Tyranids vs. Grey Knights

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Tyranids vs. Grey Knights

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:34 pm

1750pt battle


HQ - Swarmlord, Tyrant Guard with lash whip

EL - 9 Ymgarl Genestealers
EL - Doom in Spore Pod
EL - 3 Zoenthropes

TR - 16 Genestealers, Broodlord, talons
TR - 10 Devourer gants
TR - 18 Hormagants, poison
TR - 17 Hormagants, poison
TR - Tervigon, Poison, Furious Charge, catalyst, onslaught

Grey Knights

HQ - Coteaz
HQ - Brother Champion

EL - Techmarine, all the grenades

TR - 10 Strikes, 2 psycannons, hammer
TR - 10 Terminators, 2 psycannons, banner, ammo
TR - 5 Henchmen, psyback
TR - 8 Deathcult Assassins

FA - Stormraven

HV - Psy rifleman dread
HV - Psy rifleman dread

We roll the Scourging which has 6 objectives with random victory points and fast attack selections are scoring units. GK win the roll and choose to go first. It is a corner diagonal deployment and the GK's bunch up deep in their corner near 2 objectives. The raven and assassins are in reserve.

The bugs deploy along the bottom line of their deployment zone with 18 Hoppies in front of the Swarmlord, 3 Zopes, 10 Devourer gants and the Tervigon. Ymgarls are hiding in terrain, Genestealers outflank. Doom + Pod to deep strike and 17 Hoppies to come in later. Turn 1 is nightfight.

GK top of 1

A Dread and Psybcak light up the Hoppies and shoot away, killing 5. The other dread bounces charghed autocannon rounds off the Swarmlords armored hide.

Bugs bottom of 1

The Tervigon casts Iron Arm and bumps up to Str + toughness 8. The Swarmlord casts Endurance on itself. The Hoppies move up and jump 5 guys into a ruin and everyone else moves up a little.

GK top of 2

The Stormraven comes in and moves 18" in the center. It lines up a shot on the Swarmlord with multimelta, lascannon and 2 mind strike missiles. Cover saves from a ruin and FnP saves deny all wounds. The Hoppies lose everyone to shooting except the 5 who hid in the ruin.

Bugs bottom of 2

Genestealers, Doom and Ymgarls become active. The Doom drops in front of the 10 Terminators front and center. Coteaz then activates the termies who only see the pod and kill it. The Stealers come on in the back corner of the GK deployment zone and sit in an open space in a ruin. Ymgarls jump out of another ruin and move behind the termies and assault the strike squad. 2 Ymgarls die to overwatch and then kill 8 strikes in assault. No strikes can swing back and they lock in combat. The Doom doesn't hurt anyone and sits in the open. Swarmlord tried to Hallucinate the Terminators, but failed due to -4 leadership from the nearby dread. I think the Tervigon became str and Toughness 9 on this turn and laughed near the center.

GK top of 3

The Stormraven drops down to skimmer mode and drops off the Deathcult assassins who are joined by the techmarine. They all assault the Ymgarls who are wiped out, but not before killing 6 assassins and one more strike. The Terminators move up to get to assault range of the Swarmlord, but before they can shoot, the Doom goes off and kills 5 of them (Greg rolled an 18 for leadership :!: ). A dread instakills the now str 9 Doom and the Termies shoot down the Tyrant Guard and then charge into the wounded Swarmlord. The Brother Champion steps forward to challenge the Swarmlord and we lock in combat. The Swarmlord swinging 4 boneswords wildly and the Brother Champion parrying like Darth Maul in the Phantom Menace. (Hows that for cinematic GW)

Bugs bottom of 3

The Genestealers move forward out of the ruins and multi charge the assassins + techmarine, a dread, the psyback. The enfeebled assassins all die, the techmarine bites it to the Broodlord, the dread exlodes at initiative 6 and takes 2 stealers with him. The psyback escapes with a hull point removed and stunned. In combat the Swarmlord is still trying to pin down the parrying Champion as 5 Termies and Coteaz cheer him on. Meanwhile the Zopes enfeebled the Termie unit, but they don't care. The Tervigon pumps up to str and Toughness 7 and spits out 7 gants with a 5-1-1. The reserved Hoppies make it onto the table.

GK top of 4

The last strike jumps on board the Stormraven who zooms up to flyer mode and heads for my deployment zone. The Raven puts 4 wounds on the Tervigon and the last dread takes away it's last 2 wounds. The Tervigon explodes in a psychic scream which kills 7 of the devourer gants who were nearby. They fail morale and would run off the board in several turns. The Psyback passes fortitude and goes flat out across the table away from the stealers. In combat the Swarmlord finally cuts down the Brother Champion who makes his "I'll screw you' power in spite of Shadows of the Warp and takes the Swarmlord with him.

Bugs bottom of 4

The newly arrived Hoppies charge into the termies intent on revenge. Before that the 2 Zopes who are left toss 8 str 4 ap 2 shots into the Termies and kill off 2 of them. The hoppies lose the fight, but drag Coteaz and a Terminator down with them.

GK top of 5

The dread shoots down the last two Zopes and all the Bug synapse is gone. In combat the last terminator holds out against 22 poisoned Hoppy attacks and kills 1 himself. The Bugs fail their leadership and run off the board in 2 turns.

Bugs bottom of 5

The 5 hoppies who had been hiding in a ruin jump out and assault the last terminator. Will this bug menace never end?? 5 attacks on the charge for each Hoppy nets one dead terminator and they consolidate back into the ruin near an objective. The Genestealers move out of their ruin to claim the 4pt objective. Bugs are up 8-7, but the game goes on.

GK top of 6

The Stormraven, after having dropped off the lone Strike squad memeber on an out of the way objective, comes around the corner and shoots into the 7 man gant squad who had been hiding on another out of the way objective. 2 die and they fail their morale check and run off the board. The psyback and dread shoot down 7 Genestealers on the 4pt objective, but they stick around.

Bugs bottom of 6

All regroup checks are failed and units continue to run away. The score is 7-7 right now and the game continues.

GK top of 7

The psyback and dread finish off the Broodlord and stealers and the Stormraven shoots up the little hoppy unit and causes them to fail their morale check. They run off the board and the Bugs are tabled.

Well that game didn't end soon enough for me. The 6 objectives turned out to be spaced pretty evenly, though the Bugs had an advantage with more objective points closer to them. I didn't have any effective shooting so I sent my assault elements forward and held the Tervigon back. It was to bad the Tervigon pooped out on his first spawn of Gants and the one turn I don't get at least toughness 8 with Iron Arm is the turn the Stormraven and Dread turn on the Tervigon.

Another problem was I couldn't get my psychic powers past those reinforced Aegis Dreads. Hallucination is absolutely brutal on deathstars and I was hoping it would neuter the Termies, but it never worked. Even when the Termies moved out of dread range I rolled a 10 to cast it while I needed a 9. The Zopes hit them with Enfeeble a few times, but that wasn't needed since the Swarmlord was stuck in a challenge.

I was pleased with how I disrupted the GK firebase on turn 2 and it paid off on turn 3 when the Genestealers chased everyone out. I just couldn't finish off the fragments that moved away and that was my undoing. 9 Ymgarls, 16 Stealers (with an Iron Armed Broodlord), the Doom and the Swarmlord gave the GK to many targets to deal with.

In the end I don't think the Zopes helped out to much. I gave them all the power Spite and one other power. One guy rolled on Telepathy and the others rolled in Biomancy. I thought the 3 Spites would be a good anti-terminator tactic as it puts out 12 str 4 ap 2 shots. The Zopes need to get closer to get that off and while they move up they need to cast blessing and maledictions to keep the pressure on. I know I didn't have enough shooting to take advantage of Enfeeble. That power is very good when paired with MC str 6 devourers. I either need to get some MC Devourers or change the Zopes out for something else like more Ymgarls.
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