6e Necrons/Orks vs. Chaos/Daemons round 2

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6e Necrons/Orks vs. Chaos/Daemons round 2

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:33 pm

HQ - Abaddon
HQ - Bloodthirster with might

EL - 10 Terminators, 2 autocannons, 5 combi-flamers, 5 powerfists

TR - 10 CSM, lascannon
TR - 10 CSM, lascannon
TR - 5 CSM
TR - 9 Horrors of Tzeentch

HV - 7 Havocs, 4 autocannons
HV - Defiler
FOC - Bastion, quad gun

This time I added in a Defiler and Horrors of Tzeentch. This game we had 2 objectives which were worth 3pts each. We could kill the enemy warlord of 1pt, whomever destroyed the first unit got another pt and if you had a scoring or denial unit in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game you got a pt. Those last 3 objectives are in every game, but they would come into play in this one because the primary objectives were so few points. I lost the roll and went 2nd. In this game the deployment zones were along the short board edges so we played sideways. most of the action took place in the center anyway.

Necrons and Orks deployed with the Necrons in front and the Orks behind. Immortals stayed behind to guard the home objective. I put the bastion down near my one objective but as far back as possible this time. I put a unit of CSM next to the objective, the 5-man unit on top of the bastion and the Havocs inside. I also put down the defiler next to the bastion. Everything else goes in reserve/deep strike

Top of turn 1

The Necrons/Ork alliance advance. Scarabs are spawned and everyone runs. The Command Barge goes flat out and actually gets up to the trench my troops are deployed in. The Overlord is already in my face.

I shoot up the scarabs with everything except the Defiler who calmly steps forward and charges the Overlord. I crush him in my claws and grin, then I realise I had to go through difficult terrain, the trench, to assault the CCB and I have no grenades. The Overlord would swing first and we redo the comabt and the Defiler dies horribly. I did get a victory point though because I killed a unit of scarabs in my shooting phase.

Top of turn 2

3 Nightscythes and a Doomscythe come in from reserve. Even though they have to move from the short board edge over 5 feet away from me, they manage to zoom 3 feet and are in range of my troops. This time my quad gun intercepts the Doomscythe, but only manage to take 1 hull point off. The Overlord gets out of the Barge and charges my troops who were depleted from a lot of Tesla shots. The Overlord whiffs and I get a wound through his 2+ save, but we lock in combat.

I fail all my reserve rolls except the Horrors and hunker down in my Bastion with my 2 units. I shoot the autocannons from the Havoc squad at a Nightscythe, but roll no 6's. The quad gun has to cool down from me firing it in my opponents turn. I drop the Horrors deep in his deployment zone near the 2 mobs of boyz. I shoot up one mob, but only kill 3 guys. The Overlord kills 2 guys and we stick in combat.

Top of turn 3

The flyers overtake the bastion and shoot the crap out of my Quad Gun on top. The Doomscythe whiffs on it's shot so the Bastion is safe for now. The Overlord kills the troop squad, but takes another wound in fighting. Both Ork Mobz play whack-a-mole with the Horrors in the backfield and kill them all.

I get the Terminators, the Bloodthirster and the troop squad with Abaddon.

I get all my reserves this time. The Terminators drop down near the Ork Mobz in the backfield and puts 5 combi-flamers on one mob. I kill 18 and only 10 are left. The Bloodthirster comes down in the backfield also near the Immortals. Abaddon and the 10-man CSM squad come in near the bastion and my objective. They shoot everything at the Overlord and drop him. I get my 2nd victory point. If I can just contest both objectives I will still win by those 2 points.

Top of turn 4

The Doomscythe flies past the bastion and can's shoot it. With the Overlord down that means only the last unit of scarabs and the Spyders can hurt the Bastion, but they are far away right now. Scarabs are spawned and a push is made for the bastion. A Scarab assault makes the long charge and the Bastion is reduced to armor 1, but survives. Nightscythes begin to scatter or go off the board because their movement restrictions won't let them get good shots on me. The full size Ork mob shoots the 10 Terminators and then charges them. I do slightly more kills and we lock in combat. The 10-man Ork Mob shoots down the Bloodthirster who takes 3 wounds from the Annihilation Barge and Immortals shooting it. The Orks charge in. I challenge the Nob who declines. I kill 3 Boyz and make one armor save. The Orks are run down and now I stare at the Immortals with a 1 wound Bloodthirster.

I shuffle around near the Bastion. Abaddon charges into the Scarabs and kills 5 bases, but they are fearless and we stick. The Havocs open up on the A-Barge and blow it up from behind. In combat I charge the Bloodthirster into the Ork/Terminator fight to try and tip the scales in my favor. The Thirster goes on a Challenge spree and I start to win that fight.

Top of turn 5

The Immortals are looking on stone faced (that's how Necrons look) as the Terminators + Bloodthirster are making sahort work of the Orks. The Orks are run down this turn.

Abaddon is still fighting scarabs. I get them down to one base, but we stick. The Terminators charge the Immortals first and then the Bloodthirster who kill the Immortals dead and contest that objective.

Top of turn 6

Warrior units are out of Nightscythes now and blow up the armor 1 Bastion. This time I only take 2d6 str 6 wounds, but still lose most of my guys. When those things blow they really blow. The Spyders add 3 more scarabs for Abaddon to fight and I only kill 3 so we lock again.

Abaddon finally kills the last Scarab and stands tall on my objective denying anyone the victory points and I win 2-0

Wow did I get lucky with my reserve rolls. If I had come on a turn earlier then those flyers would have had some juicy targets. As it was I was in reserve long enough for them to fly by and be out of sight to shoot me. Once again the Bastion proved it was a deathtrap, but a necessary one. It gives me the best option to fight back against the enemy flyers. With an Aegis Defense line I would still be out in the open with 7 havocs and they wouldn't survive long to incoming fire. IMO the Aegis defense line is better with Horde armies as it gives a cover save to large groups of cheap units and the Bastion is better for Marine type armies who need to protect a smaller size unit from incoming fire.
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