get my psychic powers off early. I went second only in game two and that helped me keep my opponent from making last turn objective grabs with weak scoring units. The Mawloc did a bunch of damage on impact and was a good psychological tool. The doom only did well in one game, but boy did he do well. In the other games he forced my opponent to react to his threat in ways they wouldn't have normally and that still helped my other units.

The Tervigons could become a more active part of the attack if I added crushing claws to both of them. The Devourer Gants were underwhelming in all 3 games and changing them to regular Gants would free up the points for crushing claws.
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Re: Tyranids at the Sept. AWC

Postby YeezyMozart » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:43 am

Good stuff Fred,

I agree with making the tervigons have more of an engaged roll since your trading in their powers. They can be brutal out there with the right powers and crushing claws.

I still think two units of ygmarls are overkill but I am open to trying it out with my army.

I think that flyers are still going to be rough for the army but I was really glad to see you do so well this last AWC with the list and it gave me some hope.

I plan on taking my Tyranids to many of the singles events coming up around the country.

How do you feel about Zonethropes?

Ever think about adding a Trygon?
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Re: Tyranids at the Sept. AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:38 pm

Ymgarls and the Doom could very well be my own personal taste. I've looked at Zopes and they would seem to be a good unit to buff other units on the board. However I'm not sure they are worth it in my version of the list. I already have 4 buff units to buff my 4 big bugs. I envision the Zopes coming into their own if you make a more dedicated horde list with 4-5 Tervigons who buff themselves and 2 units of Zopes who help buff 20-30 man Gant squads and possibly a big Gargoyle squad. I think the Zopes work best when they get to buff something big that doesn't normally get buffs. Big horde units would fit this bill. So would a big unit of Carnifexes. A 3-man Zope unit would make a 30 man Gargoyle unit with the Parasite an incredibly fearsome foe in combat. Without those extra horde units, I think the Zopes are wasted a little to much.

I've thought about a Trygon and in my first version of the list had a Trygon. I took it out in favor of the Doom. I think I would not take a Trygon because force weapons can end its threat to quickly. However if it is a Trygon Prime, then I would be more likely to take it. The Trygon Prime can better defend himself against psychic powers that would most directly affect him.
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Re: Tyranids at the Sept. AWC

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:13 pm

Thanks for the reports, I enjoy reading about the Tyranids these days. They are probably one of the neatest armies in 6th right now. They have a lot of viable strategies, and I like you took the "everything pounces on turn 2" type list. I have not tried double flyrant yet, and I guess I never thought of starting them on the board and having them scream forward. I have been trying deepstrike, but it can be risky. I have been going with Swarmlord and 2 Tervigons as my core. I also forgot about the Mawloc, the cover saves not being what they used to be makes them better. I havent given up on the Devilgaunts yet. Putting a unit of 10 in a pod has worked for me, better than deploying them in larger units IMO.

Also, three Zoans in a pod, all with psychic shreik will melt infantry units. If you draw a meched up list, keep the lances. Its a nice unit to have for switching strategies depending on the force you are fighting.
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