Necrons vs. GK

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Necrons vs. GK

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:19 pm

I traded away my painted Daemons months ago for a new Necron army. It was designed for 5th edition at the time, but I took a variety of units and this made the transition to 6th edition much easier. All I needed to buy were 2 Nightscythes and a couple of HQ models. Old Man Swanson wanted to take his GK out ofr a spin in 6th edition and I was anxiously awaiting the beating.

Necrons - 1750pts

HQ - Nemesor Zahndrekh
Cryptek, Destruction, solar pulse
Lord, Res Orb, warscythe, weave, scarabs

TR - 10 Immortals with Tesla
TR - 10 Immortals with gauss
TR - 5 Warriors in Nightscythe
TR - 5 Warriors in Nightscythe

FA - 5 Wraiths, 2 whip coils

HV - Monolith
HV - Annihilation Barge
HV - Annihilation Barge

Grey Knights - 1750pts

HQ - Coteaz
HQ - Brother Champions

EL - Techmarine with all the grenades

TR - 8 deathcult assassins
TR - 10 Terminators, 2 psycannons, 2 hammers, banner
TR - 10 Strike Squad, 2 psycannons
TR - 5 Henchmen in Psyback

FA - Stormraven

HV - Psy-rifleman dread
HV - Psy-rifleman dread

The mission was the relic where one moveable objective is placed in the center. The deployment was diaganol. Greg won the roll and let me go first. I had the Barges up front and center with Obyron, Lord and Immortals behind and Nemesor, Cryptek and tesla Immortals on the right. Wraiths were on the left and the Monolith and flyers were in reserve.

Grey Knights had the psyback partially hidden in the back right, 2 dreads partially behind terrain in the back center and 10 Terminators + Coteaz in front of that terrain in the center. The Strike Squad and Stormraven was reserved with the assassins, Champion, and Techmarine on board. Coteaz took Divination powers and got the reroll to hits and the ability to make me reroll successful saving throws (Misfortune).

Turn 1 Necrons

I jumped the Wraiths up and ran towards his back deployment zone. Obyron veiled to the relic dead center and combined fire from them and one Barge downed 3 Terminators including the 2 psycannons.

Turn 1 GK

The entire GK army shot the Wraiths and wiped them out. I made most of my saves, but the casting of Misfortune did me in.

Turn 2 Necrons

I moved Obyron and his squad back towards my deployment zone with the objective. I moved up both barges and unloaded on the Terminators with everything killing only 2. Both Nightscythes came on and blew up both dreads.

Turn 2 GK

The GK are down to 6 Terninators with no psycannons and a psyback which is hiding deep in the backfield. The Stormraven comes on and positions itelf to shoot both Nightscythes. He immobilises one (which we don't think hurts Necron flyers at all) and blows the weapon off the other. The Strike Squad also deep strikes from reserve and I get the chance to use the Nemesor's Phased Reinforcements to bring in the Monolith right behind the Strike Squad and also behind the Stormraven.

The Terminators get reroll misses and Obyrons unit gets Misfortuned. A ton of shots are poured into them from all angles. I lose 2 Immortals from the Strike Squad, but Obyron sucks up all the Terminator damage and is forced to reroll all his saves. This eventiually drops him and the Immortals break and run away. This denies the Terminators the charge, or so we thought. Obyron gets back up and the Terminators roll a 9 for charging. They manage to clip both Barges with Hammers on the outside and hit Obyron with 3 Terminators to the face. I challenge Coteaz right out of the fight and win combat by one. One Barge is blown up and the other is immobilised, but facing the wrong way. It will be out of the fight for the rest of the game.

Turn 3 Necrons

I turn the immobilised Nightscythe towards the Stormraven, give it tank hunter from the Nemesor and blow it out of the sky. The Brother Champion and one assassin survive the wreckage. The Monolith moves its door to right in front of the Strike Squad. I put the pie plate on their heads, but it scatters back onto me. I try suck them in through the door and kill 2 that way. I also shoot a bunch of gauss flux arcs at them and kill one more. The Tesla Immortals shoot them and kill nobody. My gauss Immortals regroup and charge into the fight with Obyron and the Terminators. I challenge Coteaz out of the fight and the GK loses a hammernator to a perils of the warp on hammerhand. I mindhsackle the only other hammernator, but he passes his test. Obyron is cut down before he can swing and we tie combat when my Lord kills the hammernator.

Turn 3 GK

More Prescience and Misfortune goes off on my guys. The Psyback had 5 necron warrior beam down to confront it last turn. This turn the henchmen get out and shoot down 4 of the 5 warriors. All 4 get back up in silent protest. This turn the Brother Champion gets to the fight near the center and he picks out the Lord to fight in combat. He passes his Mindshackle test and parries the Warscythes blow. Meanwhile the 3 other Terminators and Coteaz do a number on the Immortals in assault. Misfortune is just killing me in combat, but I roll low and we stick.

Turn 4 Necrons

The warriors blow the henchmen away in the back. More warriors come down near the center fight, but have little to shoot at. I give the Tesla Immortals counter charge and wait as the Brother Champion makes another Mindshackle test and passes again. My unit is wiped out for good.

Turn 4 GK

Coteaz and 2 Terminators are left in one squad. The Brother Champioon and one psycannon strike is left in another. Everything else is dead or out of the game. I have 10 Tesla Immortals, a Destructek and Nemesor in one squad, 2 five man warrior squads in others, a working Nightscythe and a pristine Monolith. But the GK are on the relic and I have to get them off.

Shooting downs 1 Immortal and the GK charge in. i overwatch the Brother Champion, but I roll bad and he makes all his saves. My counter attack goes off and I lay into them for 6 wounds. The Psycannon strike sucks up 2 before dieing and the Terminators make 4.

Necrons turn 5

I need to kill these guys. I give 5 warriors furious charge and they go in. The Monolith looms over the battle just waiting for it to stop so he can shoot something. I dish out 9 wounds on the Terminators and they make all their saves. Meanwhile the Nemesor is soaking up all the wounds with his 2+/3+ in the fight and leaving the Tesla Immortals untouched for two turns, but now I am challenged and I am out of characters. The Nemesor has to step up or ship out and this leaves my Immortals exposed to Halberds and Force Hammers. I am decimated and cut down when I run from the Brother Champion.

GK turn 5

Mop up duty on the 5 man warrior unit and the GK have the Relic with little chance for me to get it back. Game over.

Everything looked so good early on and then I got into assault and it all collapsed. I really liked the Nemesors ability of Phased Reinforcements to bring the Monolith down away from the twin-linked multimelta on the Stormraven and near the grouped up Strike Squad. That worked out perfectly until the pie plate scattered back onto me. Getting caught in assault by the Terminators on turn 2 was a killer for me. Afterwards we talked and there were a number of things I could have done to try and keep this from happeneing.

1. I could have veiled closer to the Nemesor on turn 1. Obyron doesn't scatter if he veils 6" from the Nemesor
2. I forgot to Overwatch with the two Anihilation Barges when the Termies attacked.
3. Obyron, being ever-living, comes back within 3" of where he goes down. I could have moved him3" back instead of placing him in the same spot again.

After that, Greg took full advantage of my mistakes. I still like the list. I like the flexibility it gives me and the diversity of units helps keep each game interesting. I know I could spam out certain units to make it more predictable on the tabletop, but that spamming can lead to some bad matchups on fringe lists and in 6th edition it appears their is an almost never ending field of fringe lists with allies out there.

I will say we both took away a healthy respect for the Divination psychic sphere. I had looked at it before in conjunction with GK and BA shooty Terminators, but felt the Termies were to many points to be cost effective. Greg showed me that the powers work in the assault phase as well so it can make Terminators doubly effective in using that power when they come to grips with the enemy.
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Re: Necrons vs. GK

Postby Redbeard » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:24 pm

You didn't forget to overwatch with the barges when they were charged. Unless there's a special Necron rule I don't know about, vehicles don't get overwatch. Page 76.

Otherwise, nice read.
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Re: Necrons vs. GK

Postby n00bzilla99 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:53 am

Redbeard wrote:You didn't forget to overwatch with the barges when they were charged. Unless there's a special Necron rule I don't know about, vehicles don't get overwatch. Page 76.

Otherwise, nice read.

No but any transported models get to overwatch from any firing ports if their vehicle is charged.
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Re: Necrons vs. GK

Postby Redbeard » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:04 pm

Oh, my mistake then, I didn't realize that the barges were transports. I haven't played that many games against the new necrons yet.
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Re: Necrons vs. GK

Postby GregSwanson » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:10 pm

No Alex the barges weren't transports we just missed that rule.
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