6e Necrons/Orks vs. Chaos/Daemons 2k

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6e Necrons/Orks vs. Chaos/Daemons 2k

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:43 pm

Just like at the start of 5e I busted out Chaos to test the new 6e rules.

HQ - Abaddon
HQ - Bloodthirster, might

EL - 5 Chosen with 4 plasmaguns
EL - 10 Terminators, 2 autocannons, 5 combi-flamers, 5 powerfists

TR - 10 CSM, lascannon
TR - 10 CSM, lascannon
TR - 5 CSM
TR - 10 Bloodletters

HV - 7 Havocs, 4 autocannons
FOC - Bastion, quad gun

The game had 6 objectives with random pts assigned to each one and the deployment was a diagonal deployment. I won the roll and choose to go second. The Necrons brought some Ork allies today and two giant mobs of shoota boyz were deployed across the Necron deployment zone. A unit of Immortals held back near an objective and 2 units of scarabs and 3 Spyders were deployed up front with the Orks along with a Command Barge and an Annhilation Barge.

Chaos plopped down a Bastion bottom center near an objective. I put the Havocs inside and the small CSM squad up top to man the quad gun. Terminators with Abaddon were deployed next to the Bastion and the Chosen infiltrated up near the Immortals, but behind a big rock blocking LOS. One big CSM squad hunkered down in a trench deep in my deployment zone near another objective and the other big CSM squad was in reserve.

Top of turn 1

The Spyders spawned 3 more scarabs and the Orks mobz moved forward. Scarabs took the forests in no mans land with the larger unit in front, spyders right behind. The CCB moved up the left side of the forest and the A-Barge moved up the right side. Nightfight gave the forces of chaos plenty of cover and the only shots went into the Terminators. Abaddon was in front and took all the wounds and made all the saves like a champ.

The terminators shuffled over closer to the Bastion and Abaddon went forward, but still was attached to the terminators. The infiltrating chosen came around the rock to get shots at the Necrons in the forest and took out 2 scrabs bases with plasma fire. The rest of the chaos army poured it into the large scarab unit closest to the lines and whittled them down to 3 scrarabs.

Top of turn 2

The Necrons called in for reinforcements and 3 Nightscythes and 1 Doomscythe zoomed in from reserve covering an ungodly distance. The Quad gun on top of the Bastion roared to life and downed one Nightscythe in a ball of wreckage. The Doomscythe retaliated by blowing up the Bastion with one shot. The Havocs inside had to take 4d6 str 6 hits while the squad on top took 4d6 str 3 hits. From the wreckage 3 marines walked out. The Doomscythes shoot didn't just destroy the Bastion, it also slid down 12 inches and sawed through 5 Terminators, killed 4 of them. I guess I shot at the wrong unit with the Quad Gun. The 2 other Nightscythes and the A-Barge laid waste to the CSM squad in the trench and killed 4 of them.

The Bloodthirster swooped down from the warp and perched high over the battlefield. The Bloodletters came down in the rocks the chosen were near and the last 10-man CSM squad came in from reserve right behind them. I was making a play for the enemy deployment zone. Abaddon charged from the terminators and into the Spyders by himself. His daemon weapon attacked him and the Spyders whiffed. All of my desperate shooting went into the Doomscythe, but I couldn't touch it.

Top of turn 3

The CCB manuevered past the wrecked bastion and cornered the depleted CSM squad in the trench. It looked like I would have to abandon the objective there. Scythe shooting of all kinds took it's toll on the fresh CSM squad and I lost 5 guys. The Orks and Immortals also opened up on the Bloodletters and they were reduced to nothing. Abaddon got a hold of his Daemon weapon and killed a spyder in combat.

The Bloodthirster performed a vector strike on a Nightscythe and took off a hull point. The Terminators made a dash to to try and help Abaddon, but failed the charge. Abaddon did more damage in combat but one fearless Spyder remained in place.

Top of turn 4

The Orks on the ground shot at the Bloodthirster and dropped him to the ground. They then charged him, did no damage and locked the Bloodthirster in place with 25 Ork Shoota Boyz. The Overlord then went into the CSM squad and squished them. The Doomscythe finally flew away, but the 2 remianing Nightscythes finished off the other CSM squad. I was out of scoring units and the game was called.

What I learned. The bastion is a deathtrap vs. a Doomscythe. I needed to protect it more. The Bastion requires babysitting if it's going to be placed somewhere important. My assaults were not deadly enough whlile those flyer shooting was deadly as hell. I need another go around.
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